Sunday, July 21, 2019

Your right to Choose

Saw an interesting phrase this morning.  "We weren't born winners and we weren't born losers. We were born choosers."  Truth.
Go back to the book of Genesis. Adam and Eve were born into a world of choice.  The Lord had Adam choose what to name His creations. Adam named every animal.  Adam and Eve were shown their choices of living.  They chose to listen to the serpent.  They chose to sin. The death sentence that came as a result has been ours to live with.  We were born into sin but choosing still was ours. Choosing to live for God or or to live for ourselves. 
We choose. The part that is lacking to us is what was lacking in Adam. Wisdom.
We all think we are wise in our own eyes.  We all think we know what is best.  If we did, there would be no poverty in this world. There would be no strife. There would be nothing but peace.

Truth is that choice is what brought Christ to be born as a baby.  Choice is what was before Him as He grew up. Choice was thrown at Him in the wilderness as Satan tempted Him. Choice was with Him as He was beaten and bruised.  Consider that He had the power to obliterate everything with a thought, and chose the punishment for our sins instead.
Choice is what kept Him on the cross.

He chose to save you, if you would but only choose to accept His free give that His choices made possible.  Our choice doesn't end when we come to Christ. Each moment of every day we choose to be obedient or not. We choose to live as we know we ought to or not.

What's your choice?  There are consequences to choosing.  Who says? The Creator of the Universe.  The Creator is the only one who has the power to establish the rules of life. 
He has been gracious thus far in not willing that any should perish, but that graciousness will have an end.

Making wise choices is only possible by constant contact with the source of wisdom.
In prayer and daily living. Before the fall in Genesis, Adam and Eve lived in harmony with God. Walking and talking with Jesus.

So the choices remain the same for you as they did for Adam and Eve.

Nobody doesn't choose.  That's a lie.  Satan owns the fence of indecision that you may be sitting on.  Scripture says there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth at the judgment seat.
Weeping because they thought they were wise and chose well. But they did if they didn't choose Christ.  Gnashing of teeth because in their defiance they raise a fist at God, in denial that He has the right to set the rules over them.
Remember Legions of angels fell with Satan.
They have no hope of returning to God.
They chose unwisely. 

Don't you do the same.
But time is running out.  It is a limited time offer.

Is you being right more important than realizing that God really is?
Who wins out, the toddler in his or her tantrum or the parents?  Inevitably it's the parents.

Your stubbornness will never prevail.  Your fears of what might happen to your life are unfounded.  "I'm doing good. I'm ok." Isn't enough.  "But what if He asks..."
Look, He loved you enough to die for you.
Let that sink in
He loved you enough to die for you.
If He didn't care for you and what happens to you, why would He die for you?
Let that sink in.

And really realize that if you are a Christian you still have choices to make.
And really realize that if you are not a Christian you have only one choice to make.

Make it a good one.

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