Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Remove and Replace

For he said, “Because the Lord has sworn: the Lord will have war with Amalek from generation to generation.” Exodus 17:16 The Amalekites were the persistent and relentless enemies of the Israelites. When the Israelites sought to enter the Promised Land, the Amalekites stood in their way (Exod. 17:8–16). Once the Israelites were in the Promised Land and seeking to enjoy what God had given them, the Amalekites joined the Midianites to torment the Hebrews in the days of Gideon (Judg. 6:3). It was an Amalekite that caused the downfall of King Saul (1 Sam. 15:9, 28). The Amalekites continually sought to hinder the progress of God's people and to rob them of God's blessing. Thus God swore His enmity against them for eternity. As you move forward in your pilgrimage with the Lord, there will be “Amalekites” that will seek to distract and defeat you. God is determined to remove anything that keeps you from experiencing Him to the fullest. If your commitment to your job is keeping you from obedience to Him, God will declare war against it. If a relationship, materialism, or a destructive activity is keeping you from obeying God's will, He will wage relentless war against it. There is nothing so precious to you that God will not be its avowed enemy if it keeps you from His will for your life. King Saul mistakenly thought he could associate with Amalekites and still fulfill the will of the Lord (1 Sam. 15:8–9). You may also be hesitant to rid yourself of that which causes you to compromise your obedience to God. Don’t make the same mistake as King Saul. He did not take the Amalekites seriously enough, and it cost him dearly. - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

Oh what can be written on this alone would keep me here all morning and indeed I would be late for work.  

We are easily seduced by the smallest of things.  A gesture, a nod, a single word or even a phrase or question or quote.  Said in just the right way, justification begins to take a seat.  We are extremely susceptible to taking the wrong road because of our sin nature. 

It doesn't take much.  Scripture says to take every thought captive.  Tells us, for these obvious reasons, to fill our hearts and minds with psalms, hymns and Spiritual songs. Making melody in our hearts towards God.  To pray without ceasing.  Intentional acts of the mind.
What gets so many in trouble is "Ahh! Leave me alone! I don't want to think right now!" 

Ah yes the slippery slope. 

Tired bodies mean tired minds. Tired minds make mistakes.  It's not the mosr profound of statements but it fits what we are just now talking about.  A greatly recorded set of statistics is the lack of sleep by Americans.  What they will put themselves through to 'enjoy' themselves. 

But I would gather it's more of a global pandemic than this virus that's gripped the planet.  

There is a battleground alright but it's not found in the physical world. 

It's in your mind.  It's for control of you.

Satan wants people to die without Christ. He wants to twist Scripture to his own ends.
He wants people to be so concerned or consumed with the things of this life that they cannot fathom the person of Jesus Christ taking a real interest in them.

There is a truth about habits, the same applies to sin.  Unless you stop and repent (turn away from) AND replace with what is good and right in God's eyes, you will keep going back to it. 

It may even be something that appears to be good for you.  That's where self deception comes in.  Oh don't get me wrong, it isn't the same for everyone.  What is a temptation for you might not be for me. And the other way around as well. 
But if you are honestly consumed with a job or physical activity and neglect your relationship or use it as your reason NOT to have a relationship with Jesus then my dear reader it's a problem. A BIG PROBLEM. 

Our walk with Jesus is the most important thing in your life and mine. It's not about sports or movies or knickknacks. Not about 4 hours in a gym and not once giving God a moment of your time. 

He doesn't have to, but does, grant you the right to breathe.  It's not that automatic. Look at how many people have intentionally died from holding their breath.  Only to be intentionally brought back to prove that point. You can force your body into that.  But why would you?

My friend, why would you continually avoid the subject of God in your life?  Why would you ask Him into your life yet live however you want to? Why would you go to Church on a Sunday yet live like the rest of the fallen world as soon as you hit the parking lot?  Why put on a show for yourself and others? Some do this! They deceived themselves in their own thinking!

I know My sheep and My sheep hear my voice.  Jesus said that.

Are you one of His sheep?  

Be sure my dear reader, be sure.

The Spirit will guide those in Christ Jesus to be more like Christ. Removing any encumbrance that gets in the way.  All too often we keep reaching out to pull back into our lives that which He removed. 

Interesting thing is the word downsizing. 

A safe word to say we have too much and are finding creative ways to get rid of the stuff or justify keeping it.  Once you start it will take a while or it will just hurt all at once. 

In your mind and heart, the Spirit does His own downsizing. Removing thoughts and actions from us either with or without our willing cooperation.  But He does accomplish it.  Either while you are alive or right at your death the work of the Spirit will be accomplished. 

You will have a greater testimony in this life for Christ if you obey now rather than later.  Remove the things you know you ought not to be doing and replace with what the Bible tells you.  

Think on this topic today.  Don't make excuses for your behavior. Don't justify why you aren't obeying Jesus.  I promise you, everyone, is guilty of one or both of these.  Compare your thoughts and actions to Scripture.  Toss out what shouldn't be there.  Replace with what it says should be.  Remove idol's from your heart.  Remove negative thoughts. Clean up but do it with the Spirit's help. 

Remove and Replace. 

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