Sunday, April 26, 2020

Oh What were YOU thinking?

“Do this to remember me.” 1 Corinthians 11:24 NLT 

According to this verse, it seems that Christians can forget Christ! There would be no need for this loving warning if there were not the fearsome possibility that our memories might prove treacherous. And this is not simply a fear. It is, sadly, well confirmed in our experience, not as a possibility but as a regrettable fact. It seems impossible that we who have been redeemed by the blood of the dying Lamb, and loved with an everlasting love by the eternal Son of God, would forget our gracious Savior. But even if the idea is startling to the ear, it is sadly too apparent to the eye for us to deny the crime. Forget Him who never forgot us? Forget Him who poured out His blood for our sins? Forget Him who loved us to the death? Can it be possible? Yes, not only possible, but our conscience confesses that it is a fault with all of us—we treat Him a wandering traveler who stays just for a night. The one who should be the ongoing resident of our memory is only a visitor there. The cross—where you would think memory would linger and neglect would never intrude—is desecrated by our forgetfulness. Doesn’t your conscience say this is true? Don’t you sometimes find yourself forgetful of Jesus? Some lesser thing steals away your heart, and you stray from the one who should hold your affections. Some earthly business captures your attention when you should fix your eye steadily on the cross. The incessant turmoil of the world, the constant attraction of earthly things, takes our souls away from Christ. Human memory may preserve poisonous weeds while allowing the rose of Sharon to wither. May we tie a heavenly forget-me-not around our hearts for Jesus our Beloved—whatever else we let slip, let us hold tightly to Him. - C.H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening 

May it never cease to amaze me how God always brings about reminders at the right time. 

I know of believers obsessing over this coronavirus. Know of unbelievers also worried about it.

Tell me, you who say that Christ is your Savior, where is your faith? Is not Christ still alive and still on the Throne of God?

Has it happened at some point in 2020, after around 8 thousand years of this world's existence that Jesus all the sudden took a vacation and stopped keeping His promises?

Have you forgotten who Jesus IS?

Spurgeon wrote what he did, obviously, a very long time ago yet it is so true today. 

Unbelievers are flocking to online Churches and Christians are avoiding them.  

Church isn't a building.  The Church is the body of Christ in this world.  We are to be firmly attached to the vine of Christ. Recieving what we need from Him daily by way of focus and intent on the Word of God and prayer.  

While it is right to take this virus seriously, we need not give God a black eye through a lack of use of common sense.  

Show me a place in Scripture where it says it is right to tear people down?  One place and then I will be silent.  

Show me where it says that God ever breaks promises.  Just one will do and I will be silent. 

Show me where Jesus said He would ever fail at what He was doing.  

Scripture HAS to be fulfilled people. 
It MUST be fulfilled.  We are living in a time when Scripture IS being fulfilled.  Instead of praising God many believers are taking to rebellion and instead of showing Christ to the world they are showing their sin nature in all its glory!

Remember whose you are!  We who are in Christ have no rights unto ourselves. We belong to God.  We are not here to create a utopia for the world to see.  We are aliens and strangers in this world.  Our home is in Heaven not Ohio not England not Greece.  

We and those who haven't come to Christ yet CAN be forgetful.  What kind of example are worried, rebellious Christians to the unsaved? 

If you are stressing then where are your eyes?  Peter took his eyes off Jesus and what happened?  All the Disciples cried out to Jesus in the storm they were in while He slept.  What did Jesus ask them? Where's your faith?  He rebuked the storm and it immediately obeyed. 

Open rebellion rather than obedience to God is giving the unsaved and undecided no reason to come to Christ. 

Scripture says to pray for those in authority over us. 
Scripture says to do good to your enemies.
Scripture says to do what you do as unto the Lord. 
Scripture says to fill our hearts and minds with Psalms, hymns and Spiritual songs. 
Scripture says to love one another as Christ loves us.
Scripture says that prophecy has to be fulfilled. The final kingdoms of this world are being formed.  We are heading for a one world Government.  Hate to break it to you but that's the truth.  What's more is it is to our advantage that it comes!   It means my fellow believers that Christ is coming soon!  Which would you prefer, Christ or going back to the way we were?

Remember today whose you are if indeed you are saved in Christ. 

If you haven't come to Christ you have plenty to be worried about. Because it's just you and you don't have the promises of God on your side.  You can change that right here and right now.  Let today be the day of your Salvation.  You think it's a coincidence you stopped to read this today?  Do an online search for Romans road.  Claim the promises of God for you. 

Today let us remember, those who are in Christ, whose we are. 
Today  let us pray for those who haven't yet.  

Remember to let the light of Christ shine in your world...not your own.

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