Friday, January 10, 2020

When God You!

So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please. Isaiah 55:11 

When God speaks, nothing remains the same. At the beginning of time, God spoke, and a universe was created out of nothing. God followed a pattern when He created the earth: He spoke; it was so; it was good (Gen. 1:3–4). This pattern continued throughout the Bible. Whenever God revealed His plans, things happened just as He said, and God considered the result “good” (Phil. 2:13). God doesn’t make suggestions. He speaks with the full determination to see that what He has said will come to fruition. Whenever Jesus spoke, what He said came to pass. Lepers found that a word from Jesus meant healing (Luke 5:13; 17:14). The blind man discovered that a word from Jesus meant sight (Luke 18:42). Through a barren fig tree the disciples saw that a curse from Jesus meant destruction (Mark 11:20). The sinner experienced forgiveness through a word from Jesus (John 8:11). How many attempts did it take Jesus to raise Lazarus from the dead? Only one (John 11:43). There was never a time that Jesus spoke that what He said did not happen. Have you been reading the words of Jesus in your Bible without experiencing His word that transforms everything around you? Jesus condemned the Pharisees because they assumed that knowledge of the written Scriptures would give them life. They were satisfied with having the words instead of experiencing the person who spoke the words (John 5:39). How powerful a word from God is to your life! As you read your Bible and pray, listen to what God has to say to you about His will for your life.  - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

A little background might be in order.  I grew up going to Church.  I can still remember that it was a sunny Sunday when I gave my life to Christ.  I remember going up front after the service, going into the Pastor's study with some of the Elders. Being asked about my decision.  The sunlight...that sunlight is still visible in my mind. 

Growing up in the Church was never boring.  My family was involved in various things in the Church.  There was youth events an later serving myself in the audio ministry.  These were the foundation stones of my life.  Sometimes in my life God had to remove a few walls that I had built that weren't in His plans but the foundation remained.  I am a child of God. 

Some may say this either happens or it doesn't.  That God speaks to people today.   I am here to tell you that He does. 
As some will attest to, and as you read in the Bible, when He speaks to people they are a changed person.  

There are some who go right to the curiosity side of saying that God spoke to them.  What did He say? How did He say it? Did He have an accent? What did it sound like? 

In the scheme of things, as far as this post goes, it's more important to know that Jesus DOES speak to people.  I am not more Spiritual than others that He would single me out.  Spirituality has nothing to do with it.  There's people in the Bible who were not even of God that the Lord spoke to in warnings. 

But what might bring about Him talking to you?  Well...look at what a conversation is a greater part of...a relationship. 

Abraham was known as a friend of God.  Herein implies a two-way conversation.  A relationship was formed.  Jesus chose Abraham back when he was just Abram.  Jesus prayed and 12 men were chosen.  3 became His closest friends.  All began with a conversation.  

I can remember when Jesus spoke to me verbally.  Those times in my life are forever burned into my mind.  They were times when there was, from my perspective, a chief reason that there was no room for doubt.  I needed to hear from Him because it would impact the direction of my life. 

To satisfy the curiosity of a few, no there was no accent.  He speaks in normal English to me.  No special language.  Why would He be anything else?  He need not create something new when what He already created is sufficient.  He is not a God of confusion.  Scripture says so. 

Build your relationship with Jesus.  Sports, television, movies, work, play, hobbies, and everything or anything else can wait.  If you don't have a right relationship with Jesus you have nothing.  In recent years He has been helping me to let go of more stuff and dig deeper into our relationship together.  Consider this well for yourself. If indeed you are a child of God, seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness is really a command with a blessing. 

You say you do talk to Him in prayer.  I do too.  What I have been trying more to do is listen more, talk in a conversation, than repeat a list of demands or needs.  Look at the conversations between the Lord and people in the Old Testament. Look at the conversations between that same Lord Jesus in the New Testament.  Conversation!  

He loves us!  Talk with Him in that light, in that respect and regard!  He doesn't want nor need flowery speech.  He doesn't want or need a constant droning of a grocery list of things.  Praying for the same thing is one thing, doing not much more that simply repeating the same words isn't it. 

Think about what Blackaby said in the beginning of this post.  More importantly look at Matthew 8.  The conversation with the Centurion and Jesus.  Really look at it. Here was a man whom wasn't a Jew but who earnestly desired just a Word from Jesus.  He believed far more than most all of the people around Jesus.  Jesus marveled and granted his request. 

Talk with Jesus today my dear reader. Don't try to overdo or over think it.  He knows your heart, knows everything about you.  I really began last year in praying conversationally.  If you can pick up a phone and call someone, you already know how to do it. 

A few decades ago there used to be a financial commercial that became a joke and punchline of otheres.  When so-and-so speaks...people listen.  Let today be the day you do something different.  Pray differently.  Certainly pray for others.  Don't just jump ship after you can't think of anything else to say.  Wait and listen.  One of these times you might be surprised to hear from your Shepherd.  He said His sheep hear His voice.   Listen for it.  Sheep may eat a lot but they always are listening for their Shepherd. 

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