Monday, April 5, 2021

What IS a Christian, What IS a Disciple?

What IS a Christian? What IS a Disciple?

The disciples were first called Christians in Antioch. ACTS 11:26 

We’re prone to think of disciples as turbocharged Christians, but originally the terms disciple and Christian were synonymous. Differentiating between the two has had the effect of watering down the original demands of following Christ. Dallas Willard puts it this way: “The word disciple occurs 269 times in the New Testament. Christian is found three times, and was first introduced to refer precisely to the disciples. The disciple of Jesus is not the deluxe or heavy-duty model of the Christian—especially padded, textured, streamlined, and empowered for the fast lane of the straight and narrow way. He stands on the pages of the New Testament as the first level of basic transportation in the Kingdom of God.” Modern Christians don’t often think of using the term disciple to describe themselves, but Jesus never put the terms of discipleship in small print. He’s not content for us to be distant followers, and He will not rest until we learn to take His yoke upon us and learn from Him (Matthew 11:29). The word disciple means learner, and it refers to someone who is committed to learning to live the Christ-life in conscious, daily obedience. Is that you?
- Dr. David Jeremiah Morning and Evening 

My time and place in this world have been revealed to me as being wrought by the Will of God.  I have often felt like a being out of sync with the world. Like I was born for a different place in time. Like the definition of who I am didn't fit where I was. 

Some may think that to be odd. Truth be known no Christian is where they fit in.  This world is not our home.  Our citizenship is of Heaven, once we come to Christ.  

We are often encouraged to find role models. Others in history, or others in the world in which we live.  

Look at what Dr. Jeremiah is saying.  I am a kind of person who is always learning. I do not brag about what all that I have learned.  I often laugh because something off-beat that I learned about, eventually, I end up using later on in my life. 

I will always be a Christian.  Yet likewise I will always be a Disciple of Christ. The day will come when I am granted my glorified body. I will ever be with Jesus. But my whole eternal existence will be in learning about the One who saved Me.

What do we learn in this life? Well quite often it's useless things. Sometimes it's necessary things that will help ourselves or others.  We waste a whole lot of time on selfish things. That's part of what Satan wants of mankind. The more we dwell on self the less we dwell on Jesus. 

We all, who come to Christ are indeed Disciples.  The Apostles were merely the beginning. They built upon the foundation of Christ Jesus. Everyone since then, who are part of the true Church, have been adding to that building.  

How much time do you spend on yourself? How much do you give to Jesus in your day?  Do you at all talk with Jesus about life?  About your ups and downs? About what makes you happy or sad? 

Is Jesus your true Best Friend? Or are you treating Him like He's your Butler?  Do you bark at Him when life takes a turn or do you cry out to Him as your Savior?

How you view what it means to be a Christian is not the reality for what a Christian is.  It's how God defines it, that, is what it is. 

We will all someday stand before Christ. To give an account of all we have said, thought or done in regards to living for Jesus.  Will your life have much to say in your behalf or very little? As you are still alive, you have the choice to change that day. Those who are not Christians will find their works meant nothing without Salvation. 

We are His workmanship. Doesn't say we are immediately transformed.  We are a. Eternal work in progress. 

What are you, oh learner, learning about Christ today?

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