Friday, April 3, 2020

What is YOUR Battle Plan?

My friends, at this very hour of our lives, lives are more on the line than has happened in 100 years.

Are you dreading each day or are you confidently walking with Christ?  This is something very important to consider.  Because it says a lot concerning the state of your heart this day.

We're going into our second month of this virus thing and it's interesting to me how various people react to it.  Some with fear and trepidation others as if it's nothing they are concerned about for whatever their reasons. 

My view is just confidence in Christ.  He didn't desert Daniel in the lions den. Didn't desert Daniel's friends in the fiery furnace. Never deserted Joseph in his many job changes in life.

Jesus keeps His word to never leave us nor forsake us.  We may end up leaving this world due to various circumstances but at no point will we ever point to a moment of our life and say He forsook us.

Honest, my dear reader, I face various attacks from God's enemy, each day, of various kinds and strengths.  Prayer goes with me.  I may fall, but I get back up again and am back in prayer to grab a hold of my strength.

Where are you tonight?  This isn't a very long post this evening (it's evening on my side of the world).  It's just something to provoke thought.  What's your daily battle plan?  Do you stop and go to prayer when you find sin reared it's ugly head in your heart?  Or do you try to shrug it off and wait until it gets worse before you confess your sin.  Do yourself a favor and confess as quickly as you can, seek to be restored to God as fast as you can. Don't give Satan a foothold in your life.

Pray without ceasing.  Keep psalms hymns and spiritual songs on your mind.

Pray for one another.  Keep focused on the prize that's at the other end of life.  A crown we gladly get to give back to Jesus Christ.

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