Thursday, March 11, 2021

Lessons of Life taught IN the Storm

Lessons of Life taught IN the Storm 

He calms the storm, so that its waves are still. PSALM 107:29 

Remember the story in the Gospels about Jesus and the disciples in a boat on the Sea of Galilee (Matthew 8:23–27)? A fierce storm arose, and the disciples were certain they were about to perish. The disciples learned a great lesson that day, one that could only be taught in a storm—not in a classroom. Jesus had gone to the back of the boat to take a nap, and a huge storm blew up. Their fear is most evident in Luke’s account: “Master, Master, we are perishing!” (8:24). It would appear they didn’t make the connection immediately that riding in the boat with them was the One who created the wind and the waves. Perhaps it did click with them, and that’s why they woke Jesus up and were chastised by Him for their “little faith” (Matthew 8:26). But we can understand how they felt because it’s how we feel when the storms of our lives come up. We forget that we know the very One who allowed the storm in the first place and that He can cause it to stop or see us through it. - Dr. David Jeremiah Morning and Evening 

It's quite relevant and interesting that this devotional came up today.  At work there's much happening by way of storms.  The intensity is formidable.  Unforeseen problems and quickly approaching deadlines.  Wanting a break but not being able to being added to that mix.  I do not feel like I am drowning nor do I feel like it's 100% impossible.  I pray and rely on what God makes happen.  I have seen God change the direction of nations, people and companies, including the one that I work for.  I have lived through too many storms to have my feathers ruffled by this one.  Doesn't make it any less potent though.  Just means doing more to keep my eyes expectantly upon what God may have me do. 

We were told up front in the Bible that we would have trials and tribulations. That temptation would indeed be a daily threat.  Jesus went as far as to say that the world hated Him, they would hate us too.

The Disciples were with Jesus and even with Him there, knowing who He was, still freaked out about a rough storm.  We are in good company in that respect. 

I pray each morning for the Lord's promise of going ahead of me in battle concerning everything that I am facing.  He can make my path straight. Proverbs.  He can renew my strength. Isaiah. I can know that others face these things too. God cannot abandon those who are His.  Is there concern? Certainly!  I am at my most concerned when I have to rely on others who do not have my sense of urgency to get things done.  I refuse to worry.  Worry is a prayer with no direction.  You just go in circles and end up where you started. Only more wore out than when you began. 

Stress can still be a result.  Peter wasn't out of the woods in his stress while walking on the water towards Jesus. 

No tree ever grows up tall and strong without storms.  Roots only grow deeper when storms do their thing.  As the wind, rain, snow etc pummel what's above ground, the tree grows inwardly and down. Looking for a better anchor. Looking not to how to weather that storm but the next to come after it.

The pressure is still there. I will still do my best no matter the outcome.  That's Colossians 3. Do what we do as unto the Lord for its Him who we serve.  People I am with each day, for 8 hours or more, only think that I work for our employer. I don't work for my earthly employer. I strive to do my best for Jesus, my earthly employer just reaps the benefits of that. 

I cannot allow Satan to get a foothold in me by worrying.  Do my best and if it falls short I have no concerns as to the outcome.  I will not be able to say that I didn't do enough. Jesus is both with me and in me. He's ahead of me and beside me. His promises never fail.  This blog is as much out of service to God as my work with my hands.  As is my life with my Wife. 

You too will face storms in life.  You have two ways to deal with it, if you are a Christian at least. On your own or in prayer.  There is no door number 3. Outside of Christ, those who aren't saved, you are entirely on your own.  Jesus told a parable that people at the time understood very well.  Building your life upon sand vs building it upon the Rock.  On the sand is you on your own, on the Rock is building it upon Jesus.  He clearly shows no door number 3. 

You have to choose how this plays out. 
Come to Christ or you don't, if you aren't saved.  You don't then you are on your own. In Christ you can choose to cry out to God for help.  Not belittling your faith but in faith claiming God's promises. 

If you are serving God with all your heart, and are doing what He's given you to do, there's no way you will come out the other side with your head down.  I am hopeful of a positive outcome of what I am dealing with at work. I have been taught and tell others "God brought you to it, He will see you through it."

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