Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Loss of Connection

Loss of Connection
by David Brenneman 

Oh the loss of connection yesterday! I was joking to an IT person helping me with a problem at work concerning my workstation about a collective scream when Facebook, Instagram...all of Meta went down for several hours. People had to learn how to communicate the way they used to do.

With Jesus there is never a loss of communication from Him to us. In our obedience we keep that door open or closed or barely open a crack.

It's our nature to want an unhindered, unbroken relationship that's honest and pure.  

We struggle with this in this life that we live because of a sin cursed fallen world.  

I can't imagine two immensely different worlds. In Hell there's no silence nor sounds of worship...just the moans, cries, screams, of those who have died having rejected their chance at the free gift of salvation. Knowing full well truth as Jesus tried to explain to them while they yet lived.

The other is the pure rapture of peace as Jesus offers it in Heaven. The sounds of worship fill the air both by angels and the sons and the daughters of God. Any tears are taken care of by Jesus Himself. Knowing truth as Jesus was preparing them for while they yet lived.

We are indeed on a journey in this world. A journey of discovery into the truth as the Spirit teaches if indeed we are in Christ. Discovering what it is and what it means to be Christ-like. To let go of the parts of us that do nothing to show the character of Christ Jesus to those yet still in the darkness of sin and are held in its chains.

When people see you, see you react to things in this they see you behaving as one who is born again of Jesus Christ? Or do they see someone only trying to convince the themselves of a truth that isn't real?  

Paul taught us to be sure of our salvation in Christ Jesus. Check your heart. Make sure of where your priorities are. Are there fruits growing in your life with regards to repentance? Are you in the Word of God everyday? Are you in open, honest, real prayer with Jesus every day? Are you listening at all to the teaching of the Spirit?

What do people see in your social media posts? What do they see in the photos you share? What is it you are really sharing with the world?  

To be truthful...I didn't miss that outage like I once would have. I count that as progress. My personal preference is silence and solitude. Learning things is my hobby. I learn things not for the sake of doing that, but to better prepare for being able to help others.  

I am here to point people to Jesus. 

If you are a Believer, it's your job to point people to Jesus.

Not one Believer has saved anyone. 
Jesus is the Savior. Jesus is the light of the world. We are reflecting His light to a world that loves the darkness rather than the light. 

We are going to have enemies...because again they love the darkness rather than the light of Jesus Christ. Until their dying breath they might reject Jesus's free gift of salvation. Then in Hell they will find eternal regret.  

Jesus's connection to all is open 24/7 365 days a year.  

For those who haven't come to Christ for salvation yet, He’s waiting for you to say yes to His free gift of salvation available only through Him. 

For those who have...He’s wanting to grow His relationship with you in ways you've yet to see or imagine. 
We are not our own, we were bought with a price, the shed blood of Jesus Christ. 

It's extremely saddening to see people who say they are Believer's, have a mouth uttering words no Believer in Christ should be using. There's no excuse for this. It's as bad to see them with a great following on social media and this following sees in writing words used that no Believer ought to be using. 

All Believer's are Ambassadors of God in Christ Jesus. We are His representatives while we yet live. An Ambassador is one who's life reflects the one whom they represent. The ideals, the thoughts, the theology.  

Take a good look at yourself if indeed you say you are a Christian. 

Would you get a "Well done" from Jesus if your next breath found you face-to-face with Him? Or would such an embarrassment grip you that all you would do is fall down in shame and silence?

To those whom aren't saved're being told a pack of lies both through the people you meet and know as well as the news and other sources of what it means to be a Christian. Jesus took your place on a cross that you deserved. Born in sins you cannot rid yourself of, but yet sins He took upon Himself for you. To make it possible for your sins to be washed as white as snow. Adopting you into the family of God. His free gift is waiting just for you. An honest, true, pure relationship with Jesus is waiting for you. He's not going to bust open the door to your heart. He's waiting for you to open it and bid Him enter.

He's waiting to have that conversation with any who would come to Him.  

He's waiting to hear from any who did and think they've fallen too far to be right with Jesus ever again.

All Believer's are one step away from the arms of Jesus through His promised forgiveness. 

He's waiting to hear from you...

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