Sunday, July 28, 2019

Are we doing what God Wants?

This particular morning has me thinking about many things.  I am still in Psalms, reading what literally is a Diary of David. 
Reading in Acts, as well as Spurgeon's Morning and Evening. Blackaby's Experiencing God.  

What I am drawn to is that question that is the subject of this post. 

If we are honest with ourselves, do we really want what God wants?

Doing church things isn't necessary doing what God wants.  Serving in half-way houses. Serving in other places that help the homeless.  Even where you work.

The question remains.  Are you really doing what it is God wants of you, or are you hindering someone else who really is supposed to be serving in that role?

I have met many men who, honestly, you could just tell they were meant to be a Pastor.  They were and are truly blessed to be where God has them or had them. You meet others who are called Pastor who are nothing more than hired hands or men with a business agenda.  They do not have a Pastor's heart.  Those men just do not belong in those positions.

But it isn't just Pastors. It can be Deacon's or other roles in the church from volunteering to teachers.  People put in roles they weren't meant to be in. 

I am by no means trying to dissuade people from serving.  Absolutely not.  Scripture says to be sure of your calling.
In other words make sure what you think is correct.

We can also be a stubborn lot.  Who likes to lose? We can be involved in things we really shouldn't be and can't understand why God's taking so long to make their circumstances better.  Maybe, just maybe, we won't be the answer.  Maybe it's meant to be someone else. 

I have been there in this.  For many years I tried to be help others.  I was in over my head and too stubborn to realize until I found myself drowning to know enough to stop.

I wasn't meant to be their savior.  That's Jesus's job.  Not mine.  This had to do with a time in my life a long time ago.  But it is evident that I should share this today. 

We need to be sure that what we are doing aligns with what God is doing.

We could be going through many stressful situations that we weren't meant to go through.  We could be in the way of someone else's blessing. 

As I was saying earlier I have seen quite a bit when it comes to people serving.  It was interesting that Dr. Michael Youseff was talking about Martha and Mary today.  The infamous story about one having issues with the other about helping.  Maybe that's what brought my mind to this. 

Sometimes there are just battles that we fight that are not ours to fight.  We are stressed and anxious about them because it's not meant for us to fight them.  No where in the Bible did anyone God call to fight sit n stress out as to how it was going to unfold.  God's plan was executed perfectly every time. 

I have said before that I can tell God's thinning out my wants and desires.  I am learning to let go of many things and to focus on what's been put before me to do.
Not what I could put before me to do.

I was asked yesterday how I know so much.  I read a lot. Watch instructional videos a lot. I ask questions a lot.  There's a saying that I use as well.  "There's a lot that I can do. I just need to make sure that I am supposed to do it "

I CAN help quite a few people.  But is it for me to do? 

Sometimes people think that they are irreplaceable. 

True story here...get a bowl of water.
Put your hand in it and be still.  Don't move.  The water becomes calm.

Remove your hand.  The water ripples and slowly settles down.

That's you in a situation and you after you leave a situation.  Someone else will take your place.  They will learn what you did and things will go on.

So make sure that you really are doing what God means for you to be doing.

Nobody is irreplaceable. And maybe someone else is who God has intended to be where you are in order to teach them and help them grow.

People learned after I left working where I am today 5 years ago.  I came back 5 years later. It was still there. I am helping them to relearn some things but I was meant to be there years ago and am meant to be where I am now.  Just as I was meant to leave 5 years ago as well.

Be sure of the calling with which you have been called.

It's amazing to me that in this time around I am doing more but am not stressed.  It's because I am doing what God wants me to do. 

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