Friday, July 5, 2019

All Saints...

Was interesting to read Spurgeon's take on what amounts to the almost idolatrous act of putting the Apostles up on a pedestal.  He points out that all believers are considered saints. That the closer one gets to a Christ-like life, yes, the holier they will become.  It doesn't mean they didn't have heavy trials and temptations. It means theirs were heavier than most and through them they learned how to deal with them.

Scripture says to be holy as He is Holy. It's a goal, a purpose and direction.  To be holy has various levels.  Learning what's important and adhering to that.

When the 12 were chosen by the Father to be Christ's Disciples, they were all in various states of disarray.  Jewish tax collectors, greedy men, hot heads, all the same types of people we are today.  No more no less.  To become a Disciple meant to let go of what they deemed as important and to embrace what their Master said was important.  A saint is a set apart one in holiness. 

We who are Christians are aliens and sojourners in this world.  We see, interact and move among those who are of this world.  Upon coming to Christ we are now set apart to become what He intends for us. 

What has always been an interesting description to me of a Jewish Disciple is a blessing bestowed upon one who is chosen.  "May you be covered in the dust of your Master".  May your life so mimic his that those around you cannot tell you apart.

So are you in this world living like everyone else or are you about the Father's business as Christ is?  Are living like this world's your oyster and you're getting all you can get out of it? Or are you living in obedience to the one who called you and are following in His footsteps?

Many Churches are doing what they can to bring the world into their church rather than take the Church into the world.  The lines are so blurry that people can't tell who are Saints and who are not.  Can it be said of you that if charged you would be found guilty of being a Christian?  Or would there be so much evidence to the contrary that there would be no conviction?

Can it really be said of you that you are a saint?  If you claim the name of Jesus, you are a saint and should be living like it.

Think about your life and priorities.  I find myself looking at myself all the time at what's important.  Are my priorities right?  Many times, I confess, they are not.   This world is dying.  It's not going to get better.  Christ is coming back and millions and billions are not ready for it. 

Truth is billions will be dying when the events of Revelation get going. If you look at the nearly 9 billion on the planet and one third are killed.  That's billions dead.

Saints need to be about the Father's business living in such a way that people want to know more.  That they too can be at the Father's table.  Enjoying what adoption into God's family brings.

I often sing a song that has a line in it that this world is not my home, I'm just a passing through.  If Heaven's not my home then Lord what would I do? The Angels beckon me from Heavens open door no I can't feel at home in this world anymore.

So consider your life and how you are living it.  A billionaire died recently and took nothing with him.  He wasn't expecting to die but God said it was his time.  Will you be ready when God calls you?

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