Friday, September 3, 2021

Is Life and Death a Joking Matter?

  Is Life and Death a Joking Matter?

To ask those already in Heaven or already in Hell, there is no joke about it.

Those in Heaven would rather be no other place.

Those in Hell would rather be anywhere else.

We have billions who mock the God of the Bible. We have maybe millions who say they are Christians. Sadly often less than that are practicing Christians.  

In all these billions of people you have every kind of thought concerning the God of the Bible from full on unbelief to those who honestly stake their life upon it.

There are those who attempt to assign a specific gender to God.  This is an affront to the God of the Bible.

There are those who attempt to say that the Son of God, Jesus Christ was a myth.

There are those who believe only enough to get into Heaven in order to live as they want in the here and now.

I firmly believe in the God of the Bible.  If you have been reading this blog for any length of time this you know first hand.  Life and Death are determined by God. Not by Satan.  Not by any demons that work for him. 

You are alive and breathing right now due to the unmerited favor of God.  You may think that your life is in your own hands but only to a certain degree.  It will end when God says it's allowable.  

The life of everyone is in the hands of their Creator.  He determines the birth and death of everyone.  How a person leaves this world is determined by Him.  Suicides are people whom have both 100 percent given up on God and His work in their lives, and it's known by God that this is true of them.  This isn't to say they have some explaining to do upon facing Him.

Everyone faces Jesus Christ either as Judge or as Savior. 

Truth of the matter is EVERYONE in Hell knows without any shred of doubt that the God of the Bible is real.

Truth of the matter is Satan and his demons do NOT rule from Hell.  None of THEM want to be there any more than anyone who IS there. Yes there are demons who are already there.  It's a place of torment and anguish.  It's where some demons have been sentenced to be already by God.

Your thoughts on the matter do not change the reality of life.  

I personally have seen way too much evidence to prove that the God of the Bible is real.

You, my Dear Reader, have before you life and death. Life is determined by your Creator as well as Death.  Life only BEGINS in this limited time of our stay on Earth.  Eternity is a very long time and where you spend it is determined in the HERE and NOW.  Your acceptance or rejection of Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the Savior of those who would call up on His Name, determines your destination.

You have no second chances after dying.  It's highly likely that some of you reading this won't make it through the rest of today before facing Jesus face-to-face.  Statistics are statistics. Many millions are born and many millions die every minute.  

You, my Friend, need to figure out what's more important.  Your opinion or God's facts.

Your opinion will not save you. Your living a 'good life' will not save you. As the Bible says, if that were possible to save you then Christ died needlessly.  

The truth is life and death are NO joking matter. 

The truth is life and death will be for you to explain to your Creator when at last you see Him face-to-face.  How you lived, why you chose what you chose to do in life.  Unbelievers will answer for their unbelief.  Believers do not face judgement but do have to give an account of their lives.

Your time is now to consider your future.  Once you die you have no say in the matter.  

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