Friday, February 4, 2022

There are Only Two Kinds of People

There are Only Two Kinds of People 

Have mercy upon me, O God, According to Your lovingkindness; According to the multitude of Your tender mercies, Blot out my transgressions. PSALM 51:1 

John Vassar was an agent for the American Tract Society in the 1850s. He left a Bible in the home of a Christian woman whose husband was an infidel. When the husband discovered the Bible, he chopped it in two. Later, in an hour of despair, he began reading Luke 15, the story of the prodigal son, in his half of the Bible. Desperate to read the conclusion, he begged his wife for her half, read the story over and over, and was saved. It’s easy to tell when the grace of God has opened the spiritual eyes of a sinner—he comes to a clear conclusion that he is a sinner! And it’s also easy to tell when personal sin is not clear to an individual—he sees sin in everyone but himself. The parable Jesus told of the two brothers (Luke 15:11–32) has an example of each. The younger, prodigal brother recognized his sin and repented before his father. The older brother, however, was indignant that his younger sibling had been forgiven. He couldn’t extend grace to others, probably because he may not have experienced it himself. Which “brother” would you have been in Jesus’ parable? Being forgiven by God only makes sense to those who know they’ve sinned. - Dr. David Jeremiah Morning and Evening 

Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservation. D. ELTON TRUEBLOOD

Some look at Christianity as a thing for the weak. A crutch to lean on when life isn't working and no other excuse fits what's going on.

The reality of life is bound up in belief. 

What we believe determines our physical present, our understanding of our past, and the direction of our physical and spiritual future. 

The world is realistically divided alright. But it's not race, not color, or anything else. It's divided between the believing and the one who does not in the God of the Bible. 

What some do not realize is that Paul indeed wrote a lot, and his writing was to teach those WITHIN the Church as to the types of people to avoid. The types of people that would be the wolves in sheeps clothing.  

In Revelation Jesus wrote to Churches.  He wrote of some that we aren't sure who they really were, not that it matters, but wrote of specific things they needed to address. 

We all need to address our position before God.  We indeed all have one.  You are either among those who believe or those who reject. 

The consequences aren't necessarily going to be evident in this world.  But indeed there are eternal consequences. 

You and I, just as the Bible says, have been given enough information to make a very informed decision on the reality of our sin, our need to have it dealt with. There's more than enough evidence to prove that God exists. The real issue is what will you do with that evidence?  God cannot be a liar. He said that every one will be without excuse when they stand before Jesus. 

You are in only one of two places in your Spiritual life.  All who live have a spiritual life.  A life that ends in Heaven or in Hell. 

What you choose determines your destination. 

What you decide, and all people by virtue of the lives they live, display their choice, determines your present and future. 

You are either living for Jesus or living for you.  God made it that simple to understand.  

Our wants and desires will either take precedence or the will of God will.

The Prodigal Story is about 3 people. The Father and his 2 sons. One eventually repented the other didn't.  One learned the lesson, the one who didn't go off and live for himself did not. He was indignant. He learned nothing about obedience or right living even at home.  He never learned how to come to the end of himself as his wandering brother did.

You have more than enough evidence before you to live a life that is what God intended for you.  You are either going to accept it or you won't. Your future of Heaven or Hell is in the balance of what you decide. God isn't being unfair or unreasonable. He is the Creator. He is the one who is Holy and is the One who made it possible for you to be saved when there was no way any human could. 

There's many millions per day waking up in Heaven or Hell and it was their choice. 

Either they put their faith and trust in Christ Jesus alone for salvation and woke up in Heaven or they didn't and woke up in Hell.  Everyone since Adam and Eve has woke up in only one or the other. 

All worldly religions are lies of Satan.

You need to think about this for sure. You need to take this seriously because you aren't promised a today, let alone a tomorrow.  You must decide for yourself because nobody can decide for you. 

Living for Jesus is only what's right considering what He went through to save you. It's not about losing out on life, but rather in finding a life to be lived.  We are taught by the Spirit and the lessons will repeat until we get it and grow in Christ. 

We have to choose...choose wisely...your future depends on it.

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