Friday, November 27, 2020

We have not eyes that see as we need to truly see

We have not eyes that see as we need to truly see 

Then he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the LORD. Zechariah 3:1 ESV 

In Joshua the high priest we see a picture of each and every child of God. We have been brought close by the blood of Christ, taught to minister in holy things, and allowed to enter the holy place behind the veil. Jesus has made us priests and kings of God, and even here on earth we exercise the priesthood of consecrated living and holy service. But this high priest is said to be standing before the angel of the LORD—that is, standing to minister. This should be the perpetual position of every true believer. Every place is now God’s temple, and His people can as serve Him just as truly in their daily employment as in His house. They are always to be “ministering,” offering the spiritual sacrifice of prayer and praise, presenting themselves as a “living sacrifice” (Hebrews 12:1). But notice where it is that Joshua stands to minister: it is before the angel of the LORD. Only through a mediator can we poor, defiled people ever become priests of God. I present what I have before the messenger—the angel of the covenant, the Lord Jesus—and through Him my prayers find acceptance wrapped up in His prayers. My praises become sweet as they are bound up with bundles of myrrh and aloe and cassia from Christ’s own garden. If I can bring Him nothing but my tears, He will put them with His own tears in His own bottle—for He too has wept. If I can bring Him nothing but my groans and sighs, He will accept these as an acceptable sacrifice, for He too was heartbroken, sighing heavily in His spirit. I myself, standing in Him, am “accepted in the Beloved” (Ephesians 1:6 NKJV). All my polluted works, though in themselves the object of divine loathing, are received in such a way that God smells a pleasing aroma. He is content and I am blessed. Observe, then, the position of the Christian: a priest standing before the angel of the LORD.- C.H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening 

There's really only a few real reasons to see.  What impacts us, what impacts what is around us. 

We use aids to see ourselves. Mirrors. The opinions of others.  Lastly we choose to accept or reject what we receive. 

In Christ, in service to God, we are given responsibility.  Many live as Christians not thinking of that fact. When you come to Christ, several things happen and begin in you, and for you and to you. 

You are sealed by the Spirit. Marked property of God. 
You are cleansed, made clean, made right, before God. 
You are now aliens among others on this planet because our citizenship is of Heaven. 
You are now His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works that He has prepared beforehand for you.  Salvation had come, from that moment on the sanctification of your life happens. The growing in Christ Jesus happens.
Your priorities need to change. What is important to God should be important to you.
There's going to be a Spiritual version of the television show 'Hoarders' happening in your heart. The Spirit is the host and removing things you have sinfully collected is what is going to happen. 

The results should show a changed life. 
People should know that you have been with God by your life and demeanor.  

My friend, dear reader, if you are not behaving in a more Godly manner after coming to Christ, please seek out a Godly man to talk to. You need help both confirming the Salvation you claim and need help learning how to live a Godly life. 
We are supposed to be renewed in the Spirit. Supposed to be Holy as He is Holy. 
Supposed to put off the old self and put on the whole armor of God. 

In our world a great many things cloud our vision.  Satan knows the Scriptures better than you do.  He knows of the road you are on. Knows our weaknesses.  Knows exactly what kind of signs to put up to draw you off that road to Heaven to tangle you up.  To twist your beliefs and practices.  To make you ineffective for Christ.  He cannot take away your Salvation but he can make you useless to God until God takes you home. 

We don't see what God does. 

Many years ago I had an experience unlike any other.  I was at a desk, working.  In my mind's eye I all the sudden was swept straight up away from it. In an instant I was miles away from it. I then looked up. I was in space. I could see the moon and stars. Could see the Earth. It was awesome and amazing. I could feel the warmth of the sun. Not the cold of space.  A moment later I was back to where I was.  I truly believe that was a gift from God.  I would never live out my dream of being an astronaut. 

He made it possible for my eyes to see what they never could on their own. 

With God all things are possible. 

In your life, with God all things are possible.  You must still choose to obey. 
You will still give an account of your life before Jesus.  You will and I will have much to explain.  My hope for me is not to add to the list of things to have to explain. 

God is able to open your eyes if you are willing to trust Him in that area of your life.  The servant of Elijah grew significantly in his life with Christ that day his were opened. 

Prayer changes the pray-er and the pray-ee. It will change you and the one whom you are praying for. 

We are given plenty of Godly things in the New Testament to focus on to grow in Christ.  Are you using them or are you clinging to the world's way of seeing life?

Are you asking Jesus for eyes that see? It's important to note that those whom Jesus healed of physical blindness had their Spiritual eyes opened too.  Some drew nearer to Him in worship others didn't but the result was the same. 

Ask seek knock. Not that hard. Children do it all the time.  Are you doing this with God?  Are you so close to the world that people have no idea you are a Christian? Shame upon you if this is the case.  You should be living a life striving to please God in all that you do.  Time is now to live for the one who gave everything to save you. 

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