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It's Not About the USA...

It's Not About the USA...
by David Brenneman 

A very popular misconception is the place of the USA in Biblical prophecy and Biblical history.  Way too much emphasis is placed upon what the Bible doesn't teach versus what's perceived.  

One of two things befall nations of this world in the through the eyes of Biblical prophecy.  They either take themselves out of the world picture by way of ungodly people and ungodly living, or God's appointed time for them in His Plan concerning the Written word of God doesn't allow for their existence so He removes them.  

Many Christians who live in the United States have a very unhealthy view concerning this country and the order of things in Biblical prophecy. 

Even the thoughts surrounding the Rapture of the Church are skewed by an unhealthy view of the importance of the United States in Biblical prophecy. 

Plainly put, we aren't on the radar of Biblical prophecy in the end times.  Either we take ourselves out of the world picture or we are taken out of the world picture. 

The emphasis of the wars and rumors of wars, of earthquakes and famines in various places is still the Middle East. The emphasis of the book of Revelation isn't what is commonly thought.  It's no longer about the Universal Church, it's about Israel. It's about the cleansing of this world and Israel.  Preparing everything for the physical return of Jesus Christ to rule on this world, personally. 

We as a people would do well to consider the passage that states to not think too highly of ourselves but to think with sober judgment.  We as a nation do not symbolize the Universal Church. We are but one part of that Global Church of Jesus Christ. 

Some point to the falling away of people that the Bible refers to as the apostasy.  That indeed is happening in the United States but in other corners of the world Christianity is growing.  We ought not judge ourselves more highly than we ought in our importance of this country in the Biblical worldview.  

Even as we sleep or go about our lives here, the Bible is active, alive, still doing what Jesus said would be happening.  It is still the Word of God, still going to come about exactly as Jesus said everything would. 

Many countries in the last 2,000 plus years no longer exist.  They were not part of the Biblical prophecy time-line.  Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, others, all write concerning Israel.  

We who are Christians are to do but one thing. Live lives, where we are, in such a way that people see our good works and glorify our God in Heaven.  We are technically not of any nation after coming to Christ for salvation. We are citizens of Heaven. It's not called the United States of Heaven. Americans will not be the bulk of the saved that return with Jesus at the Rapture of the Church to receive their new glorified bodies. Americans who are alive today, sadly, will probably not make up the bulk of the Believers who leave after those people get their glorified bodies.  

Too many Christians today in the United States have the wrong idea on what living here in this land is about.  It's not about fitting in, it's about standing out.  It's not about how well we can live but living our lives well in Christ Jesus.  

We, regardless of country, should all be seeking to hear that "Well done" by Jesus Christ when we meet Him face-to-face. 

We are taught to live lives differently than the world. Not blend in so well that the world sees nothing to attract them to salvation in Christ Jesus. 

Millions go to what they like to call Church in the 195 countries of this world but are not worshiping the God of the Bible. They are not worshiping Jesus as Lord, as the Christ.   They do not hear the salvation message. Are not taught that the wages, what you get, for sin is death. They do not hear of the depravity of their sin and that without salvation in Christ Jesus alone they are headed for Hell.  We as a nation are but 1 of 195. That's it in the true Biblical worldview.  No more no less.

The greater thoughts to be having, way more so than the place of the United States in Biblical prophecy is where are YOU in living a God honoring life?

Where are YOU in living your life in such a way that others see you and glorify your God in Heaven?

I do indeed love what land in which I live, but I refuse to worship it or elevate it to an impossible and highly improbable place in Biblical prophecy. 

Jesus, in what's referred to as the Great Commission had but one command for them and us.  It absolutely had nothing to point to a specific nation. Salvation indeed began with the Jews but the mystery of the Old Testament was revealed at last to include the rest of humanity.  Again, Scriptures point to us as being aliens, visitors, in this world. We are to take up our own cross and following Jesus go and do what the Spirit says. Not being caught up in the things of this world. Again, living life in such a way that people see our good works and glorify God in Heaven. 

I received in the mail yesterday some materials from, from who I refer to as my "Spiritual Dad". It was he who lead me to Christ for salvation long long ago.  In the coming days I will likely be writing more about some things that Biblically prove the Rapture of the Church, who it entails and other things. I also received a new chart from that site concerning at least 41 Old Testament passages that were fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ. 

For us today: Live in such a way that people see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.  Live with that in mind. Live with the idea that you do what you do as though unto the Lord Jesus Christ. Colossians 3:23-24.  Let go of the world and the things of this world.  Let go of unhealthy views of things that are not Biblically based.  Remember that the time is short. Far shorter than the world realizes.  There is nothing left in Biblical prophecy between now and the Return of Jesus Christ but the necessary salvation of those who will be saved prior to His arrival to take us who do call Him our Savior home to be with Him forever.  It's possibly crunch time for many who have not taken their time to live the Christian life the way God intended. It's not too late to repent and return to Jesus, who awaits with arms wide open. 

If wherever you attend Church doesn't preach the whole word of God, the salvation message, the need to be saved in Christ Jesus alone, GET OUT.  Those places will indeed still be filled after the Rapture of the Church because of their true unbelief. 

Countries do not matter in the Biblical scheme of things. It's whether or not you are saved in Christ Jesus that truly matters. After you are saved in Christ Jesus what matters next is living the full Christian life as God intended for you, fulfilling your place, your part, in the body of Christ Jesus in the Church today. Looking ahead to facing Jesus and to hear that "Well done!".

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