Monday, January 4, 2021

Make way...the King is Coming

Make way...the King is Coming 

“The voice of one crying in the wilderness: ‘Prepare the way of the Lord; Make His paths straight.’” Luke 3:4 NKJV 

The voice crying in the wilderness demanded a way for the Lord, a way prepared, and a way prepared in the wilderness. I would be attentive to the Master’s proclamation, and give Him a road into my heart, cast up by gracious operations, through the desert of my nature. The four directions in Isaiah 40:4 must have my serious attention. Every valley must be exalted. Low and groveling thoughts of God must be given up; doubting and despairing must be removed; and self-seeking and carnal delights must be forsaken. Across these deep valleys a glorious causeway of grace must be raised. Every mountain and hill shall be laid low. Proud self-sufficiency and boastful self-righteousness must be leveled, to make a highway for the King of kings. Divine fellowship is never promised to haughty, high-minded sinners. The Lord has respect to the lowly, and visits the contrite in heart—but the lofty are an abomination to Him. My soul, beg the Holy Spirit to set you right in this respect. The crooked shall be made straight. The wavering heart must have marked out for it a straight path of decision for God and holiness. Double-minded people are strangers to the God of truth. My soul, take heed that you are in all things honest and true, as in the sight of the heart-searching God. The rough places shall be made smooth. Stumbling blocks of sin must be removed, and thorns and briers of rebellion uprooted. So great a visitor must not find miry ways and stony places when He comes to honor His favored ones with His company. Oh, that this evening the Lord may find in my heart a highway made ready by His grace, that He may make a triumphal progress through the utmost bounds of my soul—from the beginning of this year even to the end of it. -C.H. Spurgeon Morning and Evening 

Are you preparing the way?  Are you at all getting ready for your final exam?  Or are you more concerned about things of this world?  Whether or not your team made the playoffs?  Are you more concerned about whether or not your team is winning vs whether or not people are going to Hell?

I have been given all kinds of looks at being blunt in saying the obvious, and much of that is people not liking getting reminded that their priorities stink.

It matters not, believers or unbelievers, the obsession over things that make no Heaven or Hell difference consumes all because that's well within the plan of Satan.  Keep your mind occupied elsewhere, away from the things that matter to God.  I have had many people actually tell me that they will pray for me because I wasn't an Ohio State University fan.  No, I don't think it was one bit funny. It didn't show my heart, it sadly showed theirs. 

Many years ago I indeed used to get hyped up about the teams that I liked.  I indeed was passionate about them.  Until I was shown from Scripture where God considered such passion a sin.  How can people be more passionate about a team than they are about the mission of Jesus Christ?  No where is it said that when believers get to Heaven they will receive crowns for their work in promoting a football team.  What should rattle you my friend is how many people have you dissuaded from coming to Christ because your passion for a team was more important to you?  You were so consumed by zeal for 'your team' that you missed out on a soft voice seeking Jesus?

Oh don't start with the excuses.  Look at yourself.  Has a movie, television show, internet sensation, sports team become so important to you that you know more about them than you do your Savior?   When you are out in public are the first things people see on your person the symbols of what God calls idols?  

Look around you.  Are there shrines in your home? Your car?  An idol is anything that takes the passion and reverence due to God and is given to someone or something else.  

The King is coming...are you preparing for that day?  The King is coming and Scripture says His reward is in His hands.  Will you receive any when He appears?  

This message is for me as well.  Reading my Bible, devotionals, and spending time in Prayer is far more important than celebrities and so-called famous people. In the eyes of God we are all one thing...sinners in need of a Savior.  The are no millionaires or billionaires in Heaven in regards to money.  Riches stored up in Heaven are people.  

What are you doing to prepare for the return of Christ?  In the days of Noah people were marrying and being given in marriage.  Also evil was on their minds continually.  They weren't thinking about God or anything to do with Him.  Then after Noah was told to get inside...people still didn't consider the importance of that. Then after an indeterminate period of time the Lord Jesus closed the door Himself.  People still weren't getting it.  Until the waters came.  Then it was too late. 

Where are your passions directed? Where are your priorities?  What gets you excited?  The most nauseating thing I ever saw was a Church service where people were encouraged to celebrate an idol right before singing out that they wanted God to open up the Heavens they wanted to see Him. Yes people were worshipping an idol right in the face of calling for God to reveal Himself.  

Paul encouraged people to examine themselves.  It is a healthy thing.  

The King is coming, doesn't that mean anything to you? If it doesn' friend...take a good hard look at your life. 

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