Monday, September 20, 2021

Being Where God's Working in You

Being Where God's Working in You 

You have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise. HEBREWS 10:36 

When we have trials in our lives, we always have three choices: We can endure our trials. Of course, some people make us endure their trials with them. We ask them how they’re doing, and they’re more than happy to tell us. But when we merely endure our troubles, we run the risk of becoming bitter. We can just escape. Run! Leave! Get out of there! When we do that, we get away from where we are. But if God hasn’t told us to leave, we leave the place where God can help us. We can enlist our troubles. This is the right thing to do. In other words, we can let God use the crises in our lives to make us better, to help us grow in His way. We can step up on our trouble and move to a higher level. We all have a natural “flight syndrome” that causes us to think, If I could just run away! But when we do that, if we’re not careful, we make matters worse instead of better. No matter how difficult our circumstances, the safest place for us is always in the will of God. - Dr. David Jeremiah Morning and Evening 

We often indeed give in to "flight syndrome" as Dr. Jeremiah put it. 

In all honesty I have done that more times than I can recall. 

In 1999 I had come to a place of something similar. Of which comes close to what he speaks to here. 

I had no where to run to, as far as fleeing goes.  I felt worn out, and at the end of me.
I was to the point of looking at how to end the misery so consuming me that I contemplated suicide.  I really believe that the "messenger of Satan" that afflicted Paul wasn't to do with his eyes, but his mind. As I was taught concerning God's Word, so should you keep in mind, read the verses before where you are reading and after...get the context and content right.

We often really don't give God our full attention until adversity is in our lap. 

We often disregard the wisdom of King Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes. All the things that are striving after the wind. Seeking self pleasure, seeking after riches, seeking out the good life rather than seeking what's important to God that we aren't paying attention to. 

In my case I was having to choose between three options. End it all, let it continue down the dark road that I was on, or turn and let God do whatever was necessary in His eyes for me. 

We all too often want the easy way out. 

We don't want conflict. We don't want the things that even God brings into our lives that are meant to change us to be more like Christ. 

We listen too much to the plethora of voices in this world about all its opportunities and miss that still small voice of God. 

In Isaiah, God chose to visit while Isaiah was in the temple. I can only imagine his emotions as a messenger of God brings a firey hot coal from the Alter and touches his lips with it.  The knowledge of what was picked up, how it was being carried was right there in front of him. The knowledge of what was about to happen not real until it did happen. He didn't run or flee.
Not that I will get into it, but notice the place the coal touched was his lips.

We live in a time when the pleasures of this world are used as ransom in order to control people. Satan's not changed his plans. He's restrained in his plans by the Holy Spirit but has not changed them.  Plans that include the world worshipping him and not God. 

We will always face challenges and face things in life that are unpleasant to say the least. 

We will face things that we want to run from. God says to stay where you are in the center of His will for you. When you get insistent on leaving that place don't be surprised that He lets you go.  There in is the story of the Prodigal Son. 

Was also reading this morning of how we have a limited amount of time in this life and that the only right thing to do is live it the way God intended you to live it.  All else is futility in striving after the wind.  Yes, also from Ecclesiastes. 

We always will be distracted by the things of this world, from politics to religion, to family and to work. 

Distracted by all the things that will, in reality, only disrupt only one battlefield.  

Your mind.

You, if you are indeed saved, and are indeed taking up your own cross and are following Christ, should have a singleness of purpose.  Obeying Christ in what He has for you to do. To tell others about salvation in Christ Jesus.  To become His Disciples, to teach others how to be His Disciples. 

If you aren't saved, your world is probably pretty complicated. Probably filled with worries and stress. Filled with anxiety.  Filled with things that you can't or won't share with others.  But it comes down to its just you. You would flee if you could. But you know, deep down, that it would still be happening elsewhere. So you strive to survive the day. 

In Christ we have hope because in all the things we suffer and go through, Jesus has been there, done that. To stay in the center of His will brings peace that the world will never know outside of a right relationship with Jesus. 

You who read this are not alone. That's another of Satan's lies to manipulate. Making you think nobody else in history is going through what you are. Go back to Ecclesiastes. There's nothing new under the sun.  Technology is nothing new. It existed before the Flood of the book of Genesis. Technology does not bring new temptations or challenges. The same temptations in your life and mine have existed since Adam and Eve. 

Choosing to be obedient is just that, a choice. Choosing to obey the call of God for salvation is a choice. Choosing to endure what lessons Jesus has in mind for you is your choice. The thing to remember is you are His workmanship. You might put off that lesson, but you will still face it again. Have been there done that. 

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