Thursday, April 15, 2021

A Different Perspective

A Different Perspective 

Their Redeemer is strong. 

You, Lord God, know my manifold transgressions and my mighty sins. You have given help to one who is mighty. You, Lord God, are my Savior, and my Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob. 
You are mighty to save . . . and able to keep me from stumbling. Where sin abounded, Your grace abounded much more. 
Because I believe in Jesus I am not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because, Lord God, he has not believed in the name of Your only begotten Son. 
You are also able to save to the uttermost those like me who come to You through Jesus. Is Your hand shortened at all that it cannot redeem? 
Who shall separate me from the love of Christ? For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate me from Your love, Father God, which is in Christ Jesus my Lord. 
I praise You, Redeemer God, that no one is ever beyond Your reach—and that once I am Yours, nothing can separate me from Your love. JEREMIAH 50:34; AMOS 5:12; PSALM 89:19; ISAIAH 49:26; ISAIAH 63:1; JUDE 24; ROMANS 5:20; JOHN 3:18; HEBREWS 7:25; ISAIAH 50:2; ROMANS 8:35, 38–39
- Dr. David Jeremiah Life Changing Moments with God 

This devotional I have had for a while, albeit in paperback form rather than digital until now. 

God, once we come to Christ, brings a different perspective to life.  Those we read about, such as Mary Magdalene, who had suffered demonic possession, freed from that, she followed Christ. She saw people shouting "Hosanna!", and a week later the same people "crucify Him!".  Saw an empty tomb.  Saw the risen Jesus Christ.  Perspectives much different than have happened to most.

We read of many things in the Bible and some say they are fairy tales.  Those outside a mansion have no idea what awaits those who are granted access can see or experience when invited in.

There are oh so many encouraging things in today's devotional.  These are the jewels that Satan does not want us to know or remember.  

He wants us to wallow in self pity. 
He wants us to not remember whose we are. 
He wants us to waste time worrying rather than to approach the Throne of God. 
He wants us to forget the promises of God. 
He wants you and I to do nothing out of fear and indifference.  To put ourselves first in this life.  To follow after the world and its priorities.  

Yes, in this life Christians do share certain rights with non-believers.  However, in Christ, we have so much more. We also have so much that isn't what the world finds acceptable.  The world promotes self. Says that you deserve the best! That you deserve health, wealth and prosperity! God's Word says that is not necessary the way of the Believer. You will never reach unbelievers by living only in an ideal world of great health, great wealth or great prosperity.  You will continue to only think of you. 

The path to Salvation is only through Jesus Christ.  The path to Hell is more than a 16 lane highway.  Millions per day are falling into it. In Christ we pray for those around us, not just for ourselves. We try to live a life that shows the light of Christ to a dark world.  To show people how to reach for the Salvation they so desperately need. 

As I read many books, there's times when pieces just fit in other things that I am to write about.  Another Dr. David Jeremiah book "What do You Do When You Don't Know What to Do?" is one such thing. 
It isn't enough to try to not think about temptation. Temptation must be replaced with what God's Word says it should be replaced with. Whatever is lovely, good, pure. With psalms, hymns and Spiritual songs.  There's many things to move our focus to in order to combat temptation. 
We can't fight a dirty fight in a dirty war and win with dirty tactics and strategy. We need the power of God through Christ Jesus to fight the things that are bigger than us. Jesus said He has overcome the world.  He has been tempted in every way and yet was without sin.  

We who are in Christ need to check ourselves at the door.  Striving after what is important to the world will gain you nothing.  Remember the parable of the rich man and his storehouses. He lived to prepare for a future that seemed bright and happy to him.  Yet he didn't know that in all his preparations, that his life was required of him that very night. All his work for all his wealth would go to someone else. If we waste our lives striving for what the world values we will waste it.

Look at your life and be real with yourself. 
Are you only looking out for your happiness? Are you only living for yourself?  You who have claimed the name of Jesus, are you living only for yourself and are not serving Him at all?  He who wishes to be first shall be last the Scriptures say.  Are your priorities on your success or on reaching others so that the flow of people pouring into Hell is slowed?

I am no better nor worse than any of you. God shows me quite often how I need to adjust my life to His purpose and plan.  
God CAN enable you to bloom where you are planted.  You need to let go of YOUR dreams and embrace His path for your life.  A Christian means being a Christ follower. Not a Me follower.  Quite honestly I used to live in a fictional world on purpose to escape this world's problems.  I used to waste hours immersed in books, stories and various kinds of digital media.  I am ashamed to say I know more useless things about that world than I do about the Bible and my walk with God. I used to write fiction as well.  It's a waste of the life of a Christ follower. 

The world will convince you to believe that you need a break, you need to unwind, to stop being so serious about all that Jesus stuff.  You deserve this or that. 

People who don't know Jesus Christ as their Savior are going to Hell. That's fact not fiction. 

It's not easy learning to let go of things in this world.  But it's not impossible.  You can ask me and I will tell you it can be painful.  I still remember two particular Sunday night services when I was wracked with tears at the letting go of some deep seated thinking.  We don't want to let go of what feels good.  Yet here we are, left with Jesus's words of denying ourselves, taking up our cross and follow Him. 

Look into your life and what's been your priority. There's hope in Christ to make changes now. There's hope if you but cry out for help from the one who defeated it all.  There's people all around you that need your prayers. You don't even need to talk to show them Christ in you. Just live like He's what's important to you. 

Time to be real with yourself today. 

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