Thursday, July 21, 2022

The Day is Coming

The Day is Coming
by David Brenneman 

Indeed the day approaches that I have longed for most all of my life.  The major focus of the world is shifting at an ever increasing rate towards the middle east. 

At some point there is going to be other major events that solidify the attention of the world on that area surrounding Israel.  God's plan of the ages will finish running its course.  

In the here and now the most critical thing for all is to know whether or not you are indeed placing your faith and trust in Christ Jesus alone for salvation.  It's more important than whatever is on your plate to do this day.  

Jesus specifically said that no man knows the day nor the hour, however, you will know by the things that happen leading up to it.  There will be things that are going to happen in surges akin to birth pains of childbirth.  We have seen some already. There is more to come.  As a friend aptly said "There's a baby on the way".

The world is in no little way in some turmoil about the abortion issue.  Combine that with this cancel culture idea and you can have a strong wave of thought to try and blot out any acceptance of the notion of these things that are happening being wrought in God.  Trying to abort the idea of Christ returning. To cancel out those who do believe. To water down faith until its essentially worth little to those who possess it. 

Faith is everything to a believer in Christ Jesus.  Jesus asked the question of would He find it when He returns.  Would that He return today, would He find faith alive in you or I?

The day has been sought out since the beginning of the Church.  But events that have happened since the beginning hadn't happened yet.  We look back over the 2,000 plus years and yes we can see the things that have come true from the Word of God.  We can see the hallmark prophecies that have come true such as the rebuilding of the nation of Israel into a nation again.  Jerusalem has been a city fought over since its beginning and remains a center of turmoil as the Bible said it would be. 

Good thoughts, good vibes, good feelings, will do absolutely no Heavenly good to anyone with respect to going there.  You cannot get into Heaven without salvation in Christ Jesus alone. Praying to anyone other than the God of this Universe is useless.  Nobody can pray to Mary or anyone else who has died.  Scripture says that all have fallen short of the glory of God. All have sinned and are in need of a Savior who is Christ Jesus the Lord. That means every human being who has ever lived or will be born. 

We who are in Christ ought to be found by Jesus doing that which we are called to be doing as children of God.  The Bible says that He places each person who comes to Christ for salvation as He sees fit, in the body of Christ, the Church.  We have a purpose to fulfill in this Church of God.  

Oh how I look forward to the coming of Jesus.  In many ways I am torn between two trains of thought. But not what those thoughts used to be. I am burdened with the prayers to pray for those who haven't yet come to Christ for salvation. I at the same time want Jesus to return.  Jesus is still going to return at the hour the Father has set to be.  It seems to me that it will only be after that last person who is to be saved is saved in this present age in history.  

Earlier this week, as recently as yesterday, some voices arose to try to cause me to question what I am doing with this blog. With what I even believe.  It was at the very least disturbing and disappointing at where the voice arose.  I stood by my Savior in it all.  Jesus didn't leave me for even a moment.  He brought other voices of encouragement. 

My Jesus can be your Jesus too. He loved you so much that He gave His life in your place to save you.  We are born guilty of sin by birth thanks to Adam and Eve.  We all are in needing to be saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. 

My hope and prayer at all times is that at least one who reads these posts comes to Jesus Christ for salvation.  That someone believes and receives that free gift.  

We cannot afford to live like there is nothing to the belief that salvation isn't necessary.  Salvation in Christ Jesus alone is the only way. Jesus said He is the Only Way.  He is the Only mediator between God and man. 

So many voices in this world promise so much but only one voice matters.  That voice that's imploring you and I to open our hearts and minds to have a real relationship with Jesus Christ. To become Children of God.  To have our sins washed away. Remembered no more.  

We aren't pushing salvation on any, but rather to show the way to be saved.  To be like Andrew, one of the Disciples of Jesus. To point the way to the One who can save you. 

The thing is, my Dear Reader, is nobody can choose for you. 

You must choose. 

Many ask the question but don't realize who they are asking it of: is there nothing more? Is this all that there is? 

The answer to all those and more is yes, a new life in Christ Jesus awaits all who believe.  It might be a long life, it might not be, but it will be a life well lived when lived as taught by God for those who believe.

It very easy to be taken in by what this world appears to offer.  But what good is any or all of it if when you die you find yourself in torment in Hell paying for sins that had you been saved in Christ Jesus you wouldn't be paying for?  

There are no works that you can do to be good enough to save yourself.  If that were possible then Jesus died for no good reason.  He took on every sin that all mankind ever committed upon Himself on the cross in order to deal with the penalty of sin for all who would believe. This became a free gift to all who would believe.  The choice is yours. 

Quite often we get to thinking about what we will lose if we come to Christ for salvation. The thing is those things were and are things that are destined to perish with time.  What you gain in a right relationship with Jesus, through salvation, is imperishable.  It's indestructible.  Time cannot destroy it. 

Jesus loves me this I know. 
Jesus loves you, this too I know. 

Jesus isn't wanting anyone to die and be eternally separated from Him.  He isn't wanting it but the choice is out of His hands, it's in yours. 

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