Monday, January 25, 2021

We have it backwards

We have it backwards 

Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning. PSALM 30:5 It’s interesting that David follows a pattern of looking at the day that was begun in the creation account in Genesis. He says that weeping comes in the night, but joy comes in the morning. If you remember, when God created the heavens and the earth, He said, “The evening and the morning were the first day” (Genesis 1:5). We think just the opposite, don’t we? We think of a day as the morning followed by the evening. I think there are wonderful truths embedded in God’s perspective on life. If you will look at your day as the evening and the morning instead of the morning and the evening, you will begin your day in the evening by meditating on what you need to accomplish the next day and asking God’s blessing on it. Then He is free to work in your heart and mind as you sleep to prepare you for accomplishing those things. When Christ returns, there will be no more weeping. Weeping is ours during the night, but our eternal joy is coming in the morning of Christ’s return. - Dr. David Jeremiah Morning and Evening 

I read this one several times this morning.  It was a rough night last night for me as far as sleep goes.  Nothing in particular was noticeably on my mind,  but yesterday in an of itself was difficult.  The weekend was difficult.  

I struggle between two worlds of thought concerning the dying of people.  One is to openly grieve as much of the world does.  The other is to be both happy and envious of where many of those whom I know have gone.  

This world is entering a new spasm of birth pangs, as Scripture calls it.  There's no explanation other than that for the headlong path of evil in this world.  I was watching a video yesterday of seriously slowed down videos of popular rated G movies yesterday, detailing how subliminal messages were being spread to the masses that promote what we read about in Revelation...people who refuse to repent of their sexual immorality.  But that wasn't on my mind as I slept.  

But that wasn't what was going on as I was trying to sleep.  My body's not getting any younger. Minor aches happen.  Concerns about the up and coming days ahead are a concern.  Changes in how my nation is becoming honesty frighten me.  

I see some of the same things happening to America as it was before the overthrow of Israel in the Old Testament.  The degrading passions of people.  Of the sinking of morality into places not seen since the beginning of the Church age. 

I know that I know that I know Jesus is coming soon.  As it was in the days of Noah so it is becoming more and more. 
This world is not destined for centuries of life like portrayed in movies.  There's never going to be something grand awakening by mankind to save mankind.  

The only thing true about the future of mankind is what the Bible says about man and God. 

As Dr. Jeremiah said in today's devotional, looking at the world differently, honestly, looking at time differently is important.  If God said a day begins at Evening then it does.  I am no stranger to crying myself to sleep.  It's happened in various times in my life.  Undoubtedly it will happen again before I find myself standing before Jesus.  There's much to be concerned about in our world.  But God is still God over all.  There's no craziness, no wickedness, no evil, that can ever be more powerful than what He has said is going to happen in this world.  Satan cannot prevent a single thing from happening as written in Scripture. He is powerless to stop any decrees from God. He is not God's equal. He is a created being.  The only beings who are not created are the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. All are subject to their authority, to their judgment, to their will. 

As evil advances, we plan accordingly.  We prepare for the day that comes when those in the Church in America become the primary targets of evil.  It's because we represent a Holy God.  We, as Scripture says, are the lights in a world that revels in their deeds of darkness.  

So preparing for a day that begins in the evenings really does make sense. It is really appropriate.  You are already wide awake in the evenings to be reading and considering the Word and work of God.  You are not rushed in your time of prayer. You are not inclined to forget God.  

Much of American is a boiling pot right now.  One political party against another.  Each both wanting but not advocating massive change in our daily lives at the behest of corporate America and special interest groups.  It is no longer enough to keep your opinions to yourself. That is now considered condoning wrong behavior or thoughts. You are being pressured into openly supporting things that are against Scripture.  To that end, let it be known to whomever reads this, I and my house choose to serve the Lord.  As Daniel's 3 friends said, so say I, we will not bow down to a way of life or thinking that is contrary to the Word of God. Period. 

As for you, my Dear Reader, you have or will have choices to make.  Life is going to get more complicated.  Lines are being drawn in the sand.  Interesting that the Bible compares sand with vast numbers of people. This world is going to be enraged against Christians and Jews on a scale not seen since the high point of the Roman Empire.  5 years ago nobody saw what we are experiencing today.  

I pray that a who read this indeed are saved in Christ.  Jesus guarantees that He will be with those who are saved in Christ Jesus. I have nothing to fear in this world because of that.  Do you? If you are indeed living in fear, now is the time to get right with God.  Now is the time for you to repent and be saved. Now. Not 'maybe later'. Jesus is returning.  The speed of which is faster than an eye can blink when it happens.  Don't put it off. Please. 

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