Saturday, January 30, 2021

Have your RSVP? There's a catch...

Have your RSVP? There's a catch...or not.

Come to Me, all you who labor . . . and I will give you rest. MATTHEW 11:28 

Many of the practices of Western etiquette came from the French court of King Louis XIV in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. At his palace, Versailles, Louis XIV had the rules for court behavior written on “tickets,” or etiquette. It’s also why our familiar RSVP means “Répondez, s’il vous plait”—Respond, if you please. Jesus told a parable about how the Jewish nation politely RSVPed to God—but with the wrong reply. When God sent Jesus to the Jews as their Messiah, they should have interpreted His invitation to “come to Me” (Matthew 11:28–30) as an invitation to enter God’s eternal kingdom. But they made up excuses to reject God’s invitation. In the parable, the recipients of the invitation to a great banquet replied that, sorry, they were too busy. So the host reissued the invitation to the forgotten of society, the inhabitants of the highways and byways, and brought them in. Those to whom the invitation was originally sent missed out on that chance to enter the kingdom. If you’ve RSVPed to God with a “Sorry, too busy,” you might want to reconsider—and accept! When an invitation comes from God, failing to respond is the same as saying no. - Dr. David Jeremiah Morning and Evening 

Really read and consider those last sentences of the devotional.   

Failing to respond is the same as saying no. 

The Bible gives many of the excuses that people have for not coming to Christ.  
I have this to do, or I want to do that...
I can't I don't want to lose out...
That religion stuff is an excuse for weak people. 

Thing is everyone will be without excuse before Christ Jesus.  Everyone. 

This isn't my opinion nor is it my arbitrary statement.  That's exactly what the Bible says on the matter. 

A man died and finds himself in a vast white plain.  He sees and recognizes people on both sides of a fence. Know one side is those "Jesus people" the other side he recognizes as being the more seedy of society.  Not wanting to be associated with either he climbs up on that fence. Figured that he would be safe there.  A time came whe he heard a call. All those religious people as he called them vanished.  Then a while later the other group left.   Next thing he knows he sees an angel looking being looking around.  He gets curious and hollered to him. ""What are you looking for?" The being smiles and approaches him. "Oh, there you are. Come with me."  
"Am I going to Heaven?" The man asks. 
"Oh no. I am Satan. You're coming with me."
The man objects "No! I didn't choose them and I didn't choose those others! I was a good person in my life!"
"You didn't choose Jesus, you sat on my fence, you belong with me." Came the reply. "I own the fence of indecision."

So where are you today? Thinking that you aren't required to choose?  I wouldn't keep on believing that lie if I were you. 

Soon a call is going to come from Heaven.   The call for the dead in Christ to arise first, those who are left that are still alive are next.  There's no third category. There's no third group of 'good people'. 

There are billions and billions of 'good people' in Hell.
People who thought the fence of indecision was their safe spot. 

There are also billions and billions of enraged people in Hell angry at God for the choice THEY made in this life to reject Jesus Christ. 

Hell is a very big place. Getting there is easy.  It is no party place.  Jesus fully described the pain and misery and sorrow of people who are there.  

Your RSVP for Heaven comes through coming to Christ for Salvation.  You are sealed from the day of judgement. You will be among those whom will hear the call and ascend to Heaven when the call is made. 

Lastly this RSVP is not a license to sin. 

Just because a person comes to Christ it doesn't mean they continue to live as though they had not.  

Finding out more about the one who saved you ought to be very important to you. Learning how to do what He wants should be important to you.  Learning to live, laugh and love as He does more in your life than you could think or imagine is where you will find happiness and peace and hope. All the possessions of the world mean nothing compared to that. 

Know for sure about your RSVP. 
Know today whether or not you are really on Satan's fence. Get off of it, get over your own reasons for not coming to Christ.  Quit standing in your own way.

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