Wednesday, January 22, 2020

But Why!?! Why is this happening to me!?!

But why?!?  Why is this happening to me!?!
By David Brenneman 

"The Christian who is the subject of [affliction] must learn to rejoice in tribulations because as his tribulations abound, so his consolations abound by Christ Jesus." —C.H. Spurgeon

I count it no coincidence that Spurgeon and a few others touch on the same theme today. 

We who are in Christ often find ourselves wondering why our circumstances are the way they are.  We pray and pray and either the circumstances abate or appear to get worse.  
We cry out or just plain cry to God.  What's going on here!?!

We are look for some reason, some reasonable answer to make sense of what isn't.  

This morning, before I knew much of how anyone's day was going, God gently said something to me. "I think you're asking the wrong question.  The question isn't "Why am I not doing something?" The question is, "Why am I allowing it to continue?"

Joseph had dreams like we all do.  In his world people were a bit less constrained than people of today.  His brothers heard his dreams and wanted to kill him.  Nice family huh?

He either was being cocky about the dreams or wasn't considering them as prophetic.  His brothers were less than impressed.  He was even chided by his Dad.  

Then he gets trapped.  Sold to a wandering group.  Then not much later is wrongfully accused and sentenced to prison.  Becomes a caretaker in the prison.  Helps with some dream interpretations.  Is forgotten for several years.  Then is remembered at a point in time when he must have given up hope, only to be made second highest ruler in Egypt.  

My thoughts, after being told that the wrong question was being asked went on to considering a few people in the Bible. 

What was going through the mind of Joseph 10 minutes after his family betrayed and left him.
What was going through the mind of Daniel 10 minutes after falling into the lion's den. 
What was going on in mind of Job when his world went totally south and even after the Lord showed up and they talked, he never found out until he died why it happened. 

Real people real trouble. 

But why!?!  Would be my own reaction to things such as those.  Geesh, that has been my reaction throughout my life when disaster after disaster seemed to be happening.  Trouble upon trouble.  All it seems that I could do some times was open in prayer and cry.

It's always something, but what is it?  Why do the things that happen to us happen the way they do?  The answer is so deep that if God deigned to answer we would be so ill prepared for the truth. 

But it hurts! To the very heart of me it hurts!

His response is "I know, my Child. I know. You're going to have to trust Me." 

The Bible says Jesus was a man of sorrows. Well acquainted with grief.  He was betrayed by a close friend.  He was beaten and murdered by His own creation.  He lived His life before that keeping His distance from most every person because He knew their hearts. 

Probably the only time He felt truly not alone was when He was in prayer with His Father. 

We want answers! We want the truth! 

To quote the movie: we can't handle the truth. 

If only we knew the truth of how our lives were unfolding we would be stunned beyond words. 

Jesus said our lives are to be lived for Him. 

He adjusts our lives to reach others for Himself.  Every molecule of this Universe will react and act in accordance with the Will of God.  

Nothing touches any of His Children that isn't permitted to happen.  He is Sovereign over all His Creation. 

If you are a Christian and still are hurting, reach out to others.  The body of Christ works best when it works together.  

My sorrows are also for those who hurt but are not Christians.  Their hope is only in themselves.  The Bible says and keeps its promises.  Scripture says God is the God of all comfort.  He can put His children at the center of the storm.  While it rages they stand protected. 

Yes there's many things in this world that will hurt us.  But as Scripture says Greater is He that is in you than he who is in the world. 
If God is permitting something to happen, then trust Him.  He will not ignore the pleas of His children.  Wars in the Spirit realm can often impact when your help will arrive.  Read Daniel. 

The wars that rage there are for you and I my dear reader.  Satan knows he cannot win but will try with all his being to take down as many people with him as he can. 

God will someday use our trials as a means of reaching someone else. 

If you told me even 2 years ago that I would be writing like this here and in a globally reaching blog, I would have thought you crazy.    I can only write about things now because He saw me through things that were bigger than me. 

God never allows more than we can take.  If it weren't so, we wouldn't be here we would be with Him.  But also too you will live a life that will impact others. How you react will either draw people to wonder how you are able to stand or make them stay away.  

The love of God cannot be broken.  Not by circumstances not by disease not by anyone. 

Make sure you are around those who are growing in Christ.  Healthy Spiritually sound people will help you bear your burdens.  
At all times keep praying.  In the good times and bad be thankful.  It's difficult but not impossible.  Else He wouldn't have told us to be that way. 

Even if your prayer is nothing more than tears it indeed is heard in Heaven.  The Spirit will intercede on your behalf. 

He knows and He is not surprised by anything that brings us down. 

My hope is this helps someone tonight or in the future.  Storms may come but they eventually leave too.  Trust in Jesus He will always be there with you.

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