Monday, November 2, 2020

Are you a doer or a procrastinator?

Therefore, to him who knows to do good 
and does not do it, to him it is sin.

James 4:17

It is never a minor thing to know God's will and not do it. God calls this sin. We can make excuses for our lack of obedience: “I’m just not ready yet” or “I’ll do it later!” or “I don’t think it will make a difference” or “I can’t afford to!” We rationalize, we procrastinate; yet, in God's eyes, rationalization and procrastination are nothing more than disobedience. At times we deceive ourselves into thinking that good intentions equal obedient actions. They do not. A good intention without corresponding activity is disobedience. When we encounter God and He gives us a direction, it is not enough to write down the date in our spiritual journal, or even to tell our friends and church of our “decision.” God's call is not to “make a decision” but to obey! Deciding to obey is not equal to obeying (Matt. 21:28–31)! Loudly affirming the necessity of obedience is not the same as obeying (Luke 6:46). Making commitments, even publicly, is not the same as obeying our Lord. Substituting our own good works is not the same as obeying.

God told King Saul to wait until the prophet Samuel arrived. Instead of waiting, Saul took matters into his own hands and offered a sacrifice. Saul discovered, to his deep dismay, that other acts of supposed piety do not take the place of obeying a clear command from God (1 Sam. 15:22). As with Saul, God expects you to obey everything exactly as He tells you. Only obedience satisfies God's desire for obedience! - Blackaby Experiencing God Day by Day 

It isn't enough to just come to Christ and be saved.  

It isn't enough to have good intentions when it comes to living for Jesus. 

It isn't enough to maybe attend Church and then live like the world the other 6 days. Or even 6 and a half days. 

It isn't enough to read your Bible then do nothing with what you read. 

It isn't enough to put a sticker on your car about following Jesus. 

It isn't enough.

Read the letters to the Churches in Revelation.  Those are also time periods of the Church age.  Have you lived like you have forgotten your first love, which is Jesus Christ? 

Are you more fired up over sports and politics than you are for what you found in Scripture?

Do you honestly flirt with idolatry by what you wear versus what comes out of your actions? 

The questions asked aren't just for you, my friend,  but for all who claim that Jesus is their Savior. 

Idolatry is the crux of the fall of every nation.  Sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, has destroyed many nations because God will not tolerate it.
The killing of the innocent does not fall on deaf ears with God.  He promised justice for such acts and justice will be served. 

What has Jesus asked of you?  Are you doing it?  That is the most important question you have today.  Not what you are going to wear or eat.  Are you obeying your Savior or are you living for yourself?

We all have choices to make.  What you choose you, my friend, will give an of before Jesus.  Do you have zeal for a sports team but none for Jesus?  Do you think more highly of that then your walk with God?  These are for you to look in the mirror and decide.  Will you willingly spend hours watching and whooping it up over a sports team yet won't give Jesus 15 minutes or more?  Who died for you? Who took your place on the cross? Who is the one you hope to spend eternity with?  Will you really spend hours reveling in idolatry?

Because any glory due to God that is given to another is called idolatry. 

What are you doing to cultivate your walk with Jesus? Anything?  

I have my own moments of reflection.  I am not happy with me most of the time.  While possibly successful at work, it honestly takes me from doing a greater good.  While recreational things have their place, they should not take God's place. 

The facts are this:

Jesus died so that you might live. 
This world is perishing.  
Jesus is returning soon. 
We are the workers in the fields He referred to in the Gospels. 
Are you working or being lazy?
Are you investing what you were given or did you hide it under a rock until Christ returns?
Are reading your Bible every day?
Do you even consider praying for your food?
Do you at all spend time with Jesus just for the fact that it's Him who wants time with you?
Do you pray for all the people whom God brings your way? Any?

People today blame the state of their countries on politics. 

The truth of Scripture is its the people who either live for Jesus or don't that direct the nations. 

You want peace and prosperity? Get more people to live for Jesus and God's promises follow for that nation.  It's not a hidden promise or is it remotely a secret.  Jesus stated it plainly.  

The problem with intense prosperity is we as humans tend to stop relying on God.  We start living life like we arrived and no longer are in danger. 

When Jesus returns what will He say about your life? Will you be trying to use excuses or will the evidence show a life lived as He intended?

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