Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Why? You May Not Speak it aloud but You Do Ask Why!?

Why? You May Not Speak it aloud but You Do Ask Why!?

Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. JOHN 14:27 

There are six interrogative words commonly used in discourse between people: who, what, when, where, why, and how. Of these six, one is used more frequently than the others in times of personal anguish: why. It is human nature to want to know why things happen the way they do. And for Christians, why means, “Why did God allow it?” The disciples of Jesus surely asked “Why?” questions more than once in their relationship with Jesus. But at no time did they wonder why more seriously than when their lives were in peril on the Sea of Galilee. A huge storm had come up while they and Jesus were crossing the water. While they feared for their lives, Jesus napped calmly in the back of the boat. They wondered, Why doesn’t Jesus do something? When Jesus finally calmed the storm, He had a “Why?” question for them: why did they let their faith be overcome by fear (Mark 4:40)? If you’ve been asking God “Why?” questions lately and receiving no answers, stay focused by faith on Jesus. He will still the storm at the right time. It’s okay to ask God why. It’s even better to wait for the answer in faith instead of fear. - Dr. David Jeremiah Morning and Evening 

In a day like we live now, it's beyond easy to hide your dismay, your shock, discomfort, annoyance, anger, take your pick of adjectives...behind a mask.

All boiling down to an insatiable curiosity to want to know why. 

Why are people not understanding?
Why are you not understanding?
Why is this world in the state that is in?
Why do you feel the way you do?
Why do the people you interact with behave like they do?
Why is common sense so rare that it appears to have died a horrible death?

Why, why, why?

As Dr. Jeremiah pointed out it's probably the most heavily used of all words. 

There is an extremely popular quote from the movie "A Few Good Men".  You probably already know it before I type it here. "You can't handle the truth!".

My Friend, my Dear Reader.  The truth isn't relative. The truth is not to be redefined. The truth isn't what we often want it to be. 

The Truth is a Person. He is the answer to all your Why's.  He is Jesus. 

Remember what was posted on here not so long ago. The Disciples were plagued by their experiential truth. The storms, winds, the taking on of water. All those facts equaled doom to them.  That was probably true at other times in history, but in that particular here and now, it was all an impossibility.  

The Truth was asleep during all this.  I too can sleep through strorms or even tornado warnings.  Bothers me not because I know God's truth.  I may come across as being foolish, but look at our Disciples in the boat.  Yes God gave me a brain with the expectation of using it, however, He also is the provider of peace.  When there is nothing to fear we should not fear.  They learned that in that boat.

Fear is not just the absence of joy, it's often the not seeing the truth that is happening. 

Our Why's are probably valid.  But we need to look at those Why's in light of God's Truth. In light of Christ Jesus. 

Some Why's we won't know or we aren't capable of understanding in this life.  Why did someone suffer and die. Why was this person or that person allowed to do such horrible things.  Why was this, why was that. Again, why, why, why. 

We read in Job of some of the dangers of asking why. There just may be a moment when in our heart if hearts we, in anguish, want and demand an answer and we find God answering, much as He did with Job.

Be careful! What we demand might be so hard to handle that it will be us who can't handle the truth. 

God loves us all. So much so that He came, lived and died to save all.  But the truth still is countless trillions have rejected His sacrifice for them.  They couldn't handle the truth. Hell is recieving millions of people a day.  Nobody there will have anything to stand on as to why they shouldn't be there.  Nobody. Everyone will know why they are there. All of their self deception and all their choices will tell them that they rejected the truth, that they died without Christ. 

Your Why's might just be important enough to rock your world.  If it's really necessary you might yet get an answer to them. 

All life that is born of mankind has the greatest Whys to answer. 

Why did you come to Christ?
Why didn't you come to Christ?

You must decide.  Is the truth around you in your life's storms really real, or are you denying the truth of who is standing near to you wanting to save you, in the person of Jesus Christ?

Are you going to wake up in Hell or wake up in Heaven?  There is no third destination. 

Your Why's should and shouldn't shape your decision.  Either the Lord Jesus is God or not in your life. If not, I can guarantee you will find yourself in Hell at your death.  That is something you can change only here and now.  Once you die there is no do over. No second chances. 
If you have not received Salvation through Jesus Christ alone, you will spend eternity separated from Him in torment trying to understand why you didn't.  

That why, my Friend, is one you must deal with.

Our Why's in this life are likely valid. The reasons probably are sincere. 

But first make sure that the truth you cling to is really real.  The Disciples learned that the truth wasn't true. That the Truth got up, rebuked the storm and the wind. Then He rebuffed them for not seeing the real truth.  No harm could possibly come to them that were entrusted to Him until the proper time.  

I often struggle with truth that my eyes see versus what it turns out to be. My truth is based in facts and the data that I have in my mind.  Same as you.  But where I try to go is to Jesus for understanding of what I am seeing/experiencing.  It might not be what I think it is.  I don't always, but I try. 

My greatest failure that I see in my life is also found in the story of the Disciples. 
Getting ahead of Jesus.  I ended up creating Why's that really didn't need to exist if I had been listening and been more patient.  

You have Why's. Take them to God. 
Just don't put off your greatest why.

Why should He let you into Heaven?
Your works in this life can't save you. 
Your wonderful life of helping others cannot save you. 
Only by coming to the Truth, Jesus Christ, can you be saved. 
Only by faith is it possible to be saved. 

So consider your Why's...go to the Truth and see what He tells you. 

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