Monday, March 15, 2021

The Day The Lord was Going to Kill Moses

The Day the Lord was Going to Kill Moses 

And it came to pass on the way, at the encampment, that the Lord met him and sought to kill him. Exodus 4:24 

Moses had just received one of the greatest commissions in history. He was to be God's instrument to deliver the nation of Israel and to guide it to the Promised Land. He was to lead them to become a kingdom of priests and a holy nation (Exod. 19:6). Yet Moses had not obeyed all of God's commands himself for he had never had his son circumcised. This was a long-standing command from God that Moses had ignored. God's response was to prepare to kill Moses. Here was one of history's greatest men about to be put to death before ever performing the task God had set before him. Moses could not expect to blatantly ignore a command of God and still be used mightily in His divine work. Had not Moses quickly responded in obedience, he would surely have lost his life. Moses learned that God makes no exceptions for holiness. When God sets forth a requirement of His people, He most certainly demands it of the leaders. God wanted to make Moses' life a highway of holiness through which He could bring redemption to millions of people. God had to make some significant adjustments in the life of Moses before He would use him to lead His people. Are you trying to serve God and yet ignore something He has told you to do? Are you living your life as if God does not notice your disobedience? Do you apply God's standards to yourself as rigorously as you apply them to others? - Blackaby Experiencing God Day By Day 

All mankind is taught daily by the minions of Satan that to live for self is what's most important of all.  To do what feels good.  To not listen to your conscience.  This erroneous thinking has deeply influenced and infiltrated the Church as well.  

Moses, the man later said to be the friend of God, was going to be killed by God before he ever got started in leading God's people.  No matter how big or small you are in the world obedience to God's Word is paramount. 

We live also in a world of excuses. Of rationalizations.  Of every single bit of erroneous thinking about how to live life.  

Read it again what Moses didn't do. It was a private, hidden thing. Something that Moses was fully aware he was obligated to do in the sight of God.  

How often are you and I making carefully crafted excuses for our behavior, our foul language, our rants, rages, drinking, carousing, buying, selling, sexual thoughts, actions?  There is no limit to the potency of sin's influence in our lives.  You embrace one aspect of sin, you have embraced all aspects of sin in your life. In God's eyes there is no distinction, sin is sin.  

You can make yourself believe you are too busy to sin.  Even that can be sin because you are not at all considering the things of God.  You can get away from mankind, live self-sustaining in the mountains, and still be found by sin. 

Sin, and willful disobedience, are bound up in the heart of every single person.  We could have a colony on Mars and there you would find sin. There could be starships exploring the universe and sin would be found onboard. We could build vast undersea cities and there you would find sin.  The curse of sin impacted the whole physical universe. 

Nothing you can do, think or say, in an of yourself, through yourself, can remove it from you.  The judgment concerning it either follows you to Hell or the removal through Salvation in Christ keeps it from you in Heaven. Sin and every effect of it either condemns mankind or acquits mankind. Only through Jesus Christ alone for Salvation can you ever be acquitted. 

Moses obeyed God, obviously, but it was known to all that even with Moses God could NOT show partiality.  Moses again disobeyed God in striking a rock to produce water vs speaking to it as he was told.  It cost him being able to go into the promise land with his kinsmen.  It was again, well known, that in this second instance God was not glorified in Moses's actions at the rock. Had God "let it slide", throughout the ages others would have leaned on that as an excuse. 

Are you numb to your own beliefs and behaviors?  Are you?  Have you believed your excuses for so long that the consequences of sin no longer matter to you?  The Bible calls that a hardening of the heart.  The only cure for that disease is fully returning to Christ.  

Does the foul language you use no longer bother you?  Does your life, your hobbies take more precedence in your life than your walk with God? Do your hidden sinful desires mean more to you than how much you are hurting your walk with God?  Have you created idols for yourself out of family members, celebrities, socially popular people and it DOES NOT BOTHER YOU?
Do you at all consider time with Jesus at all the most important part of your day, or is your attitude so bad concerning it that it doesn't matter? 

Moses was perhaps one of the most influential people in Israel's development as a people of God.  Yet even he was going to be killed for a SINGLE disobedience. SINGLE, as in ONE, point of disobedience. 

You and I can't get through a single DAY without a dozen or more points of disobedience in light of Scripture.  Ephesians 6, about the whole Armor of God, was written to show that you CANNOT go into battle within being prepared for that battle.  

The world is on a rapid crash course towards judgment.  The days are numbered as to the return of Christ.  I highly doubt that it's years away.  Jesus said over 2,000 years ago what to look for that would herald His return.  We are living in those times. My belief is we are within a year or so of Christ returning. Apathy and the attacks on Christian values is ever increasing.  It won't be long before all governments will make Bible believing Christians the enemy of the state. Those calling themselves Christians yet do not embrace the Bible will be left alone, if not raised up as the so-called acceptable standard.  Sin is going to appear to have won the day.  Throughout Revelation the people of the world will refuse to repent of their sin because all sin will be embraced as what's good and right. The judgment of God will continue to pour out for 7 years. 

Doesn't sound pleasant does it?

Living right for God must be in the here and now.  Living with a heart that isn't hardened must be in the here and now.  Living in full obedience to God must be in every moment of life.  Stop with the self-justification. Stop with the willful disobedience to what God says is sin.

Look at your life today.  Look at the figurative blood on your hands as to the sin you have been doing that you need Jesus to remove.  Now is the time to either really return to Christ or is the time to truly come to Christ to be saved. 

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