Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Speaking to Jesus not at Jesus

What Can Happen in Us who Come

I cry out to the LORD with my voice; With my voice to the LORD I make my supplication. PSALM 142:1 

When we verbalize our feelings and concerns to God, it is like entering into a conversation with an intimate friend. It is, in fact, a healthy way for us to open up and reveal what is inside, to bring up from the depths of our heart those things we may have stuffed down inside. Fortunately, God is not shocked or surprised by anything, so there is nothing we cannot tell Him. It is an insult to the One who tells us to cast all our cares upon Him not to do so (1 Peter 5:7). Why would He tell us to verbalize our problems to Him if He did not mean for us to? Even psychologists tell us that verbalizing our problems, whether in writing or out loud, is a good way to bring clarity and definition to what are often very confusing feelings. Suddenly, as we put our feelings into words, we actually begin to see things more clearly ourselves—all because God is willing to listen. - Dr. David Jeremiah "Morning and Evening" 

He explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself. Luke 24:27 Those two disciples on the road to Emmaus had a most profitable journey. Their companion and teacher was the best of tutors, an interpreter in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (Colossians 2:3). 

The Lord Jesus lowered himself to become a preacher of the gospel, and He was not ashamed to exercise that calling before an audience of two persons. Even now, He would not refuse to be the teacher of just one. Let us seek the company of such an excellent instructor, since until He becomes wisdom for us (1 Corinthians 1:30), we will never be wise unto salvation (2 Timothy 3:15). This unrivaled Tutor used as His text the best of Books. Although He was able to reveal fresh truth, He preferred to explain the old. He knew by omniscience the most instructive way of teaching—and by turning immediately to the writings of Moses and the prophets, He showed us that the surest road to wisdom is not speculation, reasoning, or human books, but meditation on the Word of God. The readiest way to be spiritually rich in heavenly knowledge is to dig in this mine of diamonds, to gather pearls from this heavenly sea. When Jesus himself sought to enrich others, He dug in the quarry of Scripture. The two disciples Luke described were led to consider the best of subjects, for Jesus spoke of Jesus, explaining things about himself. Here the diamond cut the diamond—what could be more admirable? The master of the house unlocked His own doors, conducted the guests to His table, and placed His own delicious foods upon it. The one who hid treasure in a field was the one who guided the searchers to it. Our Lord would naturally discuss the sweetest of topics, and He could find none sweeter than His own person and work. With an eye toward these, we should always search God’s Word. Oh, for grace to study the Bible with Jesus as both our Teacher and our Lesson! -C.H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening 

It is interesting when you see a student opening up to learning.  It is even more interesting to see the teacher recognize it.

I have seen many give up on people in the workplace because they don't see the learning potential that is there.  That is a horrible injustice.  Some take time to find what works.  Whether or not it's a recognized disability scars in life are a disability to some. 

You might have noticed that the leading devotional today is from Dr. David Jeremiah.  I am making it a point to read more in order to keep the things of God at more of the forefront of my mind. To that end the need to be careful arises. Just as Jesus said that many will stand before Him and claim they did this or that in His name, He says to them to depart for He never knew them...care must be taken in what you take in to your mind.  As Scripture also says, test the spirits to see if they are so. 

I have read 3 of Dr. David Jeremiah's books so far this year.  Sound and Scripturally based they are so far.  I was pleased to find his own version of Morning and Evening.  

Enough of that explanation...look at what is being said...of learning and speaking to God.  I really could have included material from Blackaby today too on this subject. Indeed it was almost a trifecta of them speaking on similar things. 

Being open to what God has to say is a first huge step.  We need to sit on our hands and stop telling Him that we got that, we understand that.  Put at least one hand over our mouth to shut ourselves up in those times when He is trying to speak. 

I have had coworkers who got 10 percent of what I was trying to teach and then up came the hand. They didn't need any more help they got it.  I, at the time, wasn't getting the support that I needed from management to deal with him.  In the coming months the things he worked on were being returned by customers. 

We need to be more listener's to God's Word than speakers.  We can only learn when we get sin out of the way.  We can only understand when God brings His wisdom.  

In my life it's a daily blow-my-mind experience writing these posts.  For over 30 years I wanted to write something meaningful.  In my own strength and wisdom I wasn't getting anywhere. Then God stepped in and the result is before you.  In the lives of those two in Spurgeon's devotional, they were finally at that point of being ripe for learning.  They were finally hungering and thirsting for righteousness.  The part of Dr. Jeremiah's that fits in is the need to be the one to open up to God and be real with Him.  

We are good, really good, at hiding feelings.  We are very proud of a great many things in our lives. So proud at times we refuse to see that God isn't.  That the things we embrace are actually stumbling blocks to a right relationship with Jesus. We 'love' this or that in this world so much that we are REALLY telling God "Come and teach me, but sit next to my idol, that's important to me too.".  

There can only be one God in the life of a believer.  If you are putting anything else in higher regard in your life than your relationship with Jesus it's an idol.   You will not be as teachable as you might think when those things are impacting your life. 

It's been a slow and painful process as God's been removing things from my life that are in His way.  Charley Pride wrote a song called "I'm always standing in my way". In our growing and learning as believers in Christ so are we.  Satan loves to get us to convince ourselves of what isn't dangerous to our walk with God.  Loves to get us to 'trust' people in this world on all kinds of levels rather than to be open and honest with yourself and Jesus.  To believe that this professional or that would never lie to us. 

Where are you today in being truthful with Jesus? Are you at all interested in what interests Him? Are you at all cultivating the field He put you in to work?  Are you at all looking at your life from His perspective?
Or are you more comfortable putting your hand up to Jesus's face to tell Him what is right and wrong?  

Talking is either done at something or someone or to something or someone.  Do you talk at Jesus or to Him? Is He your butler or your best friend?  You need to shut up, sit on your hands and look at your relationship with Jesus.  Making sure it is a friendship,  not a business arrangement. 

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