Thursday, January 30, 2020

God can't forgive me!

This morning you may think much like what you will read in this excerpt from Our Daily Bread:

"When I was a kid, I thought the song title “He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need,” written by Dottie Rambo in 1967, was “He Looked Beyond My Faults and Saw My Knees.” Employing the logic of a child, I wondered why God would look at knees. Was it because they were weak? I knew that weak-kneed meant “afraid.” I later discovered that Dottie had written the song about God’s unconditional love in response to her brother Eddie’s belief that he was unlovable because of the wrong things he’d done. Dottie assured him that God saw his weakness but loved him anyway.

God’s unconditional love is apparent throughout the many weak-kneed moments of the people of Israel and Judah. He sent prophets like Isaiah with messages for His wayward people. In Isaiah 35, the prophet shares the hope of God’s restoration. The encouragement that would come as a result of embracing hope would “strengthen the feeble hands, steady the knees that give way” (v. 3). Through the encouragement they received, God’s people would in turn be able to encourage others. This is why Isaiah instructs in verse 4, “Say to those with fearful hearts, ‘Be strong, do not fear.’ ”

Feeling weak-kneed? Talk to your heavenly Father. He strengthens weak knees through the truth of the Scriptures and the power of His presence. You’ll then be able to encourage others."

Many believe the lie that they are too far gone for God to be willing to forgive them. 

My dear friend, wherever you are in life, you CAN be forgiven, you CAN be washed by the blood of Jesus.  

But you don't know the things that I have done!  The things that I have said!  I am so full of anger! So full of....shame.  


You know something? You are hardly alone in that.  Ever hear about the beginnings of the Apostle Peter?  

Yes, historically you will find, he was a real guy.  No trouble finding proof of that.  He began following Jesus after his brother Andrew showed him who He was.  

He spent many years with Jesus.  Was even asked by Jesus who he thought Jesus was.  Jesus said of his reply in which he said that Jesus indeed was the Son of God that Jesus would build His Church beginning with Peter's testimony. 

Then 2 seconds later Peter puts his foot in his mouth.  2 seconds.  Then gets rebuked.  You want to talk about shame?  Directly from Jesus.  But he indeed was restored in his fellowship with Jesus.  But it doesn't end there.  

After Jesus was betrayed Peter was told ahead of time that he was going to have a very hard time ahead of him. That he was prayed for even by Jesus Himself.  That afterwards things would probably be different. Which they were.  Of all things the same guy whom was proclaiming that Jesus was the Christ, denied Him 3 times. 

You mentioned shame?  How's that for shame.  You have shame at what you said about God and the things you have done. Peter went through the same rough road. Only he believed he was partially responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus. 

After Jesus arose from the dead, He sought out Peter.  He showed Peter unconditional love.  That he indeed forgave him.  He restored their relationship.  Today, my friend, He can forgive you. He can restore your relationship with Him.  Don't listen to the lies of how bad your past is. Because I know that's what's going through your mind. I know because that's exactly what went through my mind.  That others wouldn't understand.  That those things that I thought and did were so much worse than what others thought and did.  

That. Is. A. Lie.

Satan wants nothing more than for you to believe that lie.  

Peter betrayed God Himself! Not once but 3 times!  Within eyesight of Him! 

Yet the unconditional love of the forgiveness of sins through Jesus was more than enough to wash away the guilt. 

That's what is available to you today. Right now. 

It's possible that you're reading this and just don't think you are THAT bad. Of course you may have had the occasional slip of the tongue, cursing using God's name.  Or maybe lashed out at someone in anger. many sins does it take to spend eternity in Hell?  

Answer: 1. 

Jesus said that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.  Everyone is equal in the sin department. Everyone who has ever lived except for Jesus is deserving of Hell. Everyone. 

Jesus took care of all of that for everyone who calls on Him to be saved.  Not just 'believe' but to be saved.  Even the demons believe in Christ. You have to want Jesus to be Lord of your life.  What does that mean?  It means you yield control of your life to Him.  He calls the shots.  He is in charge.  In exchange for your pardon from sin, death and the guilt thereof, you live your life for Jesus.  

Peter certainly deserved death. Yet he was forgiven.  I certainly deserved death as much as Peter, yet I have been forgiven. 

My friend, Satan had me believing for decades that I was unworthy, unloved by God, that when I came to Christ decades earlier that it meant nothing.  That I deserved that shame.  That Jesus would never save a wretched man like me. 

Any of this sounding familiar?

Satan was wrong and so was I.

Unconditional means just that. Without conditions. 

It matters not what stains your soul. 

Jesus is more than enough to cleanse it whiter than snow. 

In the end of all things there are no celebrities there are no rich there are no poor. There are no people of any status or stature.  

There are only those who are saved in Christ and those who said no to being saved. 

Everything you have ever done in your life means nothing except for that one decision.  When you had the opportunity did you ask Jesus to save you? Did you ask for His forgiveness?  You see there is a special book.  Called the book of Life. 

Those who are saved have their names written in it. Those who are not will not be found going to Heaven.  They will spend eternity in Hell. 

Let go of what's holding you back. 

My friend today is the day of Salvation.  Today you can know that you are forgiven in Christ.  Look up Romans Road.  Read it. Pray it.  Jesus waited on the shore of Peter's life waiting for him to come in to dry land.  When Peter saw that it was indeed Jesus he jumped out of the boat and got there as quickly as he could.  He had his guilt and shame but he also knew who could take care of it.  He, like you, needed Jesus. 

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