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Where is This Jesus?

Where is This Jesus?
by David Brenneman 

So many in this world don't see any reason to look to Jesus. Some look strictly at the Old Testament. Yet, if you read the Old Testament, they point to the person of Jesus.  They point to the Savior who was to come.  Looking at the life of Jesus, both as recorded in the four Gospels and  historically, there is no question that Jesus is the one the Old Testament points to. Jesus is the fulfillment of the Word of God because He IS the Word of God.

So many people today are so close to having their eyes opened. So many are living in the arrogance of themselves.  Inwardly when Jesus is mentioned they look up at Heaven and shake a fist at God and His Christ.  They steadfastly refuse to acknowledge that they of all people NEED a Savior.  

Most of both of these groups, if facing the end of themselves in a crisis, will only at that point, drop all pretenses and cry out to God.  Only when all humanly hope is expended do they attempt to approach the God of this Universe for help. 

So many people. So many who are also deluded by the god of this world in believing lies about their very humanity. About, honestly, worshiping dead people who Biblically are in this very moment in Hell paying for their own sins.  That's where every single person is who's been empowered by Satan to lead a world religion is at today who's died. 

The only One who died and arose again was and is Jesus Christ.  Satan's greatest failure was in thinking he could defeat Him at the cross.  His failure extended to not being able to keep Him dead.  After Jesus arose from the dead hundreds saw Him not just the Disciples and a few women.  It's possible that in the days that followed His resurrection that He visited the tribes and nations of this world before returning to where Scripture records His ascension to His Throne in Heaven.  

So in our world today we keep thinking we are so advanced, so responsible, so able to live life as we see fit.  

Contrary to popular belief true Christianity isn't forcing anyone to believe in Christ Jesus. At its core its showing you the evidence of in the lives of those who have believed and have been changed and letting you decide.  We can tell you all we want about the Bible but you have to want the answers that are deep inside of you. You have to be ready to receive what answers you will get. We can warn you of the consequences of sin. Tell you of the reality of those consequences but its up to each individual to ask for the solution to the problem of sin.  Nobody alive today or at any point in time has been able to pray someone out of Hell. Nobody's money has ever bought someone passage out of Hell. 

To say no to Jesus, however, is a guaranteed path TO Hell. Jesus Himself spoke of what Hell is like.  In our world today exists evidence recorded of people on their death bed who are crying out in pain, essentially giving credence to the words of Jesus.  Speaking to the unimaginable pain, the fires in which those people are slipping into as their last moments on Earth are happening. Some raging with clenched teeth at the reality of everything at God because of the truth revealed. 

So where is Jesus right now?  Well among other things He’s patiently waiting.  He testified that His Father set a day that's the day He will return to bring those dead in Christ into a new glorified body, and to claim those who are alive and remain to their new glorified body.  We then will return with Jesus to Heaven while the world goes through the Great Tribulation as described in the Bible. All remaining prophecies will be fulfilled once that Day happens.  People of this world will only see the evidence of the day often referred to as the Rapture of the Church because of the thousands if not millions of people who have vanished without a trace. All clothing, all medical parts and pieces left behind.  

People are either anxious to see Jesus or they stand mocking the idea of His coming back.   Many are enraged at the idea of Jesus being God. Many murder new converts to Christianity rather than turning to it themselves or simply letting them live as they believe. Satan is a murderer. His minions are murderers.  He wants to be the one worshipped not God. 

If indeed you are still here after the Rapture of the Church happens you will indeed be thrust into some of the absolute worst times in human history.  You will be forced to worship the new World Leader.  Not just acknowledge him but worship him.  Not just silently but outwardly.  You are already seeing a taste of that in today's culture. This thing about woke thinking. It's not enough to be silently acknowledging their ideology you have to emphasize it greatly outwardly.  You have to prove that you agree with them.  

Your ability to even shop for food will be attached to worshiping this World Leader.

The thing is, my Dear Reader, you do not have to experience any of that!  Oh thank you Jesus that nobody HAS to experience any of that if they would just receive the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. 

The thief on the cross simply believed and found himself with Jesus after his death.  There are other recorded moments in the Bible of the Ethiopian eunuch, of Romans soldiers, of jailers all coming to the end of themselves and asking for that same free gift of salvation.  

Life may or may not become what you want after you come to Christ for salvation but you absolutely will never face it alone.  The promise of Jesus is always kept that He would never leave us or forsake us.  Life might still be difficult as it is in many countries, that coming to Christ comes with a death sentence. But His promise remains. 

So why hasn't He returned yet?  Scripture says that He's unwilling that any die without salvation in Him.  People WILL because of both sheer stubbornness of heart or through willful ignorance. Choosing of their own accord to reject the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.  

God the Father isn't wanting any to go to Hell.  Jesus and the Spirit do not either. What happened at the resurrection of Jesus Christ was choice was brought to mankind. Those before the resurrection could look forward to what Jesus was going to do, those of us today look back at what He did. 

Choice is why Jesus didn't just finish the prophecies of the Bible right away.  

Choice is why the opportunity exists today to come to Him for salvation. 

Choice is why He hasn't returned yet.  

He still wants all to be saved even knowing not all will be.  When that last person will will be saved prior to the Rapture of the Church is saved, then everything left in the Bible that hasn't happened yet will begin to happen.  When that last person to be saved is saved, then Jesus will get up from His Throne to come and call all who have believed into His presence in Heaven, glorified body and all.  

It's been a perpetual plan of God the Father concerning Christianity.  For those who believed to share witb those who haven't yet.  To bear witness to the love of God for mankind. To live lives that show all that Jesus saves. 

You, my Dear Reader, just might be that last person who will be saved before Jesus Christ returns.  You believing and coming to Christ to be saved.  

You might be that individual who all the people who have believed have been waiting for. 

My prayer for this blog is for someone who reads it to come to Christ for salvation.  God's taken this blog places that in the world's scheme of things should be impossible to be read at. If you are reading this God's made it possible for you to come to Christ for salvation because of what He's done.  I am an instrument of God to write what He tells me to write.  

Jesus loved you so much that He died, was buried, and arose 3 days later. Defeating sin, death and the grave.  Opening the door of opportunity for you to be saved and spend eternity with Him in Heaven. All sin forgiven and wiped away through His shed blood on the cross. 

Believing He exists or existed isn't enough.  Demons do that much.  What and how you believe goes beyond that.  

Who knows what today might bring you. I only know that if you haven't already come to Christ for salvation you will face whatever it is utterly alone.  

People pursue so much in this world trying to prove they don't want or need God and have yet to understand they have become a god unto themselves.  They will either worship themselves or the god of this world.  

My Dear Reader know this: Jesus loves you. He died for you. He eagerly awaits a personal relationship with you.  He wants to help you, heal you, to let you get to know Him and how deeply He loves you.  

Where is Jesus? He's at the door of your heart waiting for you to open it up to let Him in.  The only side of that door with a doorknob is your side.  

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