Sunday, March 7, 2021

But You Haven't Let Go...

But You Haven't Let Go 

Seems there's more to be said this we go....

I have seen and kept a picture of a child being asked for their doll from Jesus, who has something bigger for her if only she would give Him what she's holding on to. 

Is this you?  What are you holding on to that is in the way of you receiving what God wants to give you?

We are living in a world that is flooded with the idea that possessions are everything.  That we have a beyond flourishing business in storage units and garages and storage sheds says it all.

Then comes the inevitable. You can't take it with you.  Or, in this life, we keep praying for something big not even considering that it may mean letting go of something in order to achieve it.

Estate sales are both interesting and worrisome. People's belongings going to people who are going to reliquidate them or collect them. 

Most people buy a house with enough garage space to protect their investment. Yet sooner or later it vehicle is kicked out. The garage is now a storage space. 

We are often encouraged to pray big.  Have heard that message from many a Pastor.  All these Godly men encourage believers to pray for things either to happen or things to be provided.  Part of this process is found in that simple picture. 

God's path to get you from where you are, the situation that you are in, to where and what you are praying for and about likely is NOT going to be what you are expecting. 

You see two points.  Where you are and what and or where you want to be or have happen.  Jesus sees that PLUS every single life that will be impacted by your request, every single outcome of what you ask. He sees every implication. He sees what it will and won't do to you and others.  He sees how your requests impact the Father's Plan between now and His return. He knows every single possible outcome. Needless to say it's a lot more than our finite minds can grasp.  We just think it's a matter of asking and His providing. 

Are you asking big things of God? Are you NOT asking big things of God out of any feelings of not thinking it's big enough or important enough?  Are you doing life your way out of some reluctance to ask for His help?  That you can get it. You can handle it? 

Much to think about. What will become of your things after God calls you home?  Whatever is found of yours is not anyone else's achievements nor will they ever fully grasp why you had the stuff. 

Are you getting in your own way?  Are you the real reason why your prayers haven't been answered? Is Jesus still waiting for you to let go?  

But I have dreamed of that or having that my whole life!  Is that in your way?  Is your wants, dreams, desires in your way concerning your walk with Jesus?  Will you let go if indeed Jesus is asking you to?

Food for thought this morning.  

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