Friday, February 21, 2020

Yes, God has said...

God has said . . . Hebrews 13:5 

If we can only grasp these words by faith, we have an all-conquering weapon in our hand. What doubt would not be slain by this two-edged sword? What fear would not fall with a deadly wound before this arrow from the bow of God’s covenant? Won’t the distresses of life and the pangs of death, the corruptions inside us and the traps around us, the trials from above and the temptations from below, all seem to be just light afflictions when we hide ourselves behind the fortress-wall of God has said? Yes! Whether it’s for delight in our quiet moments or for strength in our conflicts, God has said must be our daily resort. And this may teach us the extreme value of searching the Scriptures. There may be a promise in the Word which would exactly fit your case—but if you aren’t aware of it, you miss its comfort. You are like a prisoner holding a ring full of keys. There may be one key in the bunch which would unlock the dungeon door, and then you would be free. But if you will not look for the key, you will remain a prisoner even though liberty is near at hand. There may be a strong medicine in the great drugstore of Scripture, but you will continue in your sickness unless you examine and search the Scriptures to discover what God has said. Besides reading the Bible, shouldn’t you fill your memory with the promises of God? You can recall the sayings of great men; you treasure up the verses of renowned poets. Shouldn’t you be profound in your knowledge of the words of God, so you can quote them readily when you face a difficulty or doubt? Since God has said is the source of all wisdom and the fountain of all comfort, let it fill you with its richness, as “a spring of water welling up to eternal life” (John 4:14). This is how you will grow healthy, strong, and happy in the Christian life. - C.H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening 

Oh the struggles and temptations of this life. 

There are good days and bad days we live in and through.   Things get better and at times we get cocky and all the sudden we are flat on our backs.  What happened?

We as believers are to reflect the light of Christ.  Where the light is darkness cannot abide.  

It's an interesting excerpt from Blackaby's devotional today that fits with Spurgeon. 

"There is no mistaking the effect of light upon a darkened place. Light boldly and unabashedly announces its presence and vigorously dispels darkness. God's desire is to fill you with His light. He wants you to shine as a brilliant testimony of His presence and power in your life, so that the darkness in the lives of those around you will be displaced by the light of God's glory. If, however, you notice the world around you becoming darker and darker, don't blame the darkness! It is simply doing what darkness does. The only remedy for darkness is light. Jesus said His disciples should be the “light of the world” (Matt. 5:14). What an awesome responsibility—to be the ones through whom God would shine His divine light and dispel the darkness from around others! In announcing His own coming, Jesus said, “The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light, / And upon those who sat in the region and shadow of death / Light has dawned” (Matt. 4:16)."

Darkness will do what darkness does.  What a profound statement. 

We know the Scriptures, that we battle not against flesh and blood. Our battlefield is the minds of people.  One point of view versus another.  God's truth versus the world.  

Oh you don't understand! I have this problem and that problem! I can't find victory in my fights!

Proverbs has more than a few things to say on this.  But I will say this...a well known truth about sinful habits is the same as for any bad habit.   You will always fail at stopping them if you do not replace them with something God honoring and good.  If you want to dispel the darkness you have to seek more light. The only true light is found in Christ. 

To get there we go back to what Spurgeon was talking about.  God has said.

God has said "it is finished!"

God has said "now, therefore there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus"

God has said we are His beloved 

God has said...

My friend, I am no stranger to struggling in my walk with God.  But it's not making me useless to Him.  As I was sharing with a friend,  we have to make ourselves obey.  Satan and our sin nature aren't going to bother with unbelievers in the same way as believers.  Ours as believers is a battle to make us ineffective towards the cause of Christ, the sharing of the good news of Jesus Christ.  For unbelievers that battle is to keep them in darkness, away from the light of truth.  That Jesus came to save them and that Salvation is free to all who would but ask.

Scripture says we need to fill our minds with the Word of God, with Psalms hymns and Spiritual songs.  We need to feed on the light. 

We are a strange creature in that we can somehow easily adapt to seeing in lesser amounts of light.  The same holds true to Spiritual sight. We can get used to not as much light.  But we are not called of Christ to sit and wait to be fed. 

We are told to seek first His Kingdom.  Seek. To go after. 

We will always have struggles in this life with sin.  I say that not to discourage, but it's Scriptural.  Until we are with Christ in person we will be struggling with sin. It's in our DNA until we get a glorified body that no longer has that DNA. 

Paul encouraged Timothy, to fight the good fight.  Keep the faith.  Really read first and second Timothy.  It's letters of a Spiritual Father to his Spiritual Son.  His concerns being shared between the two. 

God has said.  I liken that verse to the story of Joseph. The Lord was with him.
Repeatedly it says the Lord was with him.

Now consider this today as you face your sin nature, and you will face it, the Lord is with you. He is with you.  Right now.  

Consider that your battles with temptation are nothing new to Him.  He's seen it all.
We have this hope that we have a mediator in Christ who knows our pains and our suffering.  He knows our hearts.  Nothing is hidden from whom we have to do.

You, like me, want victory in all areas of our lives before God.  In time it will happen.  It may not be in this life entirely but it will happen.  God has said.  

When the darkness becomes noticeably darker we need THEN to put the brakes on whatever we are doing.  Don't wait to see if it gets better.  Our activities in the body totally impact our activities in the Spiritual world. Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.  Matthew 6:33.  

Lastly really examine who you spend time with and what you occupy your time with. 

A drunk who is going through AA shouldn't be frequenting bars in order to get better.  Drug users cannot find relief by hanging around other users.  There can be support found in others who struggle but be careful that you both don't fall together.  You need to be with growing believers.  Share in the light of Christ that comes from other believers.  That's what happened in the book of Acts. Look at what happened.  That was a culture deep into other gods.  Deep into sexual sins.  Yet victory came in their lives because of Christ and His light shining from believer to believer.  

God has  God has also said "Behold, I am coming quickly..."

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