Sunday, January 19, 2020

I don't Know What to Do!

Confusion surrounding you?

At a loss of what to do? 

Truth is you know exactly what to do. 

God's phone line is never blocked.
Never rejects a call. 
Never is found with a busy signal. 

We don't call because of us.
We don't want to let go of our circumstances because of us. We just want Him to fix them so that they work out for us.
We don't want the good parts of our circumstances to go away. 
We don't want to think about letting go.
We don't want to work towards what He's directed us towards. 
We don't want the hardship that goes with growth.  We just want microwave results. 
Two minutes thirty seconds and poof an answer to a more than likely selfish prayer. 

We are the ones that make it hardest on ourselves.  

The Bible says He is the potter and we are the clay.  How will a potter get anything accomplished if the clay keeps arguing about the changes we gave Him permission to make?  

We came to Christ saying "Thy Will be done".

We are like a patient who needs surgery but keep fighting every aspect from IV's to the anesthesia to the hands of the surgeon to make it happen. 


The Disciples only made progress when they stopped doing life their way and did it the way Jesus said. 

The Apostles only made progress when they followed what the Holy Spirit said to do.

You will never see your life as it should be seen until you obey and let the Potter be the potter. 

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