Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Have you forgotten Jesus too?

Among you they have taken bribes to shed blood; you have taken interest, you have injured your neighbors by oppression, and you have forgotten Me,” declares the Lord God. Ezekiel 22:12 NASB

I can remember this time last year of also being in Ezekiel.  I use a Bible reading Plan at www.biblegateway.com. 

In reading the charges that the Judge, the Lord Jesus Christ, brings against Jerusalem and Samaria, as well as Israel, catch what is added to the end. As if all the visual things that they and the world has seen weren't bad enough, look at the last charge. "And you have forgotten Me.".

In this country that places God in their national anthem, in other countries and places that claim to recognize God in the affairs of men, look at what has been both allowed and endorsed in those places that is the same as what Jesus brings against these 3. Not the least of which is "and you have forgotten Me."

This passage is but one of a great many that the Lord says that to them, that they have forgotten Him.  They lay all the burdens of what went wrong at His feet, decrying His handling of world affairs, yet will not obey His Word. They have forgotten Him. 

There are many in the world who have turned away from God, just as Ezekiel has written, all for the same reasons. There's nothing new under the sun. 

People will welcome idols into their lives, do the same as what happened in Israel. Purported Priests emptying rooms in the house of God for their own purposes, their own businesses.  Bringing in their idolatry and other sinful things into the House of God. 

People today do this.  They removed Jesus from areas of their lives and placed idols in those places in their heart.  It wasn't done overnight, it was done over time. 

Sooner or later they get to a point where they don't even acknowledge there was even a time Jesus was in their heart. Some don't even acknowledge that Christ was told to sit down and shut up by them, because they gave their zeal and attention to their things of the world. 

Stubbornness isn't exclusive to the people of Israel.  It's a trait from Adam and Eve. 

When you consider the truth of God, that every man will be without excuse before Him.  It means that of all the near infinite amounts of excuses that could be given, every single one will be exhausted when the day of Judgement comes. 

Will you be included in those who have forgotten Him?  

Is your own self interests more important than your own relationship with Jesus?
Is your zeal, your passion, been taken from Jesus and given to another? Another person, place or thing?  

Are you more zealous of a political party, a sport, sports team, movie, children's toys, than you are of your beliefs and truths in your relationship with Jesus?

Is there anything in this world that is so important to you that Jesus takes a back seat to it in your life?

Self examination is the thought of today.  With lies abounding from what was once trusted news sources, even lies spoken from the pulpit to people in the worldly interest of inclusion, the only place to return to is your relationship with Jesus. 

95 percent of worldwide news sources are under the influence of Satan.  That's truth. 
What can be near that percentage is the lies spoken from the pulpit in the name of Jesus towards the unsuspecting because they do not look it up to see what the Bible says on anything.  Those in powerful places in Medical, business and political circles are all under the influence of Satan.  

The one who restrains them is the Holy Spirit.  Satan wants total control of those in this Universe. Scripture says that Godly wisdom comes from above.  You will not find it in what you read or hear or see in the news. 

"And they have forgotten Me." 

In Revelation in one of the letters to the Churches Jesus brought that same accusation against a Church. They had forgotten their first love. In their zeal to get people and make a name for themselves, they forgot their relationship with Jesus. 

The world had influenced them so bad, so completely, they had forgotten where it all started. 

Have you allowed worldly opinions to pull you away from walking with Jesus as you used to?  King David cried out in Psalms about remembering when he was glad when he went to the house of God.  He was sad because he had allowed things to get between him and his God.  Eventually it lead to his problems with Bathsheba. 

You and I can hoard the world's point of view into our lives.  Hoard? Yes! You can accumulate thoughts and actions into your heart, pushing Jesus from room to room in your heart until He is barely standing in a corner, no room to sit and only being allowed to interact with you when problems strike.  Hoarding is a disease of the mind.  People convinced the things in their lives must be there. Fear overcomes them when they think about letting go.  They see more stuff and have to add it to their other stuff.  It doesn't end unless they get help. 

Have you hoarded thoughts in your heart that have made you forget your relationship with Jesus?  Have you forgotten what it was like when you first came to Christ?  Are you hoarding things in your life and heart that in all reality of the Bible are indeed idols?  Your work, your home, your car, your children, your relatives, your friends, family, acquaintances, things, can be idolized. If it exists in this world it can be an idol. It can take the place of God in your heart. 

Is Jesus begging you to return to your first love?  Have you allowed so much in your life and your heart that the things of God just aren't important anymore?  But I like that thing! I collect those because... 
Look at those things in light of eternity. You are taking none of those with you when you stand in front of Jesus. 

It's interesting that some of the projects people online are making are computerized mirrors that display information through the mirror that you see.  Mirrors don't lie when you use a non trick version.  They show you the truth. What does it show you about you?  If you could take pictures of what is in your heart and you put them in a photo album, what percentage of those would Jesus be in?

Have you forgotten Him?  Love not the world nor the things in the world.  Paul teaches of the soldier and his intentionally not being entangled in the affairs of the world so that he might serve the one whom he is a soldier for. 

Wow what a convicting train of thought. 

Have you forgotten Him?

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