Thursday, July 7, 2022

A Time to Rest, Downsize Your Time

A Time to Rest, Downsize Your Time 
by David Brenneman 

Oh the effects of rushing into the day. 
Oh the effects of people manipulated into not thinking. This happens more often than not. I am not speaking of political parties or nation states. I speak towards individuals who don't really see that the very enemy of God DOES indeed prowl around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour. 

Satan, does this daily. He instructs his demons to do this daily.  To instigate situations where truly thinking about situations and consequences doesn't happen. 

Where rest doesn't happen.  Read the 4 Gospels. Better still listen to them, won't take but a few hours of your time.  But listen and write down how many times Jesus got away by Himself to be with His Father.  Add in those times where Jesus told His Disciples to come and get away from the people and rest, regroup. 

We live in a world that runs at a speed as fast as electricity itself.  The expression used to be repeatedly snapping of the fingers. 

Proverbs is full of the wisdom of God through Solomon.  If we try to set our minds on the things that are above and not on the things that are of this world, you'll see a battle line forming in your mind.  You will see stress developing. Your mind is in league with your sin nature far more than it is with the Spirit of God.  We who are in Christ Jesus are being transformed as it says in Romans 12. It's a process that happens over time.  It's something that requires unplugging from life for a time to be intentionally with Jesus. 

Are you ever really interested in intentionally being with Jesus?  Or are you too busy being a Martha, too consumed with whatever is happening, whatever needs to be done?  Are you not trusting Jesus enough to handle what He's already seen coming in your life?  

You and I need intentional down time. We often waste it with so much stuff that we justify a need for in our lives. Then use some of the sin nature's excuses to justify our lack of time available to be with Jesus. We run off to sporting events and hours later maybe give Jesus a few seconds of minutes before going to bed. We do this or do that and forget about time with Jesus. We run run.  Have to clean this or clean that. Have this to do or that to do. Then the day is gone and Jesus is forgotten once more.  

Jesus commanded the Disciples to get away, showing them a still better way to grow in respect to salvation. To grow in their faith requires time away.  Not the world's definition of time away, Jesus's definition.  We pack so much useless nonsense into our lives and wonder why the attacks of Satan or his minions catch us off guard.  We wonder also the opposite. Why aren't there any attacks?  Why would there be if you are already doing what he would have had you do?

Satan really isn't going to waste his time or the time of his minions on someone who is already living a life that isn't interested in glorifying God. 

Read or listen to those 4 Gospels. Be intentional about time with Jesus. Watch your life begin to change.  Scare yourself.  For a week write down where your time went.  Be truthful because you may lie to yourself about it but you cannot lie to God about it.  Be intentional about your time with Jesus.  You remember Him right? The one who died for you?  The one who did it all to save you?  

Rest. Spend time with Jesus and be intentional.  Share your thoughts and feelings, your very heart, be open and honest, with Jesus in ways you've yet to do. Watch what happens next. 

It's been several years since I began being intentional. The eventual result has been this blog.  God sharing things with me and by extension you that are because of that time each day being intentional.  Things that continue to blow my mind.  Things not possible on my own. 

If you "can't" spend time with Jesus then, my Dear Reader, be prepared to explain it to Jesus when your time comes to give an account of your life.  Downsize your time until you do have the time.  Remove what needs to go to make the time for the One who gave it all, did it all, to save you. 

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