Friday, February 18, 2022

You Can't Mean That!

You Can't Mean That!

Are you in denial about the direction that God's wanting to take you?   Are you thinking to yourself that God can't possibly mean THAT!

It's impossible! It's too far! It's this or it's that...I can't...

There were 12 men in that boat yet only one had the crazy notion to ask Jesus about joining Him on the water.

We mistakenly view our circumstances as though it were the doctrine of our existence. 
That this must be how it's meant to be. This opportunity or that isn't there so I guess I must compromise. 

The Israelites were being chased by Pharaoh...a river was in the way.  Their view was they were going to die.  There was no where to go. Nothing that they could do. 

The man who was let down on his bed before Jesus thought his life was always going to be that way until Jesus told him to get up.  He didn't touch him to heal him.  

We can look our physical eyes but totally miss what our Spiritual eyes should be looking at. 

I have no doubt that had we not stepped out in faith that I likely would have ended up in depression and or in the hospital.  My physical eyes threatened my Spiritual existence. 

Are you making your own excuses to believe your physical eyes?

God wasn't playing around when He told the Israelites to head towards the water.
Jesus wasn't kidding when He told Peter to get out of the boat to join Him. 
Jesus wasn't asking for anything but obedience from that man on his bed.

We will make excuses.  Adam and Eve taught the human race to do so. 
We will say that the drive is too far.  That the effort is too much. 
The cost is too high.  The health isn't there.  There is a mountain in the way. 

Fear is a chain that Jesus breaks. 

But I have been here all my life! Yeah. The Disciples were commanded to go and make Disciples. That meant not staying where they were. Making Disciples was more important thsn where they were trying to stay.  The persecution of the early Church happened to push them out into the world. 

Will your excuses really hold water when you face Jesus?

You were given a measure of faith when you came to Christ. Romans 12.  You using it or did you hide it in the ground? 

Life isn't supposed to go by way of your will being done on Earth as it isn't in Heaven. 
Your will isn't paramount. If that were the case then why did Jesus give the Law to Moses to teach to the Israelites?  Why teach them what obedience was?

Are your thoughts centered around you or around what the Spirit wants to do with and through you?   Who cares how long you have worked somewhere.  The bulk of the Disciples were life-long fisherman by trade. God had other things in mind for them. 

Are you in denial of the sanctification that God's doing in your life? That is God's Will for you. 

Think about what excuses you have been saying to yourself.  Are you really going to stand on them?  Are you where you are because of a false sense of loyalty?  Some use that as a reason not to obey.  Some use family members as a reason not to obey. We are well adept at creating reasons not to step out of the boat. 

I will be asking the other Disciples someday if they regretted not stepping out with Peter. If they regretted not asking Jesus as Peter did.

WE are our own worst enemy in regards to obedience to God's Will. 

What you have to decide is this: Is what Jesus did to save you worth obeying in what He's called YOU to do?  In the body of Christ YOU have a specific role to do. YOU have a specific function to be doing.  Your excuses will always keep you from doing it.  

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