Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Truth is a Person!

Then He arose and rebuked the wind and the raging of the water. And they ceased, and there was a calm. But He said to them, “Where is your faith?” 

Luke 8:24b–25a Truth is a Person, not a concept. Jesus said He was the Truth (John 14:6). That means that you can never know the truth of your circumstances unless you have first heard from Jesus. The disciples thought they were perishing in the storm. They were fishermen who knew the sea and knew what their condition was. They had allowed their circumstances to convince them that the “truth” was their imminent death. But they were wrong. Truth was asleep in the back of their boat! Since some of the disciples were fishermen, they trusted in their own expertise and wisdom rather than recognizing that only Jesus knew the truth of their situation. At times, our human knowledge in certain areas of life can blind us to our desperate need to hear a word from Truth. When Jesus spoke, the disciples saw the real truth of their situation. There was absolute calm. The disciples had seen Jesus perform other miracles, but they had not yet witnessed His power over nature in such a dimension. Often we are like the disciples. God may have recently demonstrated His power to us in a mighty way; we may have experienced many spiritual victories in the past. Yet, when a new and frightening situation comes upon us we, too, panic and say, “Lord save me. I’m perishing!” God will remind us of His provision, saying, “I can handle this situation, too, and you will know more of Me because of it.” Have you become fearful instead of faithful? If you have, prepare for the rebuke, for it will come. - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

We are all experiencing storms right now. 
Look at the anatomy of a storm. 

Weather patterns coalesced into several points of intensity.  Winds, rain, hail, ice and snow. 

Next is duration coupled with intensity.  

As it grows in whatever form it manifests, it begins to change the landscape. 

Is your landscape changing?
As in these storms we speak of, it's apparent that you are at the mercy of the storm as God directs it, are you not?

Read what Blackaby said of these Disciples.  They weren't green fishermen. They knew what storms at sea could do. They were not in the dark about where it could go.  What they hadn't realized yet was the one who commands storms was in the boat with them.

Go back to the days of Daniel.  His 3 friends were accused and condemned. The fiery furnace heated 7 times what it normally was used to.  The men who carried them to it to toss them in died on the way.  Yet in the midst of that storm, who was in it with them? 

Creation does not tell its Creator how its going to be. 

Storms do not tell God that they will have their way.  The Bible says that the Lord says He will have mercy on whom He has mercy and compassion on whom He has compassion.  Read it for yourself. 


He chose to obey His Father. 
He chose to live as one of us, to experience everything as we do.
He chose to be beaten, scourged and mocked. Chose to be nailed to a cross. 

That, is truth. 

Truth is He did all that for you.   He chose you.  If only you would recieve Him. 

The Disciples cried out because they had a false truth.  They didn't realize that Truth was in the boat.  Noah had the truth.  Nobody wanted it until Truth closed the door to the Ark.  

So look at this storm running across the planet.  Is it really more than God can handle?  No. It's not. 

What will you do if you haven't chosen Christ before He returns?  When He does, you will continue in this storm as it continues to build.  Oh my dear reader life is not going to go back to what it was. 
This isn't some beginning of something to be eventually better for all. Scripture always is fulfilled.  Scripture cannot be broken.  Christ is returning.  

The Angels said to those who saw Him ascend.  Why do you stare?  In the same way you saw Him go, He will return. 

Jesus said if I go, I will return again to those who are My own. 

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