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No Hidden Parts of You

No Hidden Parts...of You 
by David Brenneman 

‭‭Proverbs 20:24 "Man’s steps are ordained by the Lord, How then can man understand his way?"
‭‭Proverbs 20:27 "The spirit of man is the lamp of the Lord, Searching all the innermost parts of his being."
‭‭Proverbs 3:5-8 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes; Fear the Lord and turn away from evil. It will be healing to your body And refreshment to your bones."
How often do you believe that you're in charge of your own destiny? Hmm?

"The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9.

How often do you consider...and actually believe...that you were born in this here this now for the express purpose of God's will for the human race?

Go farther. 

How do you feel about idols? Are you arrogant enough to believe or think that was oh so long ago. That those things were for the less intelligent, the less informed of the Old Testament times?

Do you not consider that sin is sin is sin is sin? It has not changed one iota from its birth in the book of Genesis?  

It's Jesus who searches the hearts as the Bible says. He knows your heart way better than you. 

You might have thought that there's things about you that if He only knew that He might leave you or love you somewhat less than He does in this moment. 

Nothing could be farther from the truth. 

My Dear many of your sins were as of yet future to the cross of Jesus Christ as He hung there paying for them? Considering the truth that you weren't born yet...wouldn't that be all your sins?

Jesus knows everything there is to know about you. He knows your thoughts from afar as the writer of Psalms wrote. He knows the things you began thinking about and dismissed. He knows every conceivable outcome of every single choice you're about to make. 

Regardless of your mindset...He STILL is the same yesterday, today and forever. 

Jesus isn't in the guest room of your heart and mind. He's not in the foyer of it either. He's not in your guest house. Wherever you go He goes...and truth be known...He is always there before you get there. 

Our world isn't free of idolatry. Far from it. Our world is perfecting idolatry. As the imaginations of sinful people grow with each passing invention of does the level of idolatry. The heart of man is desperately wicked who can understand it? Isn't that what the Bible says?  

Our world is heading for one event. 
It's not a peaceful place created by mankind by overcoming the inherent nature of mankind on its own.  

As a Believer in Christ Jesus you DO have something to be done in the body of Christ...just as the Spirit directs. We don't create rules and regulations for Believers. That way of thinking is what got the Pharisees and Sadducees in trouble with Jesus. We don't create a vision for the Church. That's the job of the Spirit of God. We DO have our own part in this here this now that's on us to obey and be doing. 

But how do you know what it is?  

Paul spoke of things like the milk of the Word of God as well as the meat of the Word of God. You have to be in it to learn from it.

You cannot understand the mind of Christ if you don't read what the mind of Christ is teaching through the Spirit of God in the Bible.

You cannot know what He knows because our reliance is not to be on ourselves but on our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

Prayer isn't something that others do. Prayer isn't some incantation that magically produces a desirable result.

Prayer is to be extremely personal. 
Prayer is to be you in an intensely intimate conversation with your Savior and Lord Jesus. 

Your life is to be one thing after another of your steps of obedience in what it is He's needing you to be doing. Even if it doesn't make sense.  

There's nothing hidden in you that Jesus doesn't know about. 

When you finally agree with Jesus on what needs tossed out of your heart and mind, you find the freedom He promised. Much of our lives is spent on decluttering our minds. Of realizing that the Spirit was right all along. That indeed His load was easy and His burden was light.

We cannot live a life that's not God honoring and find true happiness. 

We cannot love any person place or thing more than we love Jesus. 

We cannot put anything higher on our priorities than a real right relationship with Jesus.

Ordained. Two primary definitions that in the Bible are one and the same. 

Confer holy orders in making a priest or minister...and order or decree something officially. 

We are to be priests. We are the set apart according to the Bible. That which is set apart as Holy unto the Lord.  

Why not get real will yourself and Jesus today? Why not give up the pretense that things are going as you are wanting? Scripture says that He causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. If you love Jesus wait on Him for the direction of your life. When you know the direction is from Him you'll know. The Bible says that God isn't a God of confusion. 

You're not so dirty in sin that you're of no Earthly good. Remember all your sins were yet future to the cross of Jesus Christ.  

Pray for your relationship with Jesus to grow and for your obedience to flourish. Pray to Jesus as with the most intimate of friends would share with one another would do. 

There's nothing hidden from Him who we have to do. 

He already knows...isn't it time to just acknowledge things that He's needing you to let go of so that He can do more with you?

So take a moment to pray for where you are with Jesus today. Have eyes that see and ears that hear the Spirit talking to you today. 

All NASB 1995 and NASB Scripture Excerpts used by permission. (C) Lockman Foundation.

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