Sunday, July 31, 2022

Trillions but Only Two Groups

Trillions but Only Two Groups 
by David Brenneman 

It, way more often than not, is certainly the Spirit that provokes thoughts in me that are indeed mind-blowing.  Whoa or Wow! Are my typical reactions to such things.  

Psychology teaches that there's practically an infinite variety of types of people. It's as equally understood that even without the thought of God involved people prove the Bible by pointing toward 'good' and 'evil' people in the world. Often times pointing to "chemical imbalance" or some other reason for these "behaviors". 

When you look at the 4 Gospels, look carefully at the types of people that Jesus healed, at those the Disciples were permitted to heal.  The variety isn't much. 

A great many times it was believed that sin had something to do with an ailment or injury.  Demons had a great deal of the world messed with.  

Guess what? They still do today.  

But that's not exactly where that title came from.  I was talking to a brother and it dawned on me to speak that phrase.  We see in the account that Jesus gives that there's but two categories of people, yet trillions of people in Hell.  You have those weeping and you have those gnashing their teeth.  Two. All the countless seen variations of humanity can be reduced to two types of people who rejected salvation in Christ Jesus.  

We all are or will be given an opportunity to come to Christ for salvation.  Everyone will be without excuse in regards to that.

Nobody will be able to say that God didn't give them a chance to decide. None.

In Hell, every single person there, will be exactly as they were born as.  All bodily modifications erased.  This will be the source of anger at God for some there. 
For some, simply not taking the salvation message seriously, is why they are there. They weep because it was so plainly obvious and they said no.  The world's offerings were more appealing. 

There's nobody in Hell that didn't choose to be there. By saying no to the person of Jesus Christ and His free gift of salvation, there is but one ramification of that. 

Regardless of the manor of death that delivered them to Hell, everyone in Heaven and Hell at some future point will receive a permanent glorified body. Exactly as it originally was intended to be by God at birth.  What is chosen in this life determines where you spend eternity. Eternity is coming quickly, as ironic as that sounds.  We choose our destination in the here and now. We choose. It's God who says that the choice stands as a permanent choice at death. 

Trillions of people occupy Hell.  Millions likely flood into Hell each day if not week.  People having said no to Jesus. 

Heaven has room for one more, always, to spend eternity with Jesus Christ.  

Jesus made the decision concerning salvation so easy that a child could understand it.  Adults complicate it with conditional thinking. That there's a catch. That there's unpleasant things ahead for those who do. That life loses all the fun because of choosing Jesus over the world.

Jesus spoke to that point as well.  What good would it do to gain the whole world and yet lose your soul?  It's your soul that's on the line.  That incredible part of you that makes

Painful torment awaits people in Hell as they await the final judgment of God concerning sin.  Nobody is walking around doing nothing while that day hasn't happened yet.  Sin's consequences have to be dealt with.  There are videos possible to see of people who adamantly rejected the salvation message. They gnash their teeth at God in a rage all the while crying out in pain at slipping from this world into the very flames of Hell.  

Unbelief has consequences. Rejection of salvation in Christ Jesus has consequences. Even at the end of the book of Revelation Jesus separates people into only two groups. Those who put their faith and trust in Him for salvation and those who didn't. 

There's innumerable amounts of evidences to prove the existence of God. To point to Jesus as the Author and the Perfector of life. To point to the cross shaped hole in the hearts of mankind that can only be filled with Christ Jesus alone. 

It matters not your argument against the salvation message.  God doesn't change. 
It matters not your thinking on how real all this is. God doesn't change. 

It matters not your views on the Bible. God doesn't change.

The only way to not join those trillions in torment in Hell is to get right with Jesus Christ.  To receive His free gift of salvation.  To turn away from death to a new life in Christ Jesus. 

Jesus loved you so completely and purely that He took your place.  He died in your place to provide a way for you to live. Not just in this world but the world to come.  But, my Dear Reader, He leaves the choice to you.  I hope and pray that the people who read this blog, who I have met in this life, all realize the importance of this decision.  

It matters not what your feelings are on it, you still have to choose.  Even indecision is a decision.  You may not understand the gravity of that decision, fully, but you know that a choice must be made.  

Everyone will be without excuse. 

Please don't put it off anymore if you haven't decided to come to Christ for salvation.  I know of people who thought they had a 'today', who stood up to get a cup of coffee and fell both dead to the ground and into Hell. 

There's only two groups in Hell. Those who rage at God for His sentence concerning sin and those who weep because they didn't take what was offered seriously.  All humanity that is in Hell is paying the price for their sins with unending painful torment. Jesus is telling you today that He paid that price if you would just come to Him for salvation today. 

The horrific thing is...even eternity isn't  going to be long enough of a time to erase the consequences of a single sin, let alone the millions each who are in Hell has against them. 

"but just as it is written: “Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard, And which have not entered the human heart, All that God has prepared for those who love Him.”" 1 Corinthians 2:9 NASB. 

You simply aren't going to know until you trust God. 

You just can't know the life that awaits you until you step out in faith to receive the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. 

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