Sunday, February 6, 2022

Worship Alone...With Right Priorities

Worship Alone with Right Priorities 

And when He had sent the multitudes away, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray. MATTHEW 14:23 

Jesus Christ was unique in that He was both human and divine. Because we tend to think of Him as the Son of God more than the Son of Man, we often overlook what we can learn from His human experience. When Jesus miraculously fed five thousand people near the Sea of Galilee, His divine power and prerogatives were clear (Matthew 14:13–21). Yet after this event, we see the humanity of Jesus in ways we should be able to easily identify with. After dismissing the crowd and sending His disciples away, Jesus withdrew to a solitary spot on the mountainside to be alone with God. How is it that the Son of God needed to be alone with God? While that mystery may remain, one thing is clear: the stark contrast between the crush of a huge crowd and the solitude of being completely alone. Most Christians today only experience the former. Note that Jesus created His solitude by sending the others away. When was the last time you created time for the express purpose of worshiping God by yourself? People are necessary for many things, but worshiping God alone is not one of them. - Dr. David Jeremiah Morning and Evening 

Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. MATTHEW 6:10 It is a helpless, hopeless feeling to be caught in a whirlpool in which other people and their priorities are sucking you under. I know that my priorities are God first, my wife next, my children next, and my vocation and ministry last. What a joy it is to go to God in prayer each day and pray what I have learned from the Lord’s Prayer: “Lord, Your kingdom come, Your will be done. By the grace of God, with all that I have within me, Lord, help me this day to make Your will manifest in my life.” I have to keep praying that every day. I pray those priorities back to God, not only because I want God to hear them, but because I want me to hear them, so I don’t ever forget. God changes us through prayer—when we pray, we get on the same wavelength with God. And as we pray, if we pray according to the will of God, little by little He takes all the things that are out of sync in our lives and puts them into sync so that we can take this big deep breath and say, “Oh, yes, that’s the way it’s supposed to be!” - Dr. David Jeremiah Morning and Evening 

Both of these today mention something necessary and beautiful. 

I really like it when I am able to be "in the zone" with my worship music.  Not caring about anything but the moment with Jesus.   The other devotional helps to set prayer priorities. 

We often think we have priorities when in reality we start the day off, and continue through it, reacting to life rather than being intentional in life.

If you've been reading these posts for the last several months you know of the significant changes in my life.  Most of the changes are a 180 degree difference from what I have been used to for much of the last 21 years.  To be honest, as always, I don't know how to handle it most of the time. 

The changes appear to be all good, but even good changes can be frightening when you're not used to them. 

And oh I am not used to them.  

Reminding myself these days has been a  might bit easier due to reading Romans 12 every day.  But it's still difficult. 

You might think a smaller town would mean easier life but it's not.  When you get down to it small or large each has its own brand of chaos. You learn to adapt. 

In my prayer life I have learned to be much more open about things than I used to be.  I imagine that in this devotional we read about Jesus getting away to be alone with His Father, He too was being very open.  I imagine as well the rejoicing over the success of His Kingdom coming on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Satan's schemes weren't working, as they knew they wouldn't.  

Satan's schemes these days for the world is to push it towards accepting a world leader of his choosing that will be his physical manifestation of himself. That the world would worship this AntiChrist as they would have worshipped God. 

You and I are indeed being manipulated, make no mistake about it.  We are indeed dealing with the enemy of God, but are seeing that manipulation tempered by the Spirit of God. Allowing only so much because regardless of things, God still intends to save people.  We indeed see many millions dying.  Regardless of your point of view, even as a believer in Christ Jesus, those leaving this world are no longer a part of that plan of God.

Those who are saved find themselves instantly in Heaven, unencumbered, worshiping Jesus face-to-face.  Regardless of the way they leave this Earth that's what they are doing now. Regardless of our thoughts or feelings on it, they are now worshipping in spirit and in truth.  In all likelihood they are also in conversation with Jesus about you and I.  Praying directly with Jesus. Certainly having every tear wiped away by Jesus. 

We are to be growing in Christ regardless of how life is here.  Was reading the next chapter in the Romans 12 book we are studying.  Our being in God's Word, living out life by God's Will, is what we are foreshadowing our life will be in Heaven. 

Our lives need to be with the right priorities that are just like Dr. Jeremiah said.  God first, my Wife second, Family third, everything and everyone else after that.  

I face the greatest stress and struggles when those are out of alignment. 

I indeed want my prayer life to be richer.
I indeed long to be face-to-face with Jesus.  I do pray for His Kingdom to come.  Millions and millions of people are not ready for what is about to happen to this world because of that kind of prayer. 

It means praying for the return of Jesus Christ. 

It means unleashing the Judgment of God as displayed in the book of Revelation upon both mankind and this Earth. 

It means all that to be endured by those left behind in order for the Thousand Year reign of Jesus Christ to happen here on Earth, with King Jesus in the flesh as the World Leader. 

People think that the wars and revolts in our world are bad. More are coming.  Jesus said there would be. Earthquakes and famines in various places. Read the headlines, already happening.  People who believe in Jesus Christ being persecuted, sued, harassed, killed...all happening today. 

The time is ripe for the return of Jesus. 

His Kingdom IS coming. 

We were created to worship God.  In Heaven it's always happening.  Here on Earth we learn how to do it.  

It's very disturbing to me to see Christians with mixed up priorities.  Satan and his minions are constantly trying to change my priorities. There's a very apt, old, saying: know your enemy.  For the believer, God's enemy is your enemy.  There is no neutral ground. There are no sidelines. No timeouts.  Jesus was followed place to place in His Earthly ministry by Satan's minions from before He was born in Bethlehem until He died on Calvary. He often got away to be with His Father because that's where He drew His strength.  He needed to keep His focus on His Father’s Plan. 

We are a part of that Plan.  We need to be with our Heavenly Father too in both prayers and worship.  We need right priorities. We need to be in the world but not of the world. Praying what Jesus prayed. Letting go of this world and embracing God's priorities for us.

So are you? Look at your life and take off your rose colored glasses.  Be honest and real with yourself.  This world was never expecting what it's going through right now.  It's easily not expecting what's about to happen that's also by the Will of God. 

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