Friday, April 16, 2021

Wandering Eyes, Wandering Heart

Wandering Eyes, Wandering Heart

Then the LORD said to me, “Go again, love a woman who is loved by a lover and is committing adultery, just like the love of the LORD for the children of Israel, who look to other gods.” HOSEA 3:1 

God views your rejection of Him as spiritual adultery, and your betrayal grieves Him. We get a portrait of that harsh truth in the life of Hosea. In obedience to God, the prophet married a woman whose harlotry mocked true intimacy. We are to see in Hosea’s heartbroken reaction to his wife’s unfaithfulness how deeply we offend God when we reject the pure love He offers us. This powerful picture challenges us, God’s bride, to be faithful to our covenant love. Every time we turn away from Him, we commit spiritual adultery. But that’s not the only lesson Hosea’s life offers. We also see in Hosea’s experience that even at the worst points of estrangement between God and His people, there is always hope because of God’s unfailing love. Despite our rejection and betrayal, despite our unfaithfulness and broken promises, God continues to love us. When we stray from Him, He lovingly and relentlessly pursues us. If not for His unfailing love, we would be victims of our own wickedness. How marvelous to know that, even though we may turn our backs on God, He never gives up on us!
- Blackaby Being Still with God 

This particular devotional certainly seems to cut to the heart of the matter right away.  It's never easy to want to admit when our devotion is split between the world and our Savior.  But more often than not it's happening. 

Not I! Some hastily proclaim. Hold on there and take a few steps back. 

Remember that if it's been written of in the Bible, it's fat more common than will be admitted.  Remember also that one of the properties of sin, and Satan's schemes in general is self deception. 

We will fool ourselves faster than others will fool us.

We define right and wrong remember? Scripture says each man does what is right in their own eyes? 

To my way of thinking that means Scripture, God's Word, is saying it's something we ALL must be on the lookout for.  Nowhere in Ephesians 6 are there exclusions to who does or does not need the whole armor of God.  Nowhere is it mentioned in the Bible that, in this life, you will have arrived Spiritually and can coast through until you die or the Rapture happens. But what does it say? Be on your guard because the devil prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour. 

You and he will do what can be done to convince you that in your life you are doing nothing wrong. 

Remember what was said the other day?  We can't afford to be the one holding Jesus's hands. In time we will let go. We must have Him holding ours because He can never let us go. 

Remember what the world says that isn't a part of the family of God, "The fool says in his heart that there is no God".

To live like the world, to be a Christian and embrace worldly thoughts, actions and beliefs, is to say the same. It means you are indeed committing Spiritual Adultary.

Many a strong Christian has fallen by such a small pebble of a sin.  Yes that's an intentional irony. Goliath was slain by a small pebble from future King David.  

We can be taken down quickly by sin.

We can get Spiritually lazy.

We can be so self-assured that we unconsciously stop relying on God. 

We can and more often than not we get into that trouble and wonder where God went. 

We talk ourselves into literally plundering the world for God.  How do we get Christian people to learn how to be materially wealthy. How do we teach them to be successful in education. How do we teach them to be at ease.  How do we teach them to even be healthy!

Where is that at in relationship to what Jesus said would happen to one who follows Him?  He said in this life we would have tribulations. We would be hated because of Him. We would be and He says to be of good cheer for He has overcome the world.  He has no book or chapters in the Bible on health, wealth and prosperity. What He calls success in this life is not the same as the world's definition of it.  Peter and Silas chained to a wall in prison, suspended off the floor, were singing songs of praise.  In God's eyes they were being successful.  Does that sound like success to you?  Paul was on a ship on his way as a prisoner. The ship was not going to make it. He prayed. Was assured that nobody was going to die. But they had to run aground at a particular place. They indeed all made it to shore safe. A snake jumped from the fire they made and bit him. He shook it off. Nothing happened because God's Word to him was he would be kept alive to testify about his life with Christ.  Sound like a testimonial to success?  Sounds like tribulations to me, yet to God that's success. 

We cannot afford to keep applying the world's definitions to what words and circumstances are wrought in our lives through our relationship with Jesus. 

We cannot afford to keep embracing the world at the expense of our relationship with Jesus. 

We talk ourselves into buying useless things to impress people we probably have problems with, at the expense of our relationship with Jesus. 

Note the theme. At the expense of our relationship with Jesus. 

We embrace things like fiction and sports at the expense of our relationship with Jesus.  Don't sit there in denial. People get more passionate about those things than they do about their relationship with Jesus.  

These things amount to Spiritual Adultary. 

It isn't much different than Spiritual Idolatry.  In marrying a harlot the writer of the book of Hosea went through considerable heartbreak. What he felt and experienced was the message the Lord Jesus wanted Israel and by extension the Church to realize they were doing to Him when we do such things. When our thoughts, actions and beliefs embrace the world over God's Word, our faith in God suffers. 

Look at your life this day and stop fooling yourself and get real with yourself. Get on your knees and repent and return to Christ.  This world is in the state its in partially due to ineffective Christians.  

What does a real evaluation of your life show of you?

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