Saturday, April 10, 2021

The Creation that was There

The Creation that was there...

Evidently I am to write more this day so here is this to consider. 

We can all look to the Gospels of the account of the Crucifixion, of everything that Jesus went through. 

Something that came to me in light of the Crucifixion was something Jesus said not that many days earlier. That if the people had remained silent the rocks would have cried out. 

Now. Look at all the man made things used to Crucify Him.  All are alive to the Creator.  The birds and other animals who were nearby knew what was happening and to whom it was happening.  The wood, the leather, the pieces of bone in the scourge used upon Him. They all knew whom they were being used against. 

The ground that recieved the blood of Jesus. It too remained silent!  The wood and metal that held Jesus up in being crucified knew!  They too remained silent. 

All creation knew that the created in the image of God was trying to kill God.  Yet like Jesus it all remained silent. 

What made noise that day? The image bearers of God. 

Creation didn't stop nor stand in the way of the Son of God being put to death for the sins of mankind.  

I think about that tree from which the cross came from.  It knew not that it's future held its Creator being put to death upon it. 

No doubt the birds joined the Angels in silence as Jesus hung on that tree made into the cross that it was.

Look ahead to the return of Christ. 

When He returns and just His feet touch the Earth it splits open.  There's no silence about being with Jesus then for this Earth. 

The Angels and this Earth cry out to mankind yet mankind chooses to disregard to their own detriment. 

Those who come to Christ cannot help but to rejoice in their new relationship with Jesus.  

We choose because choice was granted to us by the will of God.  We will all spend eternity either in Heaven or Hell based on that choice to receive or reject Salvation in Christ.  

The Earth itself groans and awaits the return of its Creator.  It doesn't want to be silent but it is.

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