Sunday, January 26, 2020

Even that is a religion

An outspoken atheist believes it’s immoral for parents to teach their children religion as though it were actually true. He even claims that parents who pass along their faith to their children are committing child abuse. Though these views are extreme, I do hear from parents who are hesitant to boldly encourage their children toward faith. While most of us readily hope to influence our children with our view of politics or nutrition or sports, for some reason some of us treat our convictions about God differently.

In contrast, Paul wrote of how Timothy had been taught “from infancy . . . the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus” (2 Timothy 3:15). Timothy didn’t arrive at faith as an adult through the power of his own, unaided reason. Rather, his mother nurtured his heart toward God; then he continued in what he had learned (v. 14). If God is life, the source of true wisdom, then it’s vital for us to tenderly cultivate a love for God in our families.

There are many belief systems that are influencing our children. TV shows, movies, music, teachers, friends, the media—each of these carry assumptions (either obvious or under the radar) about faith that exert real influence. May we choose not to be silent. The beauty and grace we’ve experienced compels us to guide our children toward God. - Our Daily Bread for today, January 26th 2020

Look at the media that pushes their agenda of both for and against Christianity.  Much of the time they claim that Christians shouldn't push their beliefs on others.  

Truth is even atheism is a religion. 

What's worse is they refuse to see it that way when the overwhelming evidence points to intelligent creation. 

But I don't what some start off saying.  Actually yes you do. 

There's but one true opposite to truth...denial. Either belief is there or it is not.  We are a feeling people.  Our feelings dictate our direction in life.  We get hurt we shrink back.  We get betrayed we go into hiding in our heart and mind. 

We take a risk and we experience love.


It is absolutely no coincidence that the closer we get to Christ returning that the line gets heavier in the sand.  All religions which include atheism on one side and Christianity on the other. Even in this the Jewish people are on both sides.  

Consider your thoughts this morning.  Where are you in regards to God?  My friend you are indeed either with God in what He says or you are against Him. 

Your fence sitting is irrelevant. Satan owns the fence.  On the fence means you are against God.  You are only deluded into thinking you haven't chosen.  The Bible says otherwise. 

Where will you spend eternity?

Don't for once think you are a good person, which is why you should be allowed into Heaven.  The Bible says no. If that reasoning were acceptable then Christ went through incalculable pain and suffering and death for absolutely nothing!

Some of you think you are ok, that you believe God will take your good deeds into account.  Again if this were available, Christ went through everything for nothing!

In Genesis He, the preincarnate Christ, stated what the penalty for sin was. 

Only He could be the sacrifice that could cancel out His own ruling on the matter. 

Only the Judge has the right to do away with the sentence of death. 

My dear reader know today where you will spend eternity. Know now!  

Anyone can Google "Roman's Road". 

Be sure of where you will spend eternity. 

You are either for Christ or you are against Him.  Jesus said you are either the wheat (saved) or the tares (unsaved). One or the other.  He established what the Saved are.

Don't take another step, another breath, without knowing.  You may not get another.  Millions didn't wake up this morning but to find they missed their chance.  Millions right now are breathing their last.  They have missed their chance.  Don't miss yours!

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