Friday, September 17, 2021

And He DID!!!

And He DID!!!

Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me. JOHN 14:1 

A young boy was out in the country, climbing among a row of cliffs. He yelled from the top of one, “Hey, Dad! Catch me!” The father turned around to see his son joyfully jumping off a rock straight at him. The dad became an instant circus act, catching his son, causing them both to fall to the ground. When the father found his voice, he gasped in exasperation, “Son, can you give me one good reason why you did that?” He responded with remarkable calmness: “Sure . . . because you’re my dad.” His whole assurance was based on the fact that his father was trustworthy. As Christians, we can throw ourselves into the arms of Jesus because He is trustworthy. We can stake our lives upon His promises because He is a Man of His Word. If doubts assail us, we must simply look at the convincing evidence—His perfect track record! For instance, He said He would die and He did (Matthew 20:18). He said He would rise from the dead on the third day and He did (v. 19). He said He would return to His Father and He did (John 7:33). Because Jesus is a Man of His Word, we can be assured He will keep His future promises as well. He said He will return for us and He will (14:3). - Dr. David Jeremiah Morning and Evening 

This devotional is an argument breaker.

There are other accounts outside of the Bible that tell much of the reality and proof that Jesus lived and was crucified. The Gospels tell of the resurrection, the promise fulfilled. 

What this ought to bring to mind is what Dr. Jeremiah is pointing out. Promises kept. 

The Bible is replete with kept promises of God. We often don't think of the Bible in this way, but a written prophecy that comes true is a written promise of God that is fulfilled. 

This is why the penalty for being a false prophet was so severe. 

Jesus Christ came as a result of God keeping His promises in the Old Testament. 

The details kept to the nth degree. Meaning every minutiae of every aspect in every area. 

Jesus told of what was to come concerning Himself and the Disciples were witnesses to this. 

After He arose from the dead, more than 500 saw Him alive who knew He had died. Had likely seen and knew His manor of death so as to dispel the false accounts written by the Jewish leaders. 

Jesus said that He would return. Do you believe Him? 

Are you living such a life that shows others that you believe Him?

Jesus told many parables in His earthly ministry. Many we read are about entrusting workers to get work done until the landowner returns. Are you not realizing that we are the workers?

We are in the midst of a world driven by sinful, sensual pleasures in order to stop people from looking at their need to be Holy as God is Holy.  To get us to not think about the work in the fields that Jesus said were ripe for harvest. To get us to be lax about thinking about what Jesus came for in the first place. To seek and save the lost. To not look to the promises of God. To not believe that Jesus is a man of His word. That if He goes away that He indeed is going to return. 

No other person or so-called god in this world has done what the Son of God, Jesus Christ, has done for us. Made promises, kept every single one. 

You, my Dear Reader, will be tempted to look at life thinking:  What's the hurry? Why not stop n smell the roses? Eh, if He's coming back, it's a long way off. We can afford some time to relax. Jesus said those who think such things are fools. You know not at what hour He will return. 

Jesus said in the book of Luke that people will look and see and understand the weather but will not look for the signs of His return. 

I have been instructed to write what I write my Friend.  One second after He does return, Churches everywhere will be filled with people crying out to Him.  Begging someone to explain why He didn't take them too. Looking for answers. People will be despairing the truth that they were left behind because the truth of God was not in them. They were not saved. 

Satan's wanting that scenario to play out.  He wants a world where people will look to a world leader that he will put in place, that he has ready in every generation. To say the words of false hope to draw people to him in worship and adoration. This person is the AntiChrist.

You and I are living in the times when His return is imminent. Scripturally speaking nothing really is left to happen that needs to happen other than His Father telling Him it's time. 

Look back on His track record. Has Jesus ever lied? No.
Has Jesus ever not kept a promise? No.
Has Jesus fulfilled every single thing that the Old Testament said about Him? Yes.
Did Jesus always obey His Father? Yes.
Did anyone who believed in Him ever regret it? No.

Spurgeon says this: As long as they breathe, we should pray. No case is hopeless while Jesus lives.

Take stock of your life. Sit down and really consider the truth of God's promises. 
You don't want to be one of those billions left behind. Be sure of your salvation today. 

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