Monday, November 9, 2020

Your Guest, Your Choice

Your Guest

“The Teacher asks: Where is the guest room where I can eat the Passover meal with my disciples?” 

Mark 14:14 NLT Jerusalem at the time of the Passover was one great inn. Each homeowner had invited his own friends, but no one had invited the Savior, and He had no dwelling of His own. It was by Jesus’s own supernatural power that He found himself an upper room in which to commemorate the feast. It is the same way today. Jesus is not received among humanity except where, by His supernatural power and grace, He makes the heart new. Every door is open to the prince of darkness, but Jesus must clear a way for himself or sleep in the streets. Through the mysterious power exerted by our Lord, the homeowner in Jerusalem raised no questions but immediately, with cheer and joy, opened His guest chamber. Who and what he was, we do not know—but he readily accepted the honor that the Redeemer proposed to confer on him. We still discover who are and are not the Lord’s chosen ones in the same way: when the gospel comes to some, they fight against it, and will not have it, but where people receive it with welcome, it is a sure indication that there is a secret work going on in the soul. God has chosen those persons for eternal life. Are you willing, dear reader, to receive Christ? Then there is no difficulty in your way. Christ will be your guest; His own power is working with you, making you willing. What an honor to entertain the Son of God! The heaven of heavens cannot contain Him, yet He stoops to find a house within our hearts! We are not worthy to have Him come under our roof, but what an unspeakable privilege when He condescends to enter! Then He makes a feast and causes us to dine with Him on royal delicacies. We sit at a banquet where the foods are immortal, and give immortality to those who feed on them. Blessed among the children of Adam are the ones who entertain the angels’ Lord. - C.H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening 

It is interesting about the person who opened their home to Jesus that day. 

You read of the circumstances of all that was going on in Jerusalem at that time and it really never dawned on me to wonder how a room was available. 

The second part that I hadn't considered is Jesus forming His inquiry in the form of a question, when He so obviously knew the answer.

I don't know those circumstances for that homeowner but I wonder if it was something like Ananias being told to expect Jesus to be coming by way of the Spirit. The room was furnished because the homeowner knew to expect. 

When God furnishes you, do you expect to be ready for God to use your life?

We have two mindsets before us 24/7. 
Live for ourselves or live for Jesus. 

Every single believer has that quandary. 
Every single unbeliever has it before them to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior or live for themselves. 

It's the only things we face every single day. 

There are no 'what about this...' or 'what about that...' in life.  For the unbeliever and believer those are the only questions before us all.

Are we ready for Jesus in our lives?  He asks us, as He asked that homeowner. Do you have room for Me?  Is there a place for Me in your world?  We celebrate Christmas and talk about the Nativity.  In Bethlehem there was nobody to ask who had a room for them. No place to stay but a stable.  That isn't something quaint or cute. That's a reality of the hearts of man. 

Either Jesus comes into your heart and life at your bidding or you are telling Him to stay out.  That goes for believers and unbelievers alike.   

Look at your life, do your own forensic research.  Is there ample evidence to say Jesus was with you?

One of several posts today. 

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