Friday, March 5, 2021

Is There Enough Evidence to Convict?

Is There Enough Evidence to Convict?

If we say that we have fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth. 1 JOHN 1:6 Think of the last time you experienced tension in a relationship—perhaps with a family member or someone at work. Conversation is superficial, and you’re more comfortable apart than together. When something happens between people who are normally close, the first thing to vanish is the evidence of fellowship. It’s the same way with the Lord. We think we can stop following Him without damaging our relationship. The conversation is surface (“Lord, please bless this food”), and we avoid spending time with Him (“I just don’t have time for my devotions”). The main prerequisite for experiencing fellowship with Jesus is following Him and obeying His commands. It’s like when Peter and the disciples were fishing, and the Lord told them to cast their nets on the right side of the boat. When Peter obeyed, something greater than catching a boatload of fish happened—he saw Jesus. What followed was an intimate meal, a sweet time of fellowship with the Lord. Fellowship follows obedience. If you’re feeling out of fellowship with Jesus, chances are good that you’ve either stopped following or started disobeying.
- Dr. David Jeremiah Morning and Evening 

People, well most people, try to avoid any incidents with the Law.  They try to stay out of trouble. Christianity isn't a religion of causing any kind of trouble.  Yet trouble always seems to find those who walk closely with Jesus.  Jesus said that in this world we would have tribulations, troubles, but to be of good cheer for He has overcome the world.  

The trouble with most is the lack of realization that this world we live in isn't true life.  Life begins when we step into eternity.  This is a precursor, the application process if you will, the part before life begins. In Mark, where I am reading this morning several times Jesus mentioned things we should remove now in this existence that would be more beneficial not to have now than to enter into life with later.  Meaning what we are doing right now isn't true life. 

Jesus came because He was obeying His Father's Will.  He was about the Father's business. He did not deviate from obedience.  He wasn't 'living His life'. What we see is obedience to His Father in all 4 Gospels.  Ever since Genesis 1:1 til the end of Revelation a great deal of the Bible is about obedience to God and the consequences when we don't.  Angels, Demons and humans.  Angels disobeyed God, were kicked out of Heaven, became Demons. They already were spirit beings there is no Savior for them.  All demons will end up in the Lake of Fire. 

Humans needed a Savior. Eluded to in Genesis, throughout the Scriptures every book of the Old Testament pointed to what we read in the Gospels of Jesus Christ coming in obedience to His Father. The Old Testament is replete with examples of how mankind CANNOT measure up to the standard of a sinless life such as Jesus. 

You could theoretically be born, be educated by a fictional perfect artificial intelligence, never violate anything written in the Bible, and still die and go to the very real very non-fictional Hell. Apart from Salvation in Christ Jesus it is impossible to please God.  Without Salvation your fictionally perfect life is rubbish. You are born in sin. It's in your DNA. You can't remove it. 

I was listening to an old song last night for the first time in years. All His Children was the name.  In the grand scheme of things all humanity is indeed God's Children. The question is acknowledging His right to be your parent and needing what He says you need to be saved. Hell is filling up with countless trillions of people who said they want nothing to do with God as their Father nor Jesus as their Savior.  That's what rejection of Jesus in this life will get you.  

You cannot ever live in such a way that your good deeds outweigh your bad in order to get into Heaven.  God said you can never do enough.  You have to have Jesus as the propitiation for you.  He has to be your substitute when you face leaving this world.  

It comes down to this...are you simply trying to live a good and decent life apart from God or are you living with the idea of living to please God?  If it came down to it would there be enough evidence to show you belonged to God? 

It may sound like a odd way to say it but we aren't here in this world for our good pleasure. 

Christians are to be lit up with the light of Christ.  To be seen by others. That's what the Bible says.  Not to be hidden under a basket as the children's song goes.

If people can't see the light of Christ in you and they can't tell by your speech, conduct and life that you are indeed a Christ follower then, my friend you have great reason to be concerned as to whether or not you are indeed saved.  Because it means there isn't enough evidence to convict. 

If all you are concerned about is enjoying this world then there's not enough evidence to convict.

If all you are concerned about is how good you can make yourself feel then there isn't enough evidence to convict. 

If your world is more important to you than showing the world Jesus is in you...then there isn't enough evidence to convict. 

Someone once said you are only going one of two directions.  Towards God or are running away from God.  The life of one running towards God would be convicted of being a Christ follower.  The life of one running away would certainly not.

Is your life filled with ideas and idols that push God out?  Do you at all take time, appropriate time, to be developing a right real relationship with Jesus?  You cannot love this world and love Jesus too.  One leads to Hell one leads to Heaven. There is no door number 3.

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