Friday, January 24, 2020

More than Believing

They said to Him, “Rabbi … where are You staying?” He said to them, “Come and see.” They came and saw where He was staying, and remained with Him that day. John 1:38b–39 

There comes a time for each of us when merely talking about the Christian pilgrimage is not sufficient. We must actually set out on the journey! We can spend many hours debating and discussing issues related to the Christian life, but this means little if we never actually step out and follow Christ! For generations, the coming of the Messiah had been pondered and predicted by the nation of Israel. Perhaps no topic garnered more discussion among Jews than the nature and work of the Messiah. Andrew had listened to John the Baptist and had heard of the coming Messiah. Now, suddenly, he was face to face with the One he had yearned to see! Andrew's mind was filled with questions he longed to ask. Instead of entering into a theological dialogue with Andrew, however, Jesus turned and began to walk. Andrew's questions would not be answered by discussion alone, but by walking with Him. Christianity is not a set of teachings to understand. It is a Person to follow. As he walked with Jesus, Andrew watched Jesus heal the sick, teach God's wisdom, and demonstrate God's power. Andrew not only learned about God; he actually experienced Him! Moments will come when you stand at a crossroads with your Lord. You will have a hundred questions for Him. Rather than answering the questions one by one, Jesus may say, “Put on your shoes, step out onto the road, and follow Me.” As you walk daily with Him, Jesus will answer your questions, and you will discover far more than you even knew to ask. - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

Face it. There has been at least one moment in your life when the thought of God, of Jesus, being real went from a fleeting moment to something more substantial.  Even if it was only a few minutes or so it was stronger than just a dictionary description. 

You may have looked up in despair, it may have been in awe at seeing something that took your mind one step farther than it had before. 

But it has happened. 

My dear reader, please go back to that moment.  It was more than a moment of a passing thought.  It was you listening to a gentle knock on the door of your heart. 

Jesus said that He came to seek and save the lost. That would be you and I.  He came to pay the penalty of sin that He Himself imposed on mankind with Adam and Eve.  Sin that forged a separation between God and Man.  A gap that could only be rectified by a perfect sacrifice.  The blood spilled had to be from a sinless being.  Had to be so pure that it more than equaled the transgression of any sin.  It had to be the blood of God.

The Angels are in awe of what God did to save you and I.  They sit with believers as they read and study their Bible.  To see what is learned.  

But wait, there's more.  Demons also know. To them, when a believer is reading their Bible or their minds are set on things above and not down here, they are failing.  They cannot be redeemed.  Once, before time came to be created, a third of the host of Heaven fell with their leader, Satan.  That's a lot.  It's known that there's myriads and myriads of Angels.  Meaning there's at least a myriad of demons. 

They cannot be redeemed, but, they at least believe and shudder at the power and reality of Jesus.  

You have had that fleeting thought that maybe there's something to that Jesus thing.  But what about my life?  It's my life isn't it?  I can't see myself going to Church or doing Church things.  I can't see...

My dear dear reader.  Hold onto that thought.  

Coming to Christ to be saved isn't the same as joining a club or a group with strange ideas on living.  

"I can't see..."

You're more right than you know! Why?  Because Jesus said that those who are not saved by His blood are in darkness.  

He says that those in that darkness couldn't comprehend the light.  

You have to decide whether you want the darkness to continue or if you want to really find out if there's something more to life.  Is it a risk?  Look, everything you do in your life right now is a risk. Everything!
You take a risk getting up in the morning.  How so?  Going from sleep to awake is actually very hard on your body.  Taking a shower is a risk.  Ever hit your toes on the way in?  Eating is a risk.  What if what you are going to eat wasn't entirely prepared right?  Touching anything in a public place is a risk.  Germs are everywhere. 

So be honest with yourself. What is your real reason for holding back? Fear?

Oh my friend, do not be afraid.  There's not a single thing written in the Bible for you to be fearful of.  Satan would like you to believe there is because even he knows he has lost in his quest to take God's Throne. 
He doesn't want to go down alone.  He wants to take as many people as he can.  

So again go back to that moment when you dared to stretch and believe.  Listen again for that calm voice.  Take the chance.  If you are honest with yourself you are not happy with your life.  It's stressful, it's loaded with various forms of drama.  You are tired of being frustrated be big things and little things.  You have been hurt by people and have struggled to deal with it on your own.  You seem to have to fight the world in order to survive. You think of a bright future as a pipe dream.  

"And all that would change?" You ask.

Jesus said that He would give you a future and a hope.  You become part of the family of God.  Adopted.  Adoption by God's standards cannot be revoked or abandoned.  You gain a best friend unlike any you have ever had.  Your circumstances will take on a different viewpoint.  They may not altogether change overnight but they will change. 

Jesus promised never to leave us or forsake us that come to Him to be saved. 

He promised to cast our sins as far as the east is from the west.  Have you ever seen anybody connect the east and west?

You can ask Him questions.  He loves to answer them.  I do all the time. 

You have to recieve Him as your personal Savior for these things to happen.  You have to pass from believing He is real to giving your life to Him.  Like I said even the demons believe.  If you don't ask Jesus to save you, you're not much better off than the demons.  

There's coming a day when the offer of Salvation will be ended in this life.  Jesus is returning soon.  Once He does, believe me, it's going to look like Hell came to Earth.  7 years of judgements from God will be happening.  Yes there will be people saved in this time but oh the hardships that they will endure.  Those saved before He comes won't be here.  He will be taking those who have put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone for Salvation with Himself.  He promised and He will keep His promise. 

Consider today my friend if your life isn't what you really wanted it to be.  Because I promise you, if you want it to be more, you need to take that step and ask yourself if Jesus is who and what you have been looking for.  I also promise you...He is.

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