Thursday, March 25, 2021

Serious a life with Christ.

Serious a life with Christ.

“Are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss?” Luke 22:48 

“The kisses of an enemy are deceitful” (Proverbs 27:6 NKJV). Let me be cautious when the world puts on a loving face. If possible, it will betray me like it did my Master—“with a kiss.” Whenever a man is about to attack religion, he usually professes a great love for it. Let me beware of the smooth-faced hypocrisy that serves as armor-bearer to heresy and unfaithfulness. Knowing the deceitfulness of unrighteousness, let me be wise as a serpent to detect and avoid the schemes of the enemy. The young man of the Proverbs, lacking understanding, was led astray by the kiss of the immoral woman. May my soul be so instructed by God’s grace today that the world’s “enticing speech” (Proverbs 7:21 NKJV) may have no effect on me. Holy Spirit, don’t let me—a poor frail human—be betrayed “with a kiss”! But what if I should be guilty of the same detestable sin as Judas, that son of destruction? I have been baptized into the name of the Lord Jesus, I am a member of His visible Church, I sit at the communion table: all these are the kisses of my lips. Am I sincere in them? If not, I am a contemptible traitor. Do I live in the world as carelessly as others, and yet profess to being a follower of Jesus? Then I expose the Christian faith to ridicule, and lead people to speak poorly of the holy name by which I am called. If I act inconsistently, I am certainly a Judas—and it would be better for me if I had never been born (Mark 14:21). Do I dare hope that I am clean in this? Then, Lord, please keep me so. Lord, make me sincere and true. Preserve me from every false way. Never let me betray my Savior! I love you, Jesus, and though I often grieve you, I still want to live faithfully—to the point of death. Oh, God, keep me from being one who professes high things but then falls into the lake of fire because I betrayed my Master “with a kiss.”- C.H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening 

Serious a life with Christ. 
The bulk of the world's population would argue that what Christians believe is a religion.  If you go by the Word of God it's not a religion it's a relationship. 

Throughout our lives we enter into and leave many countless relationships. The One that will stand the test of time is the one we receive in Jesus Christ. 

My Friends, if you are getting anything at all out of these posts, it should be that a right relationship with Jesus is the most important thing in your life.  Our relationship with Jesus is either going to be as Savior or as Judge. 

As Savior, we are brought into the family of God.  We are considered adopted. Children of the King!

As Judge, those who refuse a right relationship with Jesus, will face His judgment and wrath.  Those people are considered outsiders, outcasts. 

You cannot live in both relationships with Jesus. As a believer you are not seen as condemned. When the Father looks upon you, He sees Jesus who took away your sin and guilt. As a non-believer you are seen in all your sin, standing condemned. The future is sealed for both. The believer toward eternal life with Christ, the unbeliever to an eternal life apart from God in the Lake of Fire. 

The Bible isn't complicated in respect to Salvation in Christ.  God the Father didn't make it difficult. The human heart makes it difficult. The Father's Plan was 11 ordinary men. A new 12th was added after the Resurrection. Paul was the Apostle to the Gentiles, that is, the world that wasn't Jewish.  I firmly believe that aside from his training as a Pharisee, under his former name, Paul was present throughout the ministry of Jesus. 

Betrayal is a very harsh word.  It's filled with all manner of poison.  Hatred, anger, are brought to a boil. Forgiveness is its only cure. Christ was betrayed by all, stood alone, was judged as guilty, hung on a cross.  Yet in all that betrayal, He forgave. In all who had forsaken Him, He forgave. Did He cry out in anger at Judas? No. He knew that moment was coming when He created Adam. He knew that moment was coming when the Angels were created. He knew...

We are coming up on a time of remembrance of what Jesus did in His last days on Earth before the crucifixion.  The world has twisted Easter into various pagan holidays. Satan doesn't want you or I to remember his greatest loss in battle. 

Satan is a sore loser.  He is a deceiver. He is a liar and Father of lies.  He knows with laser precision how to get us to turn our own thoughts away from Christ. A mighty river can have its course altered by a precisely placed stone. The right words of truth or the right lie has greatly altered the lives of countless trillions. 

Forgiveness is the path that Jesus always took vs living with anger and hate. The world would have you think otherwise. 

Jesus is returning again, just as He promised and also as the Angels testified. 

Will He be your Savior or your Judge?

Time is running out on it being a choice of the two.  Once the Rapture takes place people indeed will be saved but they will be living in the worst years humanity has ever seen. Those saved after the Rapture may face horrific deaths. 

Let go of your reservations about coming to Christ if you still have any. If you have come to Christ, live more for Him today than you did yesterday.  

Look for a stronger relationship with Jesus in what you do. As a believer it's only the beginning. We'll continue it in His presence after we join Him in Heaven. 

Time is running out. There will be a shout from on high for those who believe to "Come up here!".  In the twinkling of an eye it will happen.  Before you can blink it will happen. Global disasters will occur when the Rapture happens. 

Find your answers to peace, hope and love in Jesus today.  He is waiting with open arms...for you. 

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