Thursday, September 9, 2021

There is Only One

There is Only One 

“Do not listen to the words of the prophets who prophesy to you. They make you worthless; They speak a vision of their own heart, Not from the mouth of the LORD.” JEREMIAH 23:16 

The Lord made it clear to me that I should . . .” “I asked the Lord to show me—and look at the verse He gave me . . .” “God told me that you . . .” A dangerous and far too common occurrence is projecting our own wishes onto God. We conceive a desire in our hearts and convince ourselves—or, as in the case of Jeremiah 23:16, we convince others—that this plan must be God’s will. After all, we Christians know the lingo to make our idea, as well as the process by which we arrived at our conclusion, sound holy. We realize that calling on the Lord’s authority makes it difficult for others to disagree with us. We’re all good at rationalizing—with or without holy talk—whatever it is we want to do. So, when an idea comes to you, pray . . . search the Scripture . . . get counsel from other believers you know and trust . . . Ask the Lord to make His will known—and to make it distinct from your own desires if the two don’t line up. It is foolhardy to give God credit for your own selfish thinking! Do whatever you must until you are certain that your direction in life is based on a clear word from God. - Blackaby Being Still With God 

Very few local Pastors, TV Preachers, really do speak the Words of God.  Many actually do not adhere to the belief in teaching the whole counsel of God.  Some don't believe in the resurrection of the dead.  Some hold to practiced sins as though its simply a way of life and not the abhorrent thing that sin is in the eyes of God. 

But those who watch and listen to such are to be on their own toes in regards to God's Word as well.  We aren't given any 'free pass' due to life's circumstances and problems. 

The world would have everyone belief that there's many ways to get to Heaven. 
The world would have you believe that the Word of God is a crutch to lean on for weak people. 
The world would have silenced Christians and Jews permanently if they could for only one reason. To erase thoughts of the One True God and His Son Jesus Christ. 

There are real Pastors and Teachers in the world today. They are Men of God who adhere to the whole teaching of the Bible. The qualifications for to be one are not found on a resume. It's not about what theological seminary they went to. There's nothing in the Biblical definition of a Pastor-Teacher in those regards. Studies of so-called graduating Pastors show  great many do not believe in the inerrancy of the Bible. Some teach that Pastors can be women. Which is also not Biblical. 

The fact of the matter is...Jesus is the head of His Church.  He designates who serves where in His Church through the Holy Spirit, not the whims of mankind. The protector of the Word of God is the Holy Spirit. 

Therein we come to the crux of the world's greatest problem with the Bible and God's truth therein. Jesus said He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man comes to the Father but through Him. 

To represent God in a pulpit is to represent all of what the Bible says. 
To represent God in our daily lives is to represent all of what the Bible says. 

Pastors are the most visible in regards to Satan's attacks, but the rest of the members of the body of Christ face them too.

You are to decide each day whom you will serve. Who you will listen to. You.

Like this whole world has proven, nobody can think clearly when many voices exist saying different things about how to live life. 

The Bible describes the speaking of the Spirit of God as a still small voice.  
It's rather interesting that in the cacophony of voices we get daily that a still small voice can rip right through all the others and be heard. 

I make no claims to speaking on here of my own accord. I simply am not that good of a writer. That which I am told to speak, that I write.  Some likely will be offended by the words written. Still others will pay me no mind. Still others might consider the element of truth therein. 

As Jesus said, seed falls upon all kinds of soil. Depending on where it lands, various results happen.  

We are told in the Bible to examine ourselves. We are shown that the Berean Church didn't even take what was taught at face value. They looked things up themselves. 

Too many people flock to Churches not to be taught of God, but to be warmed and filled with good feelings. The don't want the conviction of the Word of God. They don't want to be told that their lives need to change in becoming more like Christ. Too many show up for only the entertainment and cannot discern whether or not the truth of God is being taught. 

There are thousands and thousands of false Churches in this world. 

When the Rapture of the Church occurs, sadly, those places will still be filled with millions and millions of people who only thought they were saved or thought they were good enough to go to Heaven. 

If you aren't looking to God's Word, aren't in prayer daily, aren't looking to be more like Christ, you have a serious problem. If you are not attending a Church that teaches the whole Bible, you are in trouble. If you are not at all different today than you were when you came to Christ for salvation, you had better question whether or not you are saved at all.

Everyone who's been with God is changed. Everyone. Those who teach the Word of God ought to have lives evidenced that they have been with God. Their lives should show it. 

You must realize that there is only One.
One Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. 
One Way, One Truth, One Life, found only in Christ Jesus. 
One Spirit who convicts, teaches, and encourages growth in Christ Jesus. 
One God the Father.
One path to Heaven, through Jesus Christ. 
One way to live life, in obedience to the Word of God. 

Consider where you are today in how you think what you think. If the world's ideas of inclusion and diversity are trying to drown out God's Word, stick to God's Word. We who are in Christ are to hate sin but love the sinners of this world and point them to the Savior. The job of the Spirit is to not leave people living in the sin that they are forgiven of but to free them from its power. 

Consider who you have been listening to in regards to the Word of God. 
Make sure today that you indeed are saved by grace through faith. 

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