Friday, July 8, 2022

Do Not Say "Well, Where is He?" You Do Not Know, I Do Not Know When.

Do Not Say "Well, Where is He?" You Do Not Know, I Do Not Know When. 
By David Brenneman 

As my Spiritual Dad has written extensively in his latest newsletter available at Https:// it's also upon my heart to point out certain things. 

The urgency of the hour for one thing.  I cannot explain what goes on my heart at writing the things that I am instructed to write. Attributing words to feelings is like explaining colors over a landline telephone to me.

I agree with him in that way too many Christians today are way too comfortable with the world. 

We enjoy it too much, put too much time, energy and effort into creating health, wealth and prosperity. To creating some "peaceful balance" between what Satan wants and what Jesus wants.  

You are certainly not taking up your own cross and following Jesus if those are your dreams and priorities. 

Upon reading his newsletter yesterday and looking back over the messages that the Spirit has given me to write, the similarities were striking.  To see the same thing repeatedly reminding me of what I was taught in regards to reading my Bible. If you find the word "therefore", go back earlier in the Bible to find out what the therefore was there for.

We can't afford to be those kinds of Disciples that gave the excuses to Jesus Himself as to why they couldn't drop what they were doing in life to follow Him. 

We can't afford to be claiming that we are Christians without living it out. 

We can't afford to be grouped with those trying to do an extreme home makeover of their lives in order to live as they want and not the way the Spirit directs. 

Growing up I knew of a relative who loved instigating trouble. Would intentionally go near what was forbidden, with a finger extended, just getting close enough to be scolded.  

We often do that in this world today. Trying so hard to balance Satan's world with what the Spirit wants and says for us.

There is no doing that without getting burned. 

When I look back over the time this blog has existed, the frequency of the message of the imminent return of Jesus Christ to take away His Church is increasing. 

People, both publicly and privately, mock the Bible in regards to His returning to take His Church home to Heaven.  

People confuse others as to whether or not such a thing as the Rapture of the Church will happen and when. 

I grew up hearing "God said it, I believe it, that settles it".

The urgency is difficult to describe, but it's there.  The need is great to convey to people that their lives in Christ should not be hidden from the world. 

Look at the lives of the Disciples. They gave up every want and desire to learn from Jesus on how to live life and how to teach others to do the same. 

Look at how much you have embraced this world. I mean really look.  Look at your home, your vehicles, your tastes, your collections of things, your tastes in entertainment. How much of the lines between you and this world are blurred?  Are there any distinctions?

Are you at all displaying a belief that Jesus is returning for you? Are you at all really ready to see Him face-to-face?  

In your living your life are you really standing among the people mocking asking that lead question?  Falsely believing you have time to live differently?

We live in a today that the world thought to be impossible just 2 years ago. 

You cannot afford to think that it's impossible for Jesus to return. You cannot afford to not be sure of your salvation in Christ Jesus.  There will be no warning. There will be no signs at all.  It will be only the greatest shout in history. The call to COME!

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