Friday, September 24, 2021

What's Set Before Me

What's Set Before Me 

The LORD our God spoke to us in Horeb, saying: “You have dwelt long enough at this mountain.” DEUTERONOMY 1:6 

We will never be the people God wants us to be if we don’t spend time with Him. Every one of us needs some time on a spiritual mountain with God, but He does not set people free to remain on a mountain. After all, any mountaintop encounter we have with God is not merely for our encouragement; it is also intended to strengthen us for battle. Victories are ultimately not won by extended worship times on the mountaintop, but by going into battle and fulfilling God’s purposes for our lives. Some people are tempted to take up permanent residence on their spiritual mountaintop, but that makes them unavailable for God’s service—and they don’t experience fresh spiritual victories. Other believers neglect their time with God in order to rush into the next battle for Him. These people inevitably experience humiliating defeat. During certain seasons throughout our lives and even at occasional points in our week, we need to withdraw from life’s battles. At other times we need to leave the mountain and advance on the enemy. God knows which you ought to be doing. Be sure you are seeking His will and obeying His call. - Blackaby Being Still With God 

In recent days life has been weirdly intense.  It's been so intense that I often wondered what in the world was I doing?  That which was set before me.  I have said that to several this week. 

I know not what I am to do each day at work. My prayers include asking His help for what He sets before me. 

I am a mental and physical multitasking person. Many often get the wrong idea or impression about me due to that quirky behavior. I sometimes appear distracted, distant, angry, unemotional, or a slew of other emotions. It's just the way my mind works. God often gives me mental challenges that take hours, days, weeks,  months or years to resolve in my mind. 

This is on top of the worldly need to physically work. 

Setting our minds on things above and not on the things of this world isn't easy in a world full of sensory overloaded opportunities.  We, like that child in a toy store, even as adults, go into joy overload by everything in front of us.  We lose sight of that which God commands. 

When you think of this day in front of you, do you consider it at all or do you just go with the flow?

Ever consider what millions per day never do? That in a matter of minutes or hours this could be your last day on this Earth?
Ever consider what you have or have not done in your walk with Jesus?  What you will feel like if it is your last and you are standing before Him?
Ever consider the things that He says that are important in the life of the believer, and are you doing them?
Ever consider the reality that for all its wonderful things and wonders of life, in a matter of seconds, when Christ returns, every single person on this Earth will be impacted by both the removal of Believers and the beginning of the Judgments of God?

Is your mind at all ready to do what God puts before you or do you push it aside because it's not pleasant?

Is what's important to Jesus important to you?

Lots of questions but in reality it isn't. What are your priorities?  Are you spending time wisely? People get far more irritated at wasted money from some entertainment that wasn't what was expected than they do from time that can't be taken back. 

I am often torn, and Biblically speaking I probably shouldn't be, between what I set before me and what God does. 

I often wrongly listen to that wrong voice about what I have earned or deserve. Do you?
It's often in the voice of me, not of the Spirit. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone isn't easy nor is it pleasant. 

This last week we had a major network problem, by God’s design, I was thrust into the role of being the point person between the plant and Corporate IT. They had actually hung up on Management when they realized they were speaking to me. God got me through that.

God often will put us through things to prepare for and to defuse emotions before we get to them.   We have to be willing to obey. No you may not LIKE what He has you doing but it IS for you to be doing it.

Are you willingly obeying when He speaks to you or do you delay with hopes that He gives that job to someone else?  How will you stand before Him to explain why you did that?

We as Believers have a life to live in gratitude for what Jesus did to save us. We do not and are not granted the freedom to live as we please. The Disciples gave up their desires in life to devote themselves to what Jesus was going to teach them.  They agreed to go, do, and say, what He put before them. Jesus, in the Great Commission, commands us to make Disciples of all nations. To teach others about how to come to Christ and how to live for Christ. 

We read of several parables of workers in the Kings fields. Working in fields isn't exactly a joyous occupation. But it can be if done for the right reasons. Stories can be found easily enough of farmers helping farmers when physical health has prevented them from bringing in the crops. Doing their own work at their own farm plus that of their friends farm on top of that. 

The problem with kids in a toy store is eventually the happiness fades as they go from toy to toy. Then realize they have seen and done and their interest wanes. Adults are no different. We often see it as the grass being greener on the other side. 

Obedience is part of the Christian life. Of doing what God puts before us. Not staying where WE want to be but to move on to where He says is where we should be. 

Are your priorities right in your life?  Only you can compare how you live with what the Bible says you ought to be doing. Is your time spent wisely or do you waste much of it? 

When Christ DOES return, just what will He find you doing?

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