Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Unseen Reality

Elisha prayed, “Open his eyes, Lord, so that he may see.” 2 Kings 6:17

This prayer seems a bit like my own "Lord, show me more!"

Elisha's servant was afraid.  The armys that could be seen were terrifyingly great.

But Elisha was cool, calm, collected.  Totally confident of what was about to happen.  

God answered his prayer and for that moment in time his servant could see a vast, mighty army of God that filled the countryside. All on mighty warhorses. Ready to do battle.  God was there, the Lord was in complete control.

I am no stranger to things happening in my life that are bigger than me.  Often in the past year or so I have referred to them as facing the giants.

It's more ironic for me than most that it literally is a David vs Goliath for me in facing them.  I admit there's times when I have panicked.  Crying out to God asking what do I do?  Crying sometimes just because it's all that I can do.  That the situation is that devastating, at least from my perspective, that I can't find the words to pray. 

I have come to understand that an integral part of becoming Christ-like is you are on display for the world to see when it comes to how you handle life.  Paul described it of himself, Peter too I believe. 

Why should we be any different?

We live in a world of sights, smells, tastes and sounds.  But until you come to Christ, you miss out on the greater parts of the Spiritual world.  This world will not be getting better.  In fact Scripture says about 1007 years after Christ returns its going to be destroyed along with this whole universe. 

So what's there to live for? Jesus said to store up treasures in Heaven.  Where moth and rust do not destroy.  Spiritual things.  The Spiritual world is what will go on forever.  The Holy with Christ, the unholy in the Lake of Fire. 

Everyone will get a new, perfect body. Where you spend eternity at with it is up to you. 

In this world nothing truly is as it seems.  Spiritual battles rage around us, disguised as the news stories we read down to the faulty hot water tank or dishwasher malfunction.  Even your car woes. There is no separation of what happens in the Spiritual world and the physical,  in my understanding.  Satan is out to use whatever he is allowed to disrupt a believers life.  He has to ask permission.
Satan doesn't necessarily have to ask when it comes to unbelievers. 
Nothing reaches a believers life that hasn't gone through Christ's hands to get to us.  That's where believers are.  Then He is in the Father's hands so nobody's going to get anyone there for sure.

Realize the truth of your circumstances.  There's more than meets the eye.  More to what you are experiencing.  More than we sometimes are ready to see or know.  It's that big. 

But as I shared with a friend recently, God brings some things to us because we are able to handle it, even though we think we are struggling.  Life isn't about life going our way. It's about it going God's way.

There's been times that God has sent me warnings.  Spoken to me in ways that some people don't believe.  There was a church or two we had tried out, in different ways I was told to get out. Get away.  It was too dangerous to stay.  On one occasion walking in was fine, until I shook hands with the Pastor.  The moment I touched his hand, I saw the world in a photo-negative kind of way. His face had an evil grin on it. I let go, we sat down as the service started, I was still trying to digest this.  My Wife was becoming increasingly uncomfortable and ill so we got up and left.  After leaving things became clearer.  There's been other experiences. 

As Elisha faced things, I often wish I always did, with complete confidence.
I tend to do more of a Peter on the water.  Crying out even though Christ is practically standing next to me.

There are wonders in this world but nothing that I find more interesting than learning more of what Christ wants to show me.   Think about it.  The Creator of the Universe wants to teach and show us wonders and truths that are only available through Him!   It's not about important people, celebrities, landmarks or anything else.  Think about the things that the Lord spoke of to Job and his friends.  The wonders of creation and the reasons behind what was created.  Movies and reality TV shows aren't even in the same ballpark. 

We react to so much that isn't important and don't react to what is. 

So consider your life.  If you aren't a believer all this isn't going to make much sense to you.  If you are a Christian, wake up and realize the Spiritual world around you. 

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