Sunday, November 1, 2020

It will be written again...the second Days of Noah

“People didn’t realize what was going to happen until the flood came and swept them all away. That is the way it will be when the Son of Man comes.” Matthew 24:39 NLT 

The doom was universal, and neither rich nor poor escaped. The learned and the illiterate, the admired and the abhorred, the religious and the profane, the old and the young—all of them sank in one common ruin. Some had doubtless ridiculed Noah—where was their laughter now? Others had probably threatened him for his zeal, which they considered madness—where were their boasting and tough words now? The critic who judged the old man’s work was drowned in the same sea that covered his sneering companions. Those who spoke in patronizing tones of the good man’s faithfulness to his convictions—but did not share those convictions—have sunk to rise no more. The workers who were paid to help build the ark are also lost. The flood swept them all away, without a single exception. In the same way, apart from Christ, destruction is certain for every man or woman ever born. No rank or possession or character quality will be sufficient to save a single soul who has not believed in Jesus. Oh, my soul—consider this widespread judgment and tremble. The general apathy of Noah’s day was incredible. People were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage until the awful morning dawned. There was not one wise person on earth outside the ark. Folly duped the entire race. There was folly as to self-preservation, which is the most foolish of all follies. There was folly in doubting the most true God, which is the most evil of foolishness. Isn’t it strange? All people neglect their souls until grace gives them the ability to reason. At that point, they leave their madness and act like rational beings, but not before. Thanks be to God, all in the ark were safe—no harm reached them. From the huge elephant down to the tiny mouse, all were safe. The timid rabbit was equally secure with the courageous lion, the helpless mole as safe as the ponderous ox. All are safe in Jesus. My soul, are you in Him? - C.H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening 

Many have taught on the subject of the return of Christ. Many Preachers, those who withholding not the whole counsel of God, tell it as it is and as it will be.

After the 7 year Tribulation, books will be written of that time that happened before it. They will be about how indeed the truth of the Scriptures was there. That indeed it was like the days of Noah. In an instant the believers in Christ Jesus were swept away to forever be with Him.  That those now living are alive due to God's Grace and Mercy.  At least that will probably be how the writers will begin the thousand year reign of Christ.  

People today are exactly like those before the floodwaters were unleashed.  The only, provable, difference being they were smarter than all today.  We cannot duplicate nor explain the use of certain fossils unearthed.  Actual transistors that channeled well over 50,000 volts.  Only the arrogant believes that we are smarter now.  

Smarter isn't better.  Scripture says and billions have proven it that knowledge puffs up. It brings arrogance and pride. It says that it knows more than God. 

My friend, take off your rose colored glasses, see the world and your life as it really is.  Stop struggling to just survive.  Stop looking to political parties for salvation. Don't look to people or people groups to side with you to survive.  The only way to truly live is through Jesus Christ.  Through the receiving of the free Gift of Salvation.  To let go of what we trust most in this world and embrace the Creator of this world. 

You're never going to make it on your own. 

You can't do enough good to erase a single sin.  We all have countless billions of sins.  The only way is to come to Christ to have Him stand in our place when judgment says we are guilty on all counts. In Christ He did that for me.  I stood condemned.  Jesus took my place on Calvary. He took the full brunt of the wrath of God on Himself to save a wretch like me.  He loved me that much.  

The people in Noah's day in Noah's family looked forward to the cross of Christ.  We look back to it.  The people in Noah's day heard the same Gospel message as you do now.  They heard of what was about to come and they laughed and mocked him. 

My friend are you doing the same about the return of Christ? Are you? Are you dismissing the very idea that Christ is real or that even if He is, that He would return to pour out wrath?  All because someone said that God wouldn't do that because He is a God of love?   

Consider this: every single thing that Noah told the people of his day...happened. Every single word. 

Your opinion doesn't change God's facts.

Your thoughts of life and how you think it ought to be doesn't change God's facts. 

Your stubborn refusal to resist that call of Jesus to your heart doesn't change God's facts.  

The people of Noah's day said, thought and did the exact same thing.  If all that you have heard about the 'myth' of Noah's flood isn't true...why is it a scientifically proven fact that all genetic evidence points back to 1 family?  If none of this God stuff is real, then as Paul said, we of all are the most to be pitied! Yet...all the evidence points to yes there was a global flood.  Yes, there was a single family saved.  Nobody else survived it. God's words through Noah happened exactly as he preached. 

So where are you?  Still in disbelief?
Still holding onto luck and chances?
Still believing in karma?  Still believing anything that doesn't let you see that the truth of sin in your life?

The time is running out.  Soon all that speaks of the truth of God will be considered illegal due to the fact that the new World Leader that will come after the Rapture of the Church will demand that the world worship him.  People will still be saved throughout the Rapture but at great cost.  

Do you really want to hold onto whatever it is you are holding onto?

Now is the time to come to Christ.  Now is the time. 

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